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Middle East Meltdown

Oil, Israel, and the Religion Behind the Crisis

John Ankerberg & Dillion Burroughs, 2007

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The news headlines from the war-torn Middle East are constantly changing, and though those countries are on the opposite side of the globe, the events unfolding there have a powerful effect on America. But the complexity of all that’s happening makes it difficult to understand what it means and how it affects us. Authors John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs help bring clarity to the issues. Featuring exclusive interviews with today's top religious scholars and extensive journalistic research, this fast-paced and user-friendly resource points to the root of the problem and reveals how today's events fit into God's plan for the future.


    Five Reasons You Should Read This Book Now

  1. Imagine a Day
  2. Setting the Stage

    PART 1
    The Past: Foundations for Understanding the Meltdown

  3. Islam's Creed: No God but Allah
  4. Islam's Extremes: Evaluating Jihad Today
  5. Judaism's Importance: Abraham Points the Way
  6. Christianity's Origins: Jesus as the Way

    PART 2
    The Present: The Explosive Elements of the Meltdown

  7. Oil: How Fuel Fuels the Conflict
  8. Theology: The Beliefs Behind the Battles
  9. Public Opinion: How It Helps, How It Hurts

    PART 3
    The Future: Where Is This Meltdown Headed?

  10. Jerusalem in the Crossfire
  11. The Hezbollah Movement in Lebanon
  12. The Impact of the War in Iraq
  13. Iran and the Nuclear Countdown
  14. Is Russia Still a Factor in Today's War on Terror?
  15. The European Union and the Future of World Government

    PART 4
    What Does Bible Prophecy Say About the Middle East Meltdown?

  16. Why Study Bible Prophecy?
  17. Religion in the Last Days
  18. All About the Rapture
  19. What Happens After the Rapture?
  20. Where Is America in Bible Prophecy?
  21. What Is Israel's Future?
  22. Making Your Future Certain


    Appendix A: Seven Ways to Make a Positive Difference in the Middle East
    Appendix B: The Nations of Ezekiel 38-39
    Appendix C: Important Dates in Israel's Recent History


John Ankerberg, host of the award–winning John Ankerberg Show, has three earned degrees: a Master of Arts in church history and the philosophy of Christian thought, a Master of Divinity from Trinity International University, and a Doctor of Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary. With Dr. John Weldon, he has coauthored What Do Mormons Really Believe?, Fast Facts® on Islam, the “Facts On” Series of apologetic booklets, and others.

Dillon Burroughs, a full–time writer who has worked with a number of bestselling authors, is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and coauthor of The Da Vinci Code Controversy with John Ankerberg. He lives with his wife, Deborah, and two children in Tennessee.


206 pages, paper, appendices.
ISBN 9780736921190