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Are These the Last Days?

An Overview of the Old and New Testament Prophetic Scriptures in Light of Today's Events

Charles P. Schmitt, 2014

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Solomon says in Proverbs 4:18 that we can expect an increase in elightenment and an expansion of understanding as we approach the last days. That is Charles P. Schmitt's position as he presents a fresh scrutiny of Old and New Testament prophetic scriptures in the light of today's world events. He traces not only the conflict between Israel and the Arab world but also their amazing last-days promises of restoration. At all times he underscores the primary backdrop for any Christian view of the last days: worldwide evangelism before the end comes. Are These the Last Days? will graciously challenge your status quo understanding of end-time prophecies and enable you, as Solomon said, to ee the subject in an "ever brighter" light.

View: Premillennial, Post-Tribulation.



    Part One: A Prophetic Handbook of End-Time Prophecies from the Old Testament in Light of Today's Events

  1. The Conflict of All Ages
  2. The Other Sons of Abraham
  3. Songs of the Kingdom
  4. The Roar of Israel's Young Prophetic Lions
  5. The First of Daniel's Five End-Time Visions
  6. Daniel's Prophetic Experiences in Chapters 3-6
  7. Daniel's Vision of the Four Beasts
  8. Daniel's Vision of the Two-Horned Ram and the Shaggy Goat
  9. Daniel's Vision of the Day Messiah the Prince Died
  10. Daniel's Fifth and Final Vision of the Great War
  11. The Prophet Ezekiel
  12. The Minor Prophets: Hosea Through Micah
  13. The Minor Prophets: Nahum Through Malachi
  14. Zechariah 12-14

    Part Two: A Prophetic Handbook of End-Time Prophecies From the New Testament in Light of Today's Events

  15. Jesus' End-Time Teachings
  16. Jesus' Teaching on Preparing for His Return
  17. Jesus' End-Time Teachings in Mark and Luke and the End-Time Teachings of Peter and James
  18. Paul's Understanding of Israel and the Church
  19. Paul's Understanding of Jesus' Second Coming and the Rapture of the Church
  20. Paul's Second Letter to the Thessalonians
  21. The Restored Temple of the Last Days
  22. The Revelation of Jesus Christ
  23. The Vision of the Seven-Sealed Book
  24. The Vision of the Seven Trumpets
  25. The Vision of the Great Conflict
  26. The Vision of the Seven Last Plagues
  27. The Final Vision of the Kingdom and the Holy City
  28. What Kind of People Ought You to Be?

    Appendix 1: Different Eschatological Understandings
    Appendix 2: A Commentary on Daniel 11
    Appendix 3: Israel and the Church
    Appendix 4: When Will Our Lord Jesus Return, and When Is the Rapture of the Church?
    Appendix 5: "Other Christ"
    Appendix 6: Now Is the Time to Worship
    Appendix 7: A Midnight Cry: An Alert From Current Events on Signs of the Times
    About the Author
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Charles P. Schmitt and his wife, Dotty, are lead pastors in Immanuel's Church, a multicultural congreation of thousands in Washington DC that began in their home. They travel extensively in world missions and conference ministry and are passionate about seeing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in revival power.


235 pages, paperback, appendices.
ISBN 9781621367161