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Tribulation It's Not What You Think

TRIBULATION: It's Not What You Think!

Monica Bennett-Ryan, 2007

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Before 'Revelation' was written, Jesus explained the tribulation: “This is a time of punishment in fulfillment of all that is written.” “I will not judge you, your judge is Moses…for he wrote about me.” Luke 20:22 and John 15:5 The Book of Revelation is not supposed to be a hornet’s nest of intrigue and conspiracy theories. It is not about Rome, 10 nations, the EEC, bankcard or microchips. It does not contain a rapture, a physical antichrist or a one-world government. It is not about politics in any way! The judgments of Tribulation fall on the earth, the trees, the sky, rivers, seas, grass, food and people. Particular nations and governments are not mentioned at all. So what is it really about? This book explores how the only punishment for sin, the judgment of the Law of Moses, is fulfilled as Christ predicted during the time known as The Great Tribulation. View: Post-Tribulation



  1. The World in Labor
    Scripture says many times that the end of days will be like the pain of a woman in labour. So what does that mean?

  2. A Titanic Delusion
    The greatest delusion deceiving the elect is the Rapture Theory. Who was 'left behind' on earth after Noah's flood - the wicked or the righteous?

  3. A Strong Warning
    The Rapture, Antichrist adn One-World Government theories dominate end-time theology, so why are they not mentioned in the Book of Revelation?

  4. Reality Check
    Many people believe that all curses come from Satan. Is this not terrible blasphemy? Do not the curses of the Bible come from God?

  5. Cause and Effect
    The curses of God and the judgments of God are the same thing. Surely when we understand his curses we will also understand his judgments?

  6. What Jesus Taught
    Jesus highlighted his end-time teaching with three specific parables. Can these three parables show us how to handle the last days?

  7. Three Temptations
    The three temptations used on Adam were also used on Christ, written about by Moses and overcome in Revelation. What are they?

  8. Three Sufferings
    The way Christ suffered and died reveals how he personally took the three specific curses of the Law of Moses onto his body at Calvary.

  9. Three Judgements
    The three Tribulation judgments brilliantly combine the three curses of Mosaic Law with the threefold victory of Christ at Calvary.

  10. One Long Pain
    At the very end of labour all contractions combine to become 'one long pain'. Can we find this one long pain in Revelation? We certainly can!

  11. The Final Sign
    The return of Christ will bring with it widespread universal upheaval. No one on earth will be able to avoid these catastrophic events.

  12. Check Your Fruit
    The 'abomination that causes desolation' is about fruit. Desolation is a fruit that can be seen! So how do we 'know them' by their fruit?


Monica Bennett-Ryan lives in Queensland, Australia. She has three believing children, two of whom are adults. “It was concern for what my children were being taught about the end-times that inspired me to search out the truth from the word of God.” As a dedicated Christian for over 48 years, Monica was surprised at what her research uncovered. “The Truth is so simple and so clear.” What she found was that Revelation was not about politics or nations, and nor was it written to incite fear and a desire to escape the ‘horrors.’ She found that it was an extension of the judgment written by Moses but seen through the victory of Christ. “This is what I teach my children. Maybe it will help you teach yours. God Bless You.”


211 pages, paper.
ISBN 9781600349591