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Bible Code Bombshell


R. Edwin Sherman, 2005

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Are there hidden words and messages within the Hebrew text of the Bible? Who id them there? What is their purpose? Author and mathematician R. Edwin Sherman presents startling, never-before-seen evidence of these codes and their significance for the world today. In this informative and entertaining new book, the astonishing contents of over 200 lengthy codes are translated by Dr. Nathan Jacobi, one of the world’s leading experts on Bible codes. Unlike other books on this topic, most of the codes presented in this book are so lengthy that they could not be coincidental. A mathematician with 30 years of experience in probability and statistical analysis, Mr. Sherman explains clearly how codes show that the Bible is indeed inspired by God.

  • Unlike other Bible code books, this unique book features codes that are phrases and sentences, and not just one- or two-word codes
  • The only code book by researchers who are internationally recognized mathematicians and statistical experts
  • Includes appendices with examples, mathematical formulas, and probability statistics
  • Explains the reason why examples in other code books are weak


    Part I

  1. Much Ado About Nothing?
  2. An Irrepressible Urge
  3. The Mega-Cluster of Jesus Codes in Isaiah 53
  4. Using the Isaiah 53 Cluster to Answer Code Skeptics
  5. The Overwhelming Ezekiel 37 Cluster
  6. Why the Ezekiel 37 Cluster
    Cannot Be the Product of Chance
  7. Three Hundred Jesus Codes:
    An Astonishing Collection of Affirmations

    Part 2
    Special Topics

  8. Topic A - Can Bible Codes Be Used to Predict the Future?
  9. Topic B - Can You Find Anything if You Look Long Enough?
  10. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
    What Should We Make of the Bible Codes?
    Key Questions and Answers

    Part 3

Appendix One - Estimating the Total NUmber of Possible Equidistant Letter Sequences

Appendix Two - Estimating the Expected Number of Occurrences of a Given ELS within a Specific Text

Appendix Three - Possible Meanings of Lengthy ELSs in the Isaiah 53 Cluster

Appendix Four - One Word ELSs in the Isaiah 53 Cluster

Appendix Five - Islamic Nations Study: Bible Codes Vs. War and Peace Codes

Appendix Six - Determining Benchmarks for the Number of Final ELSs That Would Be Relevant or Plausible in Content

Appendix Seven - The Markov Chain ELS Extension Model: Determining How Many Long ELSs Would Be Expected to Be Found in a Non-Encoded Text

Appendix Eight - Do Codes Only Express Viewpoints?



R. Edwin Sherman is a nationally known consulting mathematician and has advised numerous large financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. He holds an M.A. in mathematics from the University of California at San Diego and is deeply committed to the objective examination of the phenomenon of Bible codes, apart from the advocacy of any particular religious viewpoint. He lives with his family in southern Oregon.


300 pages, paper, index.
ISBN: 0892216239