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Through the Prophet's Eye


Marshall Best, 2000

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Author's Note: "The recent terror at the World Trade Center has many people looking to New York City as being Revelation's City of Babylon. They are right on the money, but the worst is yet to come. Other events we are seeing today, with the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever outbreak among the Afghan refugees in Pakistan and the Anthrax warfare being conducted by bin Laden upon the US, sound remarkably appropriate to the fourth seal in Revelation 6: 7-8 of pestilence and the grave. Particularly fitting to prophecy is the warfare being waged against the Taliban forces who are hiding in caves and underground bunkers in Afghanistan. This is evident when compared to the sixth seal of Revelation 6:12-17. My study of history and prophecy shows that the US will not only be a part of the end times, but will play a dominant role. Through the Prophet's Eye is a particularly important 'must read' for the student of Bible prophecy."

In this bold and provacative work, Marshall Best delivers a refreshingly original perspective to understanding end-times prophecy. He argues that the theories which have come to dominate our thinking today have arisen from ages past when men could not possibly have imagined the world in which we live today. His scholarly work challenges modern Christianity's eschatological theology head-on. Includes a full chapter on New York City being the 'Babylon' of Revelation 18, explaining in depth the clues to its identity, and the events of its destruction.

Christians today are taught many opinions about the Second Coming, yet nearly all are merely variation of the same few theories. Most of these theories originated in the distant past when superstition and ignorance dominated the Christian world. Modern theories reflect this bias. Christianity is ready for a fresh analysis of Bible prophecy, with the slate wiped clean and free of preconceived ideas, methodically rethinking all end times prophecy.

Through the Prophet's Eye reveals that nearly all of Daniel's prophecies have no application to the end times whatsoever. These difficult Scriptures for the backbone of most prophetic theories. You will see how these visions have been fulfilled in their entirety in ages past. When Daniel's visions are cut away from popular end time scenarios, the accepted theories collapse.

What Scriptures remain paint an entirely different mosaic from what we commonly accept. Popular ideas accepted as biblical truth, such as the revival of the Old Roman Empire, the construction of the third temple in Jerusalem, the Abomination of Desolations, and the seven year Great Tribulation, will be shown to be based upon the misinterpretation of the visions of Daniel and the misunderstanding of a single sentence uttered by Jesus.

Contrary to popular belief, rather than providing support to the idea of the rise of the great Antichrist, the Bible explicitely denies it. The dubious origins of the Rapture theory will be exposed and shown scripturally to be a false theological construct.

The fulfillment of many key components of popular end times theories will come about in a completedly different fashion altogether. The Great White Throne Judgment, the New Jerusalem, the Resurrection, the Book of Life, and the Lake of Fire will occur under circumstances unexpected by Christians, and be of a different nature than what we have been taught. Many bizarre elements of the prophecies, which so confound theologians, will not only be interpreted in a new light, but will also be shown to be particularly fitting within the scenario described by the prophets.

Through the Prophet's Eye is a radical quantum leap forward in the study of Bible prophecy which should prove enlightening to Christians, and devastating to today's popular theories.


"You won't believe what happened! A few days after I was reading Through the Prophet's Eye, a recent Bible prophecy book by Marshall Best that projects the possibility of "the destruction of New York City by radical Muslims," some radical Muslims destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City! You simply cannot afford to be without Best's 750-page work----a veritable encyclopedia of pertinent, Bible-based data written in readable style!"

Dave MacPherson, author of The Rapture Plot



  1. Nine Lessons
  2. A Proper Perspective
  3. Pieces to the Puzzle
  4. The Vision in Daniel 2
  5. Four Beasts that Have Come and Gone
  6. The Vision in Daniel 8
  7. The Vision in Daniel 9
  8. The Message to Daniel of the Future
  9. The Abomination of Desolation in the New Testament
  10. The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
  11. The Prophetic Passages
  12. Zechariah 14
  13. God's Message about Gog
  14. The Message from God to Joel
  15. The Prophecies of Isaiah
  16. The Prophecies of Zechariah
  17. The Vision of John
  18. The Seven Trumps and the Day of the Lord
  19. Events Following the Day of the Lord
  20. The Seven Bowls
  21. The City of Babylon
  22. The Wedding Supper
  23. Judgment and Resurrection
  24. The Nature of the Resurrection
  25. The Bride of the Lamb
  26. Concluding Words of Revelation
  27. The New Jerusalem
  28. The Introduction of Revelation
  29. The Beginning of John's Vision
  30. The Seven Seals
  31. The Rapture
  32. God and Jesus on Earth
  33. Of Fearsome Beasties
  34. Jesus as the Lamb of God
  35. Jesus as a Prince
  36. The Throne of David
  37. The Righteous Branch
  38. Preservation of the Throne of David
  39. Jesus as David the King
  40. God Restores Israel
  41. From Gold to Clay
  42. Putting the Puzzle Together
  43. Clues to the Timing of Jesus' Return


Marshall Best regularly attended a Baptist church throughout his childhood and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour at the age of 7. He graduated from Olivet Nazarene College in 1982 with a BA in Business Administration. He has served as Vice President of Manufacturing of Best Lock Corporation. Through the Prophet's Eye is the culmination of his years of interest and study of prophetic scriptures. He lives with his wife and 4 children in the Indianapolis area.


750 pages, hardcover, bibliography
ISBN 1579212468