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Isis, Iran and Israel

What You Need to Know about the Current Mideast Crisis and the Coming Mideast War

Chris Mitchell, 2016

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Some call current conditions in the Middle East, a "perfect storm." Others know the region is undergoing historic changes. ISIS, Iran and Israel answers the questions that affect the world and your life:

  • How ISIS terror is spreading from the Middle East to the West.
  • How the Sunni/Shiite divide may lead to a regional war.
  • How Russia's military poses a threat to Israel and echoes Ezekiel 38 and 39.
  • How revival is spreading to the most unlikely places in the region.
  • Why some believe the Iranian nuclear deal could lead to another nuclear era.



  1. A Perfect Storm
  2. On the Front Lines of the Free World
  3. Back to Makhmur
  4. ISIS: Inside the Caliphate
  5. The Siren Song of ISIS
  6. Escape From Darkness
  7. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  8. Under the Shadow of Islam
  9. Aslan is On the Move
  10. The Iranian Nuclear Deal
  11. The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!
  12. Middle East Game of Thrones
  13. Apocalyptic Islam
  14. Ten Things You Need to Know about the Middle East
  15. A Time for War
  16. A Time for Peace



While the world's attention turns more toward the Middle East, CBN viewers have grown to appreciate Chris Mitchell's timely reports from this explosive region. Mitchell brings a biblical and prophetic perspective to these daily news events that shape our world. Mitchell began reporting on the Middle East in the mid-1990s and in August, 2000, moved to Jerusalem to establish the CBN News Bureau. Since then, he s reported from the front lines of the region, traveling to Mideast countries on a regular basis. He has also reported on the tragic rise of Christian persecution throughout the region. Mitchell s stories are seen on CBN s The 700 Club on nationwide cable, as well as the other CBN News programs. Mitchell wrote Dateline Jerusalem: An Eyewitness Account of Prophecies Unfolding in the Middle East in 2013, tracking the many historic and prophetic trends that show Jerusalem sits at the crossroads of history and prophecy and that history s final chapter will be written in Jerusalem. In December 2014, Mitchell authored Destination Jerusalem: ISIS, Convert or Die, Christian Persecution and Preparing for the Days Ahead. Destination Jerusalem records the profound changes in the region wrought by the rise of ISIS, Iran s nuclear program and the dangers of Hamas A native of the Boston area, Mitchell earned a B.A. in History at the University of New Hampshire in 1975. In 1987, he graduated with honors from Regent University, earning an M.A. in Communication, and has been entered into Regent University s Hall of Fame. After more than a quarter of a century with CBN, Mitchell s goal can be found in I Chronicles 12:32: to provide viewers with an understanding of the times for such a time as this.


256 pages, paperback.
ISBN 9780986223334