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Wake Up Church: The End is Nigh

WAKE UP CHURCH: The End is Nigh!

Dennis Crump, 2002

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September 11th, 2001. Terrorist attacks destroy New York’s World Trade Centers and Washington D.C.’s Pentagon. Do these events signal the beginning of the end? The war against terrorism in the Middle East continues and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (especially over Jerusalem) escalates. What does the Bible say about these issues? The subject of the End-Times and Bible Prophecy is one of great interest and much debate. The events of our day are only proving that God is already in the process of waking up His church in preparation for His soon return!


    Preface (Why this Book?)

    Part 1 - The End-Time Introduction

    Part 2 - The End-Time Period

  1. The Tribulation

    Part 3 - The End-Time Players

  2. Israel
  3. Mystery Babylon
  4. The Beast: The Arab Empire!
  5. The 10 Horns
  6. The 7 Heads
  7. The 7 Kings
  8. Nebuchadnezzar's Image
  9. The King of the North vs. The King of the South
  10. The Little Horn (Yasser Arafat?)
  11. The PLO & Hamas
  12. The Origin of the Beast: The Bottomless Pit (or Abyss)!
  13. The Family Feud: A Landmark Issue!
  14. The Mark of the Beast
  15. The Apostasy
  16. 666
  17. The Antichrist
  18. The Locusts

    Part 4 - The End-Time Pieces

  19. A Thief in the Night!
  20. Peace & Safety
  21. The Abomination of Desolation
  22. The Rapture
  23. The Wrath of God
  24. The Marriage Supper
  25. The New Jerusalem
  26. But What About My Mansion
  27. The 144,000
  28. The Fullness of Time
  29. Which Generation?
  30. Heaven and Earth Pass Away
  31. The Third Heaven (or Paradise!)
  32. Holy Days: The Seven Feasts of Israel
  33. The 7 Day Principle
  34. No Man Knoweth the Day and the Hour!

    The End-Time Conclusion

  35. The Two Witnesses
  36. What to Expect for Believers
  37. What about the United States?


    A: A Possibility Worth Considering (1260, 1290, and 1335 Days)


Dennis Crump is an ordained Southern Baptist Minister who has been in ministry for over fourteen years since being honorably discharged as an officer from the United States Marine Corps. Having served mostly as a Youth Minister in the past, he currently pastors a new church start, Believers Assembly, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He has a family of five and currently resides in Green Bay with his wife, Rhonda, of twelve years and his three sons, Cuyler, Callon, and Cana.


316 pages, paper, appendix.
ISBN 0759697906