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The Chronological Order of Revelation

A Step by Step Guide to the Coming Rapture and Beyond

Pastor Don Kremer, 2007

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Learn the step by step order of events in the Book of Revelation and what the next startling occurrence will be. Learn why this is the Exit Generation and the prophecies that point to this hour. Discover where the rapture appears in scripture and why it is NOT the next significant event. Discover incredible insights as to the identity of Antichrist-the one who comes up from the Abyss. Discover incredible insights about the false prophet. Learn about the identity of the mysterious 7th Beast Empire that arose in 1933 and how it paved the way for Antichristís world empire to arrive. Learn about the prophecy of the next pope-the 112th leader of the Catholic Church. Learn about Russiaís new role in the Middle East. Learn about Israelís rebirth as a nation in 1948 after being scattered for nearly 2,000 years. View: Pre-Wrath


  1. Why This Generation is the Exit Generation
  2. The Apostle Paul Sets It In Order
  3. Observations and Misapplications
  4. The Beast Empires of satan
  5. The 70 Weeks of Daniel
  6. Endtime Considerations About the Churches of Revelation
  7. The Church of Ephesus--the Apostolic Church
  8. Identifying antichrist
  9. The Five Cycles of Evil
  10. Identifying the false prophet and the Harlot System
  11. The 3-Nation Coalition and the 10-Nation Confederation
  12. Matthew 24
  13. Seals 1 through 3
  14. The Cluster of Events at the Midpoint of the 7-Year Period
  15. The 4th Seal
  16. The Sign of His Coming
  17. Five Major satanic Offenses
  18. The 7th Seal
  19. The Trumpet Judgments
  20. Between the 6th and 7th Trumpets
  21. The 30-Day Period
  22. The 7th Trumpet--Day 5
  23. The Bowl Judgments
  24. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
  25. The Battle of Armageddon
  26. The 45-Day Period of Restoration
  27. The Millennium
  28. During the Millennium
  29. The First Day After the Millennium
  30. And Now We Come to You


A Simplistic Overview
Historical Record of Anti-Semitism
Order of the beast empires
Ten Roman Emperors/Ten days of Tribulation
Ten Nation Grouping
Five Cycles of Evil
3-Nation Coalition
10-Nation Confederation
Seals in Relationship to Matthew 24
Numerical Order of the Events of Revelation
The 7 Seals of Revelation
The Trumpet Judgments
Between the 6th and 7th Trumpets Days 1-5
The Bowl Judgments
Trumpet Judgment Summary
Map of Mount Zion
Terms and Definitions
The Compromised Church


Don Kremer was saved in 1974 during the charismatic movement. Upon graduation from college with a degree in psychology, he entered law enforcement where he retired after 15 years of service. During his tenure as a police officer he became the US Taekwon-Do champion and a certified police instructor. With fourteen years as a pastor and now as a missionary into remote parts of African and European nations. His missionary focus both in the US and abroad involves in-depth schools of ministry on multiple subjects for pastors and church leaders, including an in-depth study of the Book of Revelation and how it relates to this generation. In addition to the schools of biblical studies, Don regularly conducts crusades and sets up learning libraries. For information on hosting a school of ministry in your church, or if you should have an interest in an upcoming missionary outreach, please write us at VCFPDK@AOL.COM.


294 pages, large format paperback, illustrated.
ISBN 9781602663510