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CASHLESS: Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos & the Future Financial Order

Mark Hitchcock, 2009

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Somewhere between writing checks in the 80’s and swiping a piece of plastic today, we missed the significance of the emerging cashless society. But there are reasons to take notice. According to Mark Hitchcock, author of several bestselling prophecy books and a trusted expert in this field, what is happening in the world today is consistent with prophecy written in Revelation 13, which predicts a one–world economy under the rule of the Antichrist.

With current research on the global economic, technological, and religious landscape, Hitchcock addresses important questions, including:

  • Will there be a one–world economy in the end times?
  • What is the mark of the beast? Does modern technology relate to the mark?
  • How does the absence of cash prime things for the Antichrist?
The advent of the cashless society is an important one to examine and think through in light of God’s Word and His promises. View: Premillennial Pre-Tribulation


  1. Financial Apocalypse Brings an Economic New World Order
    The Nightmare on Wall Street Sets the Stage

  2. The Future Has Already Been Written
    How Close Are We to the Final Act?

  3. Your Future Is in the Cards
    From Paper to Plastic

  4. The Coming Cashless Society
    The Buck Stops Here

  5. Biometrics and the Beast
    Don't Let It Get Under Your Skin

  6. Rise of the G-10
    The End-Time Economic System Begins

  7. Runaway Inflation Rocks the World
    The Sound of Approaching Hoofbeats

  8. One World Under Antichrist
    "I Am God and the World Is Mine"

  9. The Coming World Commerce Secretary
    End-Time Economic Czar

  10. Babylon, the Great City
    Wall Street of the End Times

  11. Unlocking the Mystery of the Mark--666
    "Will that be the right hand or the forehead?"

  12. Megatrend 20/20: Seeing the Future Clearly
    How Close is Cashless?

  13. Cashless and You
    Dollars and Sense


Appendix A: Some Questions You Might Be Asking

  1. What did the early church believe about the Antichrist?
  2. Will believers know who the Antichrist is?
  3. Will the Antichrist die and come back to life?

Appendix B: A Proposed Chronology of the End Times



Mark Hitchcock is the author of more than 17 books related to end-time Bible prophecy, including the bestselling Armageddon, Oil and Terror. He earned ThM and PhD degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and serves as the senior pastor of Faith Bible Church in Oklahoma and as an adjunct professor at DTS, and has served as a contributing editor for the Left Behind Prophecy Club for six years. He also holds a law degree.


222 pages, paper, appendix.
ISBN 9780736926447