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Gods War on Terror

Islam, Prophecy and the Bible

Walid Shoebat with Joel Richardson, 2008

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God's War on Terror is perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed research ever done on the subject of Islam and its relationship to End-Times. This fascinating study, with utmost respect to the rules of Hermeneutics, will unlock the mysteries in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Essential Revelation in every chapter:

  • Putting the Prophecy Puzzle together and how everything fits perfectly.
  • How the Islamic End-Times mindset perfectly match the spirit of Antichrist.
  • Why a paradigm shift in Prophecy is crucial.
  • How God declared a War on Islamic and not a Western coalition as commonly thought.
  • Which Muslim nation will lead this coalition, and how are Muslims set up to follow Antichrist?
  • Who is "Mystery Babylon?" and What is the "Mark of the Beast?"


SECTION 1 -- Winners vs. Losers
The Fools
The Bigots
The Fools Peace Proposal
My Bigoted Intervention
Bigots Know Sacrifice, Fools Don't
Christians--Wake Up
Knowing What You Sing
Running Into An Anvil
Futurology 101
My Credentials
My Offer
How I Did It
Simple Observations Prove It
Knock Knock
The Beauty Of Knowing The Future
Christ Fights Muslim Nations
The Muslim Jesus

SECTION II -- The Madhi vs. Antichrist
Islam Exalts Mohammad
Tawhid And Shirk
Islam Denies The Son
Islam Denies The Cross
Both Attempt To Deceive Christians and Jews
They Are All Found Wanting
Both Practice Deception So, Who Is Lying? Christians Or Muslims
Jewish Concept Of Antichrist
Didn't Christians Honor A God of War?
The Mahdi - Advance Allah's Glory Through Jihad
Antichrist By War Advances His God
Jewish Antichrist Or A Muslim Antichrist
Advancing Allah's Glory--An Islamic Mandate
Jihad--Past Or For All Times
The Spread of Islam
Advancing Allah's Glory--Motives
Salvation Through The Blood of Jesus
Salvation Through Mohammed's Blood
Advancing Allah's Glory--Sexual Rewards
Antichrist--Rape Of Jerusalem
Jihad And Rape
Is This Only In History?
Hudaibiyah As A Modern Muslim Political Tool
The Lure Islam Is Peace
Amazing Contradictions
Guilty No Matter What
Treaties Are Never Kept
The Unfair Jehovah
Mohammed And Booty
Who Takes Bribes? Antichrist And Booty
So Who Desires To Dominate The World: Americans Or Muslims?
Who Is This Nimrod?
Are You Fighting Antichrist?
How Mahdi Proclaims To Be God
Muslim Holy Spirit--Deification Of An Angel
Is Satan's Footsteps
This Is Not Islam?
Hitler Loved Islam
When Are Contradictions Not Contradictions?
When The Brave Are Cowards
And The Cowards Are Brave
Celebrate And Give Away Gifts

SECTION III -- Literal References to Christ's Wars With Muslim Nations
Isaiah 63--A Most Amazing Prophecy
Messiah In Person Defeats Egypt
Messiah Personally Judges Lebanon
Why Did The West Miss That?
The Pro-Israel Christian Forces
Locusts Are Locusts And People Are People
Army Of Joel 2--Who Are They?
The War--Destruction By Fire
The Martyrs Revenge
Christians Fight For Israel
Joel's War Is With Islam
Christ Is Present
Matthew 25 Vs. Joel 3
He Suffered Like Israel
Zion In Labor
Antichrist In The Book Of Isaiah
Isaiah 14
Antichrist's Titles--Link To Muslim Nations
The Golden City
How Isaiah 9 Ties In With Isaiah 14
Short Term
Long Term
Jesus Will Crush The Antichrist-Mahdi
Egypt--Destroyed By Christ (Isaiah 19)
The Great Earthquake (Isaiah 24)
Destruction Of Moab By Christ (Isaiah 25)
Antichrist Judged
The Covenant With Death (Isaiah 28)
Christ's Intervention (Isaiah 29-30)
From Ezekiel 28-32
Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Turkey And Arabia
Syria, Iraq, Iran, And Turkey
But Muslims Are Circumcised
Turkey And The Turkic Nations South Of Russia
Jordan, Saudi Arabia
Turkey, Lebanon
Connecting To Revelation
Christ Arises From His Throne
The Nations of Psalm 83
Armageddon And Lebanon (Psalm 29)
My Own Experience
A Sign From God
Both Desecrate Jewish Holy Places
Doesn't Russia Arm Muslim Nations?
Isn't "Rosh" Russia?
The Literal Evidence
Cush: Sudan, Somalia
Put Or Phut
The Significance Of Separating This Battle

SECTION IV--Western Misconceptions
Middle Eastern Context
Nations Attack Antichrist
Ships Of Tarshish
The Ethiopia Question
The Kings Of The East Question
1. Mountains As Kingdoms
2. Waters Are Mixed Ethnic Groups
3. A Head Is A Kingdom
4. Woman Is A Spiritual Entity With A Literal Kingdom And Capital
5. Beasts Are Empires Led By Kings
6. A Name Is A Declaration Of Faith--A Creed
7. Fish Are Followers
8. A Stone Or Rock Is Messiah
9. Trees And Birds Are Fallen Angels
10. Stars As Angels
11. Dragon Is Satan

