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Any information submitted on this web site is strictly for the use of serving Armageddon Books visitors and customers. We do not rent, sell, loan, or distribute visitor or customer information in any form or fashion.


Processing for online orders is done through No one at Armageddon Books has any access to your credit card information.

Credit card orders by mail, phone or fax are handled securely by Armageddon Books through our local bank. Card numbers are verified off line in the same manner as your local merchant does. This means your credit card number is not shuffled around the internet for authorization.

After your order is processed, your credit card information is deleted from our computers (networked or not). We do retain printed records for future reference should the need arise.

Other than online purchases through, any credit card purchases made for products or services from Armageddon Books will appear on your billing statement as a charge from Armageddon Books in West Jefferson, NC.

Should you ever have any questions concerning a credit card charge made by Armageddon Books, please contact us as soon as possible for clarification of the charge, or a billing adjustment if applicable.


Armageddon Books retains email address of customers placing orders. However, we do not send any email unrelated to the order unless the customer has requested to be placed on our mailing list.

All those requesting to be placed on our mailing list will receive our monthly email newsletter. This will normally be the only mailing visitors receive from us not specifically related to inquiries or orders. Occasionally, we will email notices of special promotions or key book releases, but never more than once a month.

We do not rent, sell, or loan email addresses in our database. You will not get on any other list by agreeing to receive our mailings.

You may request to be removed from our email list at any time. Just send us an email with "UNSUBSCRIBE" or "REMOVE" in the subject line. Please try to determine which email address we are mailing to so we can properly remove it. Often times, people have more than one email address and the one that is submitted for removal is not in our database.


Telephone numbers submitted with an order are only used if we have a question about your order.


As with email addresses, and phone numbers, Armageddon Books does not rent, sell, or loan mailing addresses to other firms. Your address is retained on file only to assist with orders. Since we operate primarily over the internet, we do not send any unsolicited mailings.


Armageddon Books does not deploy the use of "cookies" or any other tracking sofware.

If you have any further questions or require clarification on any of these points, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.


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