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Revelation Plain and Simple


Jonathan MacKinney, 2006

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Are you confused by the Book of Revelation? God gave us the Book of Revelation to comfort, warn, and inform us. He speaks with crystalline clarity, and calls us to respond with obedient faith. Revelation Plain and Simple uncovers the great themes of God's grace, love, righteousness and power in a way that every person will find applicable to their own life. Are you ready to face your fear of the Book of Revelation? Don't wait one minute longer to uncover the tremendous riches uncovered in this series of sermons from Revelation. View: Post-Tribulation


  1. Chain of Evidence Revelation 1:1-8
  2. Safe Revelation 1:9-20
  3. What Happened? Revelation 2:1-7
  4. The Key to Successful Suffering Revelation 2:8-11
  5. Satan's Plan and Jesus' Solution Revelation 2:12-17
  6. Got Another One! Revelation 2:18-29
  7. Working with the Wrong Pattern Revelation 3:1-6
  8. Knock, Knock Revelation 3:7-13
  9. Becoming Useful Revelation 3:14-22
  10. The Glory of God Revelation 4:1-1
  11. From Heaven to Earth with Love Revelation 5:1-10
  12. Inevitable Praise Revelation 5:11-14
  13. The Beginning of the End Revelation 6:1-6
  14. An Unprotected World Revelation 6:7-17
  15. God's Saving Grace Revelation 7:1-17
  16. A Motivation for Judgment Revelation 8:1-5
  17. Grace in Judgment Revelation 8:6-12
  18. Deepening Grace Revelation 8:13-9:12
  19. Who's in Charge? Revelation 9:13-21
  20. Time's Up Revelation 10:1-11
  21. A Clear Demonstration of Grace Revelation 11:1-14
  22. Victory Assured Revelation 11:15-19
  23. Mutant DNA Revelation 12:1-9
  24. Going Under the Knife Revelation 12:10-13:1
  25. Satan's Dying Gasp Revelation 13:1-10
  26. Front Man Revelation 13:11-18
  27. The War of the Marks Revelation 14:1-5
  28. More Amazing Grace Revelation 14:6-13
  29. God's Harvest Revelation 14:14-20
  30. A Superior Wrath Revelation 15:1-8
  31. The Wrath of God Revelation 16:1-7
  32. God's Response to the Lies Satan Tells Us Revelation 16:8-21
  33. The Apostate Church Revelation 17:1-18
  34. A Specific Judgment Revelation 18:1-24
  35. Victory! Revelation 19:1/10
  36. The Inevitable Result Revelation 19:11-21
  37. Gain After the Pain Revelation 20:1-6
  38. Final Disposition Revelation 20:7-15
  39. Amazing Changes Revelation 21:1-8
  40. Eternal Reward Revelation 21:9-27
  41. Undoing the Symptoms of Separation Revelation 22:1-6
  42. The Response of Faith Revelation 22:7-21


Pastor Jon MacKinney is a graduate of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He pastored two churches in Minnesota before planting Chandler Bible Church in Chandler, Arizona, where he lives with his wife Jan and their son Tom. Their two married daughters, Amy and Jill, live with their husbands in Arizona and California, respectively. Jon has been preaching the gospel since 1979, and has been involved in short-term mission projects all over the world; teaching in Trinity Bible College in Kursk, Russia, and doing construction in several places. This is his first book.


504 pages, paper.
ISBN 1600342795