SECTION V -- Unlocking Allegories Revelation and Daniel
They Fit Like A Glove
This Is The Future, Not History
Ibin Ezra - The Fourth Is Muslim
Babylon's "Future-History"
A Brief History Of Mesopotamia
Did Rome Conquer The Babylonian Or The Persian Empires?
Did Rome Crush The Greek Empire?
Islam Crushed All
A Kingdom Divided
Is Traditional Western Interpretation Wrong?
John Wesley
Hilaire Belloc (1938)
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen
Gregory Palamus Of Thessalonica (1354)
Vernon Richards
Josiah Litch (1840)
Sir Robert Anderson
Levant--Not Adriatic (Grecian-Islamic, Not European)
Cyril Of Jeruslem, (315-386)
Sophronius, Patriarch Of Jerusalem (560-638)
Maximus The Confessor (580-662)
John Of Damascus (676-749)
Eulogius, Paul Alvarus, And The Martyrs Of Cordova (9th Century)
Martin Luther
John Calvin (1509-1564)
Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)
The Bronze
Daniel 2 And Daniel 7--One And The Same
The Vision Of The Ram And The Goat
The Little Horn Connects To The Antichrist In Daniel
Little Horn Connects to Gog
Little Horn Connects To Beast of Revelation 13
Little Horn Connects To Matthew 24:15
1. Who Is This Prince? When Did He Come?
2. Who Are The People Of The Prince?
Daniel Was Speaking Of The End
Islamic Seven Headed Beast
The Wounded Empire

SECTION VI -- Solving Mysteries, Unlocking The Mark of The Beast
Modern Bizarre Conclusions
The Simple Approach
The Mark Is The Name Of The Beast
The Name Is A Creed
The Name Of Blasphemy
The Shahadatan: Islam's Blasphemous Creed
An Indicator Of Allegiance
Through Eastern Eyes--It's An Islamic Creed
First Test The Spirits
The Mark
Islam Forces The Badge On Foreheads
Pledging Allegiance To The Beast
1. An Image As In A Temple Object
2. An Image As In A National Emblem
3. An Image As In An Idol
4. Image As In Likeness
5. The Ultimate Image
Destroying Christian Images
Destroying Islamic Images Crescent Moon--The Image Of The Beast
The Crescent Is Satan's Symbol
The Destruction Of Babylon Through Messiah
Christ Confronts Islam With The Trinity
Crescent Moon--Satan's Image And Title
The "Black Stone" And Aphrodite
The Black Stone As Satan's Star And Image

SECTION VII -- Unlocking Mystery Babylon The Mother of Harlots
Isaiah's Oracle Against Babylon
Isaiah 21
The Geographic Locator
The Wine In Joel 3
Literal Oil--Isaiah 34
The Extent Of Arabia's Destruction
How Could The Beast Destroy The Harlot?
The Destruction Of Mecca And Medina In Islamic Prophecy
Galatians 4--The Two Covenants
The Rich Royal Prostitute
What Is Intended By "The Great City"
"Come Out of Her My People!"
Secret Sin And The Arrogant Queen
Arabia Does While Rome Doesn't

SECTION VIII -- The Reality Turkey Summary and Current Evidence
1. Ezekiel 38 Confirms Turkey's Leadership Role
2. Revelation 17 Confirms Turkey's Leadership Role
3. Daniel 9 Confirms Turkey's Leadership Role
4. Daniel 11 Confirms Turkey's Leadership Role
5. Isaiah And Micah Confirm An Assyrian Role
6. Zechariah Confirms Turkey's Leadership Role
7. The Throne Of Satan Is In Turkey
Satan's New Home?
Satan Is Coming Home To Turkey
Qualifications To Be Antichrist
Turkey As A Geographical and Cultural Bridge
Turkey--Islamist And Mediator
Anti-Semitic And Anti-Christian
Growing Hatred
Muslim Prophecy Predicted the Fall Of Turkey To The Islamists
The Rise Of Mahdism and The Caliphate Movement
The Cry For Mahdi--Its Now A Reality
Hojjatieh--The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum
Mahdist Rumblings In Iraq
False Mahdis And False Messiahs
The Time Is Ripe For A Revived Muslim Caliphate
Pro-Caliphate Groups Operating In Israel
Present Day Revival: Khilafat Movement Today
American Intelligence Confirm Rise Of Caliphate
Why The Caliphate Is A Threat To The West
The Emergence Of The Shi'a Crescent
The Arab Summit
Taking Sides
Qadafi Calls For A Fatamid Caliphate
Iran And Syria Are Unifying
Sudan And Iran Are Unifying
The Demographics Don't Lie
Conversion To Islam
A New Monotheistic Option
A Warning For England
Balancing The Facts
Appendix A -- My Testimony
Appendix B -- The Muslim Rape Epidemic in the West
Appendix C -- The Three Woe Trumpets
Reader's Notes


Walid Shoebat was born and raised in Bethlehem, Israel by an Arab father and an American mother. His father raised him Muslim and his mother was an American Christian who endured 35 years in a Muslim society attempting to escape to America. Walid grew up a terrorist, but when he married a Christian woman, he was challenged to examine the Bible in 1993, and compare it with the Quran. Today, Walid Shoebat is a Christian. He is the founder of the Walid Shoebat Foundation. His life mission and driving passion is to bring the truth about the Bible, and the persecution of Israel and Christians by Islam.

Walid has had the opportunity to speak at the most prestigious universities in the U.S.: Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Brandeis, USC, UCLA, Michigan State, Colorado, Concordia and Penn State are only a few. He has addressed Homeland Security, Capitol Hill, Boeing, the FBI and the Air Force Academy. His is featured on several documentaries and has appeared in the Media in the USA and internationally.


512 pages, hardcover, appendix.
ISBN 9780977102181