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The Popular Handbook on the Rapture

Experts Speak Out on End-Times Prophecy

Tim LaHaye, Thomas Ice & Ed Hindson, general editors, 2011

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  • Why is there so much confusion about how and when the rapture will take place?
  • What does the Bible say for certain about this event?
  • When will the Tribulation occur, and who will face it?

There is a lot of discussion among Christians about the rapture and the last days. Why all the different views? And how do those perspectives line up with Scripture? Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice have assembled a team of longtime Bible prophecy experts who look carefully to God’s Word for the answers. In this book, readers will discover what they can know for certain. And as they consider the things that still remain uncertain, they will gain a renewed trust that God knows what He is doing. His plan is perfect, and it will unfold in His timing. An easy-to-understand resource that provides much-needed clarification about the end times.



  1. Why Studying Bible Prophecy Is So Important Today - Tim LaHaye
  2. The Second Coming in Scripture - Tim LaHaye
  3. What Is the Rapture? - Tim LaHaye
  4. The Second Coming: A Two-phased Event - Tim LaHaye
  5. A History of the Rapture Teaching - Thomas Ice
  6. The Doctrine of an Imminent Rapture - Wayne A. Brindle
  7. Three Foundational Rapture Passages - Robert Dean, Jr.
  8. The Pretribulation Rapture Teaching in the Early Church - Grant R. Jeffrey
  9. The Purpose and Role of the Tribulation - Ed Hindson
  10. The Wrath to Come Is Not for Believers - Tim LaHaye
  11. How to Avoid Being Left Behind - Ed Hindson
  12. Is the Rapture Found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3? - H. Wayne House
  13. "Departing" Rather than "Falling Away" in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 - Tim LaHaye
  14. The End-time Apostasy Is Already Here - David R. Reagan
  15. The Literal Interpretation of Scripture and the Rapture - Thomas Ice
  16. Why Christ Will Come Before the Tribulation - Tim LaHaye
  17. Israel and the Church and Why They Matter to the Rapture - Michael J. Vlach
  18. The Rapture, Church, and Israel in End-times Prophecy - Paul Wilkinson
  19. The Basis of the Second Coming of the Messiah - Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
  20. The Date of the Book of Revelation - Andy Woods
  21. What to Do If You've Been Left Behind - Tim LaHaye



God and Bible Prophecy
The Times of the Gentiles
God's Wonderful Plan for Our Future
The 15 Differences Between the Rapture and the Glorious Appearing
The Second Coming of Christ
English Words Usage / Concept of Rapture
The Second Coming According to 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12


Tim LaHaye is the author of more than 70 books and coauthor of the popular Left Behind® Series. He is a nationally recognized speaker on Bible prophecy and cofounder of the Pre-Trib Research Center. Dr. LaHaye holds a D.Min. from Western Baptist Theoloical Seminary and a Doctor of Literature from Liberty University. His prophecy books include Understanding Bible Prophecy for Yourself, The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy, and the Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible.

Thomas Ice is Pastor-Teacher, Church Planter at Community Bible Church in Omaha, Nebraska and director of the Pre-Trib Research Center. Dr. Ice cofounded the center with Tim LaHaye and has authored or coauthored more than 30 books and hundreds of articles on Bible prophecy.

Ed Hindson is the Distinguished Professor of Religion at Liberty University in Virginia. He has authored and served as general editor for numerous books. He holds a D.Min. from Westminster Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from the University of South Africa.


313 pages, paperback.
ISBN 9780736947831