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Preterists believe that prophetic passages were fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and an invisible bodily coming of Jesus Christ at that time.

Navigating the Book of Revelation

Special Studies on Important Issues

Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., TH.D., 2011

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In this work, Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., author of Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation, highlights some of the important issues for understanding Revelation. In an earlier book, The Book of Revelation Made Easy, he explained the fundamental issues necessary for grasping the main drift of Revelation. In this follo-up work, he builds on those principles in order to assist the reader in Navigating the Book of Revelation. The author is currently working on a multi-volume commentary on Revelation from the perspective of redemptive-historical preterism. The chapters contained within are summaries of several side-studies that will appear in his commentary. They should help the prophecy enthusiast navigate the mine field that we know as "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" (Rev. 1:1). 212 pages, paperback, appendix, subject index, Scripture index.

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The Antichrist and the Second Coming

Volume II: The Book of Revelation

Duncan W. McKenzie, Ph.D., 2012

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What if the commonly held beliefs concerning the Antichrist are mistaken? The Antichrist and the Second Coming looks at the Antichrist and the Second Advent of Christ from a preterist (i.e., past fulfillment) perspective and provides a unified interpretation of the little horn, the prince to come, the king of the North, the man of lawlessness, and the beast. This is the second in a two volume set on the Antichrist; it focuses on the book of Revelation. This edition stands on its own and is recommended reading even if you have not read the first volume -- The Antichrist and the Second Coming: A Preterist Examination: Volume 1: Daniel and 2 Thessalonians. McKenzie shows how the Antichrist was ultimately a spiritual ruler from the abyss (Rev. 11:7) that worked through Titus in his three-and-a-half-year destruction of the Jewish nation (AD 67-70; cf. Dan. 9:26). This spirit of Antichrist was about to come out of the abyss in the first century (Rev. 17:8 NASB) and was destroyed by the Second Advent of Jesus in AD 70 (a spiritual event). Continue reading to see how McKenzie convincingly makes the biblical case for this fascinating and controversial position, and what it means for us today. 640 pages, paperback.

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The Beast of Revelation

Revised Edition

Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., 2002

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Who is this mysterious person behind the number that has frightened, perplexed, and evaded prophecy students for nearly two millennia? Dr. Ken Gentry leads the reader through a rich historical tour and employs gripping theological analysis as he solves the case. He also reveals "the clue" that closes the door on this 2,000 year-old-mystery. The sure Scriptural and historical foundation laid in this break-thru book is remarkable. The reader will quickly learn that the Bible does interpret itself. Gentry employs this indispensable method throughout the book and exhibits its rational and illuminating effects page after page. How about you? Are you weary of the modern-day hype over identifying the Beast? Does your skepticism soar as each new Antichrist candidate fails to measure up to the Biblical evidence? If so, then Providence has brought you to the road of decision. The time has come to dispel the murk, build the case, and finally reveal: The Beast of Revelation. Are you ready to meet him? 246 pages, paperback.

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The Book of Revelation

An Introduction and Commentary

Homer Hailey, 2007

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The first section of this commentary discusses the author, the place of writing, symbolism, the dating, and various interpretations, theme and the purpose of the book of Revelation. The author provides the historical background for the birth and early years of Christianity. Then follows a verse-by-verse commentary, anchored in sound scholarship. This enlