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Before God's Wrath

The Bible's Answer to the Timing of the Rapture: Revised & Expanded Edition

H.L. Nigro, 2002

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Have you ever wondered why the rapture as it is described on television, in books, in movies, and even from the pulpit, does not seem to match what you read in the Bible? Or why the teaching that Christians will be whisked to heaven without facing any of the persecution and testing of the “Tribulation” period does not seem to match the character of God as revealed in the scriptures?

There is a reason. It doesn't.

The timing of the rapture clearly, repeatedly, and consistently taught in scripture is that Jesus will return to rapture the Church after the rise of the Antichrist, after the start of the “Tribulation” period, but before the Day of the Lord and God's wrath, not pretribulationally as many teach. The implications for believers, both in their lifestyles and their individual relationships with God, are critical.

This revised and expanded edition, written for believers at all levels of education and spiritual growth, takes a look at the prewrath timing and the volume of scriptures that support this important doctrine for the rapidly approaching End Times. Although written to be understandable for all Christians, this book contains in-depth arguments and rebuttals to key pretribulation arguments suitable for use by pastors, prophecy teachers, and professors.

What's new in this edition?

  1. Expanded and clarified arguments.
  2. Foreword by Gary Vaterlaus, national instructor for Sola Scriptura (formerly The Sign Ministries), asking, "Is pretribulationism a text of orthodoxy?".
  3. Expanded review of the development of modern eschatology, putting pretribulationism in its historical context.
  4. Nearly one dozen new charts, including those that provide greater clarification on the structure of Revelation.
  5. Revised analysis of "the last trumpet."
  6. New appendix: Oswald T. Allis — Do Parousia, Apocalypse, Epiphany Require Different Comings?
  7. New appendix by Gary Vaterlaus that answers the question, "What did the church fathers believe about the coming Antichrist and the Tribulation?", letting the church fathers answer this question in their own words through substantive excerpts from the writings of key figures such as Justin Martyr, Tertullian, and Ireneaus.

Endorsement from Marvin Rosenthal, author of "The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church."

"Each month, I receive dozens of articles and manuscripts to evaluate or endorse for publication. I do not endorse what I am not genuinely enthusiastic about. I am enthusiastic about this book. Within its pages, the readers will not find speculation or sensationalism. However, they will find a powerful and convincing presentation for the chronological sequence of the Lord's second coming and its practical implication for the believer."


Foreword by Gary Vaderlaus
Questions and Answers About the Prewrath Rapture


  1. Why the Timing Matters
  2. What the Bible Says About the Rapture
  3. Faulty Foundations of Pretrib
  4. When Does God's Wrath Begin?
  5. Will the Church Endure the Great Tribulation?
  6. What About Imminence?
  7. "He Who Restrains"(or Will the Church See the Antichrist?)
  8. "Kept From the Hour"
  9. Where Does Pretrib Come From?
  10. Matthew 24, Revelation 6, and Daniel 11, 12: The Same Events in the Same Order
  11. The Last Trump(et)
  12. Dry Bones Live
  13. Every Eye Will See
  14. Don't Be Fooled
  15. God Wouldn't Do That
  16. Are the Letters to the Churches for Us Today?
  17. Does Jesus Come Twice?
  18. Is Revelation Consecutive?
  19. Does God Create Evil?
  20. What's the Rush?
  21. Signs of the Times: End-Times Prophecy Fulfilled In This Generation
  22. One Final Thought



A. A Closer Look at the Day of the Lord
B. Response to Maranatha! O Lord Come! by Renald Showers
C. A More Detailed Look at "Amad"
D. Response to The Rapture Question: Revised and Expanded Edition, by John Walvoord
E. Do Parousia, Apokalypsis, and Epiphany Require Different Comings? [Oswald T. Allis]
F. What the Church Fathers Taught About the Church and the Coming of the Antichrist [Gary Vaterlaus]

Chart Index

Pretrib vs. Prewrath Timing of the Rapture 14
Four-Way Juncture 23
Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy 32
Daniel's 70th Week (1) 33
Defining the Great Tribulation 37
Daniel's 70th Week (2) 36
God's Passive and Active Will 43
Comparison of "Your Wrath Has Come" 47
Defining God's Wrath 52
Daniel's 70th Week (3) 64
Comparison of Daniel 11:31-35 and Matthew 24 91
Four Events Occurring Simultaneously 100
Comparison of Matthew 24 and Revelation 6 111
Comparison of Matthew 24, Revelation 6, and Daniel 11, 12 115
Characteristics of the Rapture120
Structure of the Judgments in Revelation 126
Comparison of the Four Winds in Matthew 24, Revelation 6, and Ezekiel 37 135
Three Overview Interpretations of Revelation 175
Structure of Revelation 182
Significance of the Use of Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls as Agents for Judgments in Revelation 186
Comparison of Judgments in Egypt to Judgments in Revelation 187
Pretrib and Prewrath Approaches to "the Day of the Lord" 238


H.L. Nigro was born in Springfield, OH, in 1967, earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and has worked as a professional writer, researcher, and editor for 15 years.

In 2000, Nigro founded Strong Tower Publishing, a Christian publishing company specializing in end-times prophecy. Her own titles include Before God's Wrath: The Bible's Answer to the Timing of the Rapture, The Everyday Evangelist, and Do You Really Want to Self-Publish Your Book? Other Strong Tower Publishing titles include the prewrath primer Who Will Be Left Behind and When?, by Dave Bussard, Prophecy's Architecture: How to Build and End-Times Doctrine, by Cameron Fultz, and an upcoming reprint of the classic The Hope of Christ's Second Coming, by Samuel Tregelles, a critique of the budding pretribulation rapture view, first published in 1863.

Since 2001, Nigro has been the co-moderator of the Yahoo! Prewrath Only discussion group on the Internet devoted to Christ-centered discussion of the prewrath view. Nigro lives in Bellefonte, PA, with her husband, Tom, and her daughter, Megan, and is a worship leader in her local congregation.


331 pages, paper, appendix
ISBN 0970433018