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Last Days Diary

A Journal Analyzing Today's Most Crucial End-Times Issues and Events

Terry James, 2012

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Many fears are wrapped up in global issues and events and whether they signal "doomsday," or the end of the world as we know it. In his weekly commentaries for, Terry James carefully analyzes the scenarios that Jesus and the prophets of the Bible foretold will precede Christ’s Second Coming. Last-Days Diary presents these commentaries in a journal format to give a running narrative of what in the world has been going on for the past two years. This insight helps readers know what to make of headlines and happenings in light of biblical prophecy, and it unveils just how near we are to the Tribulation hour.

  • Israel is back in the Holy Land and in the spotlight of world attention.
  • Jerusalem is the cause of great controversy.
  • The world’s monetary systems are in chaos.
  • Computer and surveillance technologies threaten to end liberty around the globe.

The progression of these prophesied issues and the march of these unfolding events ignites a burning necessity to look more deeply into these matters so critical to our immediate future.


Foreword by Dr. Larry Spargimino

January 2010 - A Cry for Peace and Safety

February 2010 - Antichrist's Launching Pad

March 2010 - Last-Days Lies and Deceptions

April 2010 - The End-of-Days Dragon Arises

May 2010 - Violence and the End of the Age

June 2010 - Israel, God-Magog Nations at Stage-Setting Center

July 2010 - Worldwide Worries in the News

August 2010 - Frightening Financial Crises

September 2010 - Tribulation Tremors in Evidence

October 2010 - "Roadmap to Peace" Puzzles Politicians

November 2010 - Antichrist's Warm-Up Acts on the World Stage

December 2010 - Scanning a Fearful Future

January 2011 - Scanning a Fearful Future (Conclusion)

February 2011 - Olivet Discourse Dissected

March 2011 - The End-Times Bottom Line

April 2011 - Israelicide--Nations' Self-Destruction

May 2011 - Rumors of My Death (Not So) Exaggerated

June 2011 - Evil End-of-Days Behavior

July 2011 - Restrainer of Evil in Wicked Times

August 2011 - The God-Haters Are Here

September 2011 - Jerusalem in the Crosshairs with Anti-Semitism as Trigger

October 2011 - Profound Prophetic Perspective

November 2011 - Christ: Center of All History

December 2011 - Raging Rumors of War; Be Rapture Ready



Terry James is author, general editor, and co-author of numerous books on Bible prophecy, hundreds of thousands of which have been sold worldwide. James is a frequent lecturer on the study of end-time phenomena, and interviews often with national and international media on topics involving world issues and events as they might relate to Bible prophecy. He has appeared in major documentaries and media forums, in all media formats, in America, Europe, and Asia.


422 pages, paperback.
ISBN 9780984825622