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A Guided Tour through the Revelation

An Unbiased Interpretation of the Revelation To, For and About the Church

Robert L. Kramer, 2009

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The Bible's last book is not a puzzle, mystery or myth, but God's clear foretelling of the conclusion of His predetermined history of the universe and the human race in their perfected state. Unfortunately, well-meaning interpreters have blurred and distorted it's message by imposing their biased eschatologies upon it rather than allowing the Revelation text to tell its own exciting and encouraging story. As we journey along with John on his visionary tour into the future the Lord's angel will keep us abreast of the sights and sounds we encounter at each new location until we are awe-stricken upon arriving at its destination, the new heaven and earth which God will have created in which we shall live eternally with Him, His Son and the Holy Spirit. A scholarly, readable, new and different but valid commentary on the Revelation.


The Reason For The Revelation
The Title Page of the Revelation

    FIRST TOUR STOP - Seven Local Asian Churches

  1. John's Inciting Greetings to the Churches - Revelation 1:4-8
  2. Jesus' Investigative Presence Among the Churches - Revelation 1:9-20
  3. Jesus' Incisive Letters to the Churches - Revelation 2:1-3:22

    SECOND TOUR STOP - The Throne Room In Heaven

  4. Jesus Invites John Into Heaven - Revelation 4:1-19
  5. The Tribulated History of the Church - Revelation 5:1-6:17
  6. The Sealing, Growth and Security of the Church - Revelation 7:1-17
  7. The Church Endures Four Winds and Two Woes - Revelation 8:1-9:21

    THIRD TOUR STOP - Back On Planet Earth

  8. The Second Appearance of Jesus' Angel - Revelation 10:1-11
  9. The Church In The Last 4-5 Years - Revelation 11:1-14
  10. The Seventh Trumpet Period - Revelation 11:15-18
  11. Recapitulation: The Seven Sealed Book - Revelation 4:1-11:18

    FOURTH TOUR STOP - The Temple Of God In Heaven

  12. Satan Cast Out of Heaven - Revelation 11:19-12:11

    FIFTH TOUR STOP - The Isle Of Patmos

  13. A Snake Infested World - Revelation 12:12-17
  14. The Enemies of the Church - Revelation 13:1-18

    SIXTH TOUR STOP - Mount Zion In Jerusalem

  15. The Church In the Parousia - Revelation 14:1-16
  16. The Church In the Day of Wrath - Revelation 14:17-16:21

    SEVENTH TOUR STOP - An Unnamed Wilderness


  17. The Harlot City - Code Name Babylon - Revelation 17:1-7,18
  18. The Harlot City - Her Judgment - Revelation 17:8-19:10
  19. Jesus, The Returning Warrior - Revelation 19:11-20:10

    EIGHTH TOUR STOP - The Great White Throne

  20. The Judgment of the Dead - Revelation 20:11-15

    NINTH TOUR STOP - The New Heaven and Earth

  21. The New Heaven and Earth - Revelation 21:1-8

    TENTH TOUR STOP - The Holy city, New Jerusalem

  22. The Holy city - Cod Name New Jerusalem - Revelation 21:9-22:5

Epilog: Recapitulation, Invitation, Copyright & Benediction - Revelation 22:6-21


Robert L. Kramer is a graduate of Moravian College and received his theological training at the Evangelical Seminary, Reading, PA and Moravian Theological Seminary, Bethlehem, PA. He had been a pastor for 45 years in the Evangelical Congregational Church and had written Sunday School lessons for the denominational Sunday School quarterly and articles for the church paper, The United Evangelical. He had served as secretary and then president of the Christian Educational Society of the Evangelical Congregational Church. Upon retirement from the pastorate he was urged by his District Superintendent to pursue means to preserve and share his teachings with the Christian community at large. To that end he began to write and mail a bi-monthly periodical, Second Thoughts, which he has done for 15 years. He has served as the Bible teacher in camp meetings in Pennsylvania and has held prophecy conferences in Pennsylvania and Texas.


244 pages, paper.
ISBN 9781607915980