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The Masterpiece

THE MASTERPIECE: God's Unfolding Revelation

Joseph Chambers, 2007

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The Book of Revelation is a storybook. It takes the reader from the scene of Christ s glory as the Father s High Priest in His heavenly temple to the final temple called New Jerusalem where His Bride will dwell eternally with Him. The Book of Revelation is the masterpiece of all Biblical stories. It begins with His glory and ends with His saints glory. At the beginning of this story, He walks in the midst of His church, but in the end, His church walks in the midst of New Jerusalem, the most spectacular city ever dreamed of. This storybook is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the complete unveiling of all His glory.


Timeline - End Times Model
Introduction One - The Masterpiece of Literature
Timeline - Jesus Christ In the Book of Revelation
Introduction Two - The Lord Revealed In His Revelation
Timeline - The Church In the Book of Revelation
Introduction Three - The Triumphant Saints

  1. The Glory of Christ Revealed
  2. Walking In the Midst of His Church
  3. I Will Keep You From
  4. Come Up Hither
  5. The Title Deed of the Earth
  6. Satan's Eviction Notice
  7. Saved Out of Doom's Day
  8. When God Avenges His Saints
  9. The Gates of Hell Are Opened
    Timeline - The Seven Years of the Great Tribulation
  10. The Lord of the Millennium Kingdom
  11. The Temple Is Open in Heaven
  12. The Devil Gets The Boot
  13. The Nasty Assyrian Is a Beast
  14. The Lord's Kin At the Wedding
  15. The Seven Angels Out of the Temple
  16. Drinking The Vial of God's Wrath
  17. A Religious System Satan Loves
  18. The Last Hoorah of Babylon
  19. A Wedding You Cannot Afford to Miss
  20. When the Books Are Opened
  21. A City Too Priceless to Value
  22. The Garden of Eden Has Returned
  23. And The Universe Said, "Amen."


Joseph R. Chambers is the Senior Minister of Paw Creek Ministries in Charlotte, NC. Along with pastoring, Dr. Chambers is the president of Paw Creek Christian Academy since 1974. He holds two honorary doctorate degrees - Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Sacred Literature. Paw Creek Ministries has produced a prophecy newsletter for over twenty years. This ministry also sponsors a weekly radio talk show, Open Bible Dialogue, which is heard on numerous stations across America.


306 pages, hardcover.
ISBN 9780977953509