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Between Weeks

Exactly Where Are We in Daniel's 70 Weeks?

Fred DeRuvo, 2009

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Four verses in the ninth chapter of Daniel are arguably some of the most important verses found anywhere in Scripture, related to prophecy. If we are to understand what God has given us in these four verses, then we had better do all that we can to ensure we have a correct interpretation. The 70 weeks of Daniel, highlighted in Daniel 9:24-27 are there for our benefit. God did not need to tell us anything, but He chose to do so in order that we would be blessed by the information He has graciously provided to Daniel through the angel Gabriel. The most important question becomes then, what is Gabriel actually relating to Daniel in these four verses? Is the information found there for us today, as yet unfulfilled, or is it all in the past, in which case it would merely be testimony of how God has worked in our past? View: Premillennial, Pre-Tribulation.


  1. The Answer Arrives
  2. A Week is Not a Week
  3. A Triplet of Weeks
  4. In Between Races
  5. Last Play of the Game
  6. Seeing Things Clearly
  7. A Race Well Run


Figure 1: God Will Accomplish Six Things
Figure 2: Daniel 9: The 70 Weeks Chart
Figure 3: Overview of the Weeks Laid Out
Figure 4: Weeks in Detail

The List of Resources


Fred DeRuvo is the author of numerous theological books and articles. He received his Bachelor's degree from Philadelphia College of Bible (now Philadelphia Biblical University), and his Masters in Biblical Studies from Tyndale Theological Seminary. Fred has been a member Foothill Bible Church for a number of years, and serves as Deacon and Adult Bible Study teacher.

Fred enjoys studying the Bible and in particular, finds great insight in studying prophecy, as he feels that the study of prophecy purifies the believer so that they are less inclined to be concerned with, or tied down to the things of this world.

Fred views himself as "on assignment" from the Lord. His job, until he is taken in the Rapture, or dies - whichever comes first - is to bring the gospel to those who are lost, in a world that is dying and will pass away.

Christ died for the ungodly and Fred agrees that he is certainly one of those that Christ died for, in order that he might have eternal life, which is God's gift to humanity.

Fred endeavors to share the good news of Christ's death and resurrection, which was an atonement for sinful humanity, in order that we might become God's adopted children.


70 pages, paperback (7" X 10"), illustrated, list of resources.
ISBN 9781442189546