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Babylon Religion

How a Babylonian goddess became the Virgin Mary

David W. Daniels, 2006

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The Virgin Mary, worshiped the whole world over, is actually an ancient pagan goddess. Over the last century, researchers of all kinds have uncovered many clues to this mystery... but few have put those pieces together... until now. Combining research from anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, art history, mythology and even occultic sources, you will see how Satan's ancient religion of Babylon still lives today as modern Roman Catholicism, the most powerful religious and secular force on the planet. Includes illustrations by Jack Chick.


Why Should You Read This Book?

Chapter 1
From Noah to Nimrod

   As It Was in the Days of Noah
   The Great Flood
   Be Fruitful and Multiply
   Relationship Restored - But Not for Long
   From Adam to Lamech
   From Noah to Abraham
   Ham's Children
   The Tower of "Babble"
   Something to Consider
   One King to Rule Them All
   Nimrod's True Colors
   Shem's Righteous Revenge

Chapter 2
Satan's Plan for Semiramis

   Semiramis Gets Religion
   A Lesson from the Garden
   Heavenly Queen?
   A Counterfeit Fulfillment Prophecy
   Walls to Keep People Out--or In?
   An Unholy Priesthood
   The Confessional
   Initiation into the "Mysteries"
   How Tammuz Became a "god"
   The Death of Semiramis

Chapter 3
The Spread of Babylon Religion

   Secrets of Babylon Religion
   The Selling of the "gods"
   Spreading Babylon Religion--by the Calendar
   Many Names--the Same "god"
   The Hollywood of the Ancient World
   The Changing of the "gods"--Nimrod
   The Changing of the "gods"--Semiramis
   The Changing of the "gods"--Tammuz
   The Blending of the "gods"--Parent to Child
   The Changing of the "gods"--Mother Goddess Religion
   The Changing of the "gods"--Satan's Plan
   The Changing of the "gods"--Satan's Problem
   The Essence of Babylon Religion

Chapter 4
God's Plan for His People

   The Devil's "Organized" Religion
   God's People--For Better of For Worse
   Rebuilding Babylon

Chapter 5
The True Fulfillment of the Prophecy

   The Coming of the Promised Seed
   Behold the Lamb of God!
   The Temptations of Jesus
   The Sacrifice of Jesus
   You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
   Jesus' Final Instructions
   Jesus Ascends to Heaven
   One Way!
   The One True High Priest
   One Way--And Many Ladders
   Not Everyone That Saith, "Lord, Lord!"
   The One God Is Looking For

Chapter 6
From Nero to Contantine

   Nero Persecutes the Christians
   God Preserves His Words in Antioch
   Satan Uses Egypt--Again
   Constantine's Pivotal Role
   Tailoring the Truth
   The sun god Changes Names
   Constantine Creates Catholicism
   Satan's "holey bible"
   No Further Need for Constantine

Chapter 7
Babylon Religion--Revivied!

   The Final Preparations
   The Transformation of Semiramis
   The Transformation of "Jesus"
   Deceiving & Being Deceived
   The Mother of Harlots
   Semiramis in Arabia
   A Multitude of Marys
   A "Tiny Little" Inquisition
   Satan's Triumph
   The Dirty Birdcage
   The New Home of the sun god
   The Call of Jesus

   End Notes
   Annotated Bibliography
   Index of Subjects


224 pages, paper, illustrations, appendix, bibliography, index.
ISBN 0758906315