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Shattering the Left Behind Delusion


John Noe, 1999

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Are millions being misled and spiritually 'left behind'? The answer is a resounding, YES! Millions of Christians, and non-Christians as well, are caught up in a new and seductive teaching. It's called the Rapture. They believe it could occur at any moment and most likely will happen near the turn of the millennium. But it will not! Why? Because it has already happened, and it wasn't what you think. In this book you'll discover:

  • What the so-called Rapture is not
  • How all "rapture" scriptures have been fulfilled
  • What this means for us today and in the future
Be forewarned, this book is challenging. But so many have been so misled away from biblical truth, and so "left behind" from the blessings offered by past fulfillment, that this book may seem like a hurtful shattering of a cherished hope. Yet God's Word can heal this hurt. Eventually, God's Word will prevail.


Foreword: Shocked! - by Edward E. Stevens
Introduction: Confronting the 'Left Behind' Craze

  1. Dispelling a New Theory
    A Touchy Subject / Three Things It's Not,
    Nor Ever Will Be / What Else Might
    God Have in Mind?
  2. The Victory Over Death
    Swallowing of Death / The Historical
    Setting for Resurrection Fulfillment
  3. How the Dead Were Raised
    Raised Out of Hades, the Holding Place
    of the Dead / A Resurrection Flashback /
    In a Jewish Understanding / In Sum
  4. How the Alive Were Changed
    The Message of the Last Trumpet /
    Straight to Heaven from The On /
    Each in His Own Turn/Order /
    Spiritual Resurrection / A Bodily Transition
  5. What Kind of Resurrection Body
    Do You Get and When?

    A Spiritual Body / It's Like Jesus'
    Resurrected Body / Paul's Seed Analogy
  6. The Bones-Are-Still-in-the-Graves Objection
    Jesus' Body Was the Only One Promised
    Not to See Decay / The Re-gathering Problem /
    Loosening Our Attachment to the Body Sown
Conclusion: The Bottom Line
Afterword: 'Beyond the End Times'

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John Noe is president of the Prophecy Reformation Institute, a conservative, evangelical scholar, and an active member of the Evangelical Theological Society. He also seves on the board of advisors of the International Preterist Association. He's the author of three trade-published and best-selling books: Beyond the End Times, The Apocalypse Conspiracy, Peak Performance Principles for High Achievers, and People Power. John is also an award-winning entrepreneur, a well-known member of the National Speakers Association, and has been featured on numerous TV and radio programs including CBN's 700 Club and CNN's Larry King Live. He has climbed mountains around the world and lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Cindy. They have two grown children and three grandchildren.


152 pages, paper
ISBN 0962131164