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The Final Conflict

A Tale of the Two Witnesses
The Tears of Heaven Series - Book V

Kenneth Zeigler, 2013

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Darkness consumes the planet as the Great Tribulation moves into its final and most critical moments. As history spirals towards its conclusion and creation imminently awaits the victorious return of Christ and His armies, Dr. Tom Carson, his family, and an elite resistance team rise up and engage the malevolent forces of evil in the battle of the millennium. After establishing a secret base, Dr. Carson and his task force use supernatural technology borrowed from the saints of Heaven to declare all-out war against the beast and his false prophet. While the resistance team cannot thwart prophetic events from unfolding, they are committed to pursuing and rescuing those whom the beast would seek to destroyóno matter what the cost. Prepare for an action-packed, heart-pounding race against time as a group of ordinary people face off against the most diabolical forces the world has ever seen. 394 pages, paperback.

The Children of Eternity

The Tears of Heaven Series - Book IV

Kenneth Zeigler, 2012

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Christopher, Jerry, Jonathan, and Lilly are caught up in the War in Heaven and find themselves coming of age as they battle to rescue more than 300 citizens of Heaven captured by Satan. In the process, they discover the faith and power within themselves. Then they must face off against the master of lies himself to rescue a lost soul from her terrible torments in Hell. From the beauty of Heavenís Crystal Sea to the darkness of Hellís Sea of Fire, these brave young people stand between life and death to battle not only the dark angels but their haunting pasts as well. 379 pages, paperback.

The Rise of the Beast

The Tears of Heaven Series - Book III

Kenneth Zeigler, 2010

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Following his defeat in The War in Heaven, Satan and his minions have fled to Earth where they fight to establish a worldly kingdom and end the dominance of humankind. Satan, in the guise of a New Age holy man, has created a new faith based on world unity and peace. But his real goal is to bring about a new dark age where he is worshiped as god. He manipulates humanity and its politics to place a man loyal to him, the Beast, in charge of Europeís government. The Beast is opposed by the Christian community. Among those standing in his way are Christian evangelists Chris and Serena Davis. Only with them out of the way can his ambition become reality. Journey along in this exciting and fascinating story as Chris and Serena fight against spiritual, physical, and emotional challenges every step of the way. 497 pages, paperback.

The War in Heaven

The Chronicle of Abaddon The Destroyer
The Tears of Heaven Series - Book II

Kenneth Zeigler, 2009

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Satan and his minions have declared war on the most beautiful planet in the universe his purpose is to depose Michael the archangel and become second only to God in command of all creation. Standing in Satan's way are a scattered and disorganized host of angels, a group of inexperienced saints, a small band of humans, and some angelic rebels in Hell. Armed with faith full power, Abaddon the Destroyer creates a formidable army to challenge the evil targeting Earth. Author of best selling Heaven and Hell, Kenneth Zeigler again draws from his research to create a realistic tale where science, the supernatural, and life and death teeter on the edge of eternal joy or damnation. 417 pages, paperback.

Heaven and Hell

The Journey of Chris and Serena Davis
The Tears of Heaven Series - Book I

Kenneth Zeigler, 2007

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Heaven and Hell takes you on a journey through Heaven and Hell, as viewed through the eyes of Chris and Serena Davis, who come to experience their reality first hand. Through God s mercy, those who dwell in Heaven, have no recollection of loved ones in Hell. At least, most don t. Yet, in the most beautiful place in the universe, one man s troubling dreams lead him to realize that the love of his earth life has been condemned to Satan s realm. Now, with the help of a famous scientist from the past, Chris endeavors to pull off the ultimate prison break. 554 pages, paperback.


Ken Zeigler is a chemistry teacher with 33 years of experience within the classroom. He teaches in the Phoenix area. He has two children and two grandchildren. He is also a former NASA consultant and is involved in the search for planets circling other stars.


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