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Bible Prophecy Tribulation and Deliverance

BIBLE PROPHECY: Tribulation and Deliverance
Second Edition

James David Malm, 2015

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Coming soon; victory over Islamic Extremism in Syria / Iraq and a Mideast regional war followed by a genuine peace agreement; then when Peace and Safety is declared as achieved, the deal will collapse bringing the onset of the prophesied Great Tribulation. A study into the modern locations of ancient peoples and the prophecies for the nations today: Explaining the 70 Weeks Prophecy, the 2300 Days Prophecy, the coming New Federal Europe and much more. Revealing the biblical signs and the approximate date of the tribulation and the course of events during that time of trouble; including the coming of Messiah, the tribulation's aftermath, and details of the Millennium.


Modern Locations of Ancient Peoples

Biblical Nations Identified
The Descendants of Japheth
The Descendants of Ham
The Descendants of Shem
The Families of Abraham
Ammon and Moab: Modern Jordan
The Arab Peoples
The Hagarenes
Israel: A Brief Historical Overview
Modern Locations of the Twelve Tribes of Israel
Possession of the Promised Land

World History in Advance

Daniel 2: Babylon the Great
Daniel 8: The 2300 Days [Years]
Daniel 9: The 70 Weeks
The Daily Sacrifice and the Sacrificial System
Daniel 10: The Kings of the North and South
Daniel 11: The Kings of the North and South
Revelation 17: Rome the Scarlet Beast
The Man of Sin
Revelation 13: The Man of Sin and the New Europe
Daniel 12: The 1335 Days
God's Two Prophets

Signs Hearlding the Great Tribulation

Current Events and Trends, Nov 2015
The Final Signs Before the Great Tribulation
Why Suffering?

Events During the Tribulation

The Great Tribulation Begins: The Fall of Jerusalem and Judea
The Fall of the Anglo Saxon People
The New Europe Attacks Asia
The Armies of Asia Attack Jerusalem
The Coming of Messiah the Christ

Millennial Prophecies for the Nations

Satan Removed, All Nations Turn to God
Babylon the Great: Totally Destroyed
The Restoration of Israel
Germany, Austro-Hungary [Assyria]

The Millennium

Pentecost: God's Spirit Poured Out On All Flesh
The Millennial Kingdom of God

Hope For Humanity

The Plan of God
The End of Satan

Appendix 1 Norman Canadian Names


332 pages, large format large print paperback, appendix.
ISBN: 9781518650475