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Discerning Our Time

A Layman's Guide About America in End Time Prophecy

Richard Bettez, 2017

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Discerning Our Time: A Layman's Guide About America in End Time Prophecy is a compelling look at historic and political trends that push the reader to look upon biblical facts as to where America fits in concerning future events. This book is an easy read for people of all backgrounds and education levels. It is a breakdown of exactly what scripture means from original language to historical settings that all connect to American society as we know it today. Though this book gives greater enlightenment to the Christian community and is a solid resource for pastors to draw from, it will truly be an eye-opening experience for the open-minded unbelievers or those who do not consider Christianity of any consequence within their lives. The changes within American society and our culture as well as our political choices are highlighted within the word of God. In this book they are accurately brought out. Church denominations are put to the test as historical truths are revealed and many falsehoods about Christianity are dispelled. Truth about American education, business, and government are documented with the light of scripture shining right next to the facts so the reader can judge for themselves. Many teachers, pastors, and theologians don't believe America plays a significant role in the end times. Some teach that it will be wiped off the map. No one truly knows exact dates or for that matter what the antichrist will look like, but there is a definite template laid out within the Bible; America fits comfortably in that template. This book is a must-read if you are interested in what direction America is heading and who will rise to power in the near future.



  1. Knowledge versus Wisdom
  2. The Age in Which We Live
  3. The Secular Clock is Ticking
  4. Rise and Fall of the Believer
  5. Where Does It End?
  6. Pieces of the Puzzle Come Together
  7. The Key is the Second Beast

About the Author


Pastor Rick Bettez has been a student of the word of God dating back to 1993. His first ten years involved casual Bible study attendance as he was working within the human service field and raising a son as a struggling single parent. Rick certainly falls under the description of a Renaissance man. He holds an associate degree in advertising design, had worked as a freelance artist, and was a night club promoter, forklift operator, house painter, truck driver, group home director, prep cook, and martial arts instructor. Rick graduated from the US Army Military Police Academy after his high school graduation in 1980. Pastor Rick Bettez has seen both sides of life. He has been to the depths of criminal street life and addiction, then risen to sobriety as a God-fearing man pursuing truth. In 2006 Rick began a deeper journey with God, becoming much more involved in church activity as an usher. He became a deacon within two years after that and began to assist Pastor Robert McLaughlin in compiling nearly two thousand pages of lessons and materials for the writing of the book The Angelic Conflict, by Pastor McLaughlin. It was during this time that Rick began his new path as a fledgling teacher, first for the prep school of Grace Bible Church in Somerset, Massachusetts, then behind the pulpit as Pastor McLaughlin's assistant. Pastor Rick has been ordained and proudly stands within the lineage of Lewis Sperry Chafer.


225 pages, paperback.
ISBN 9781635685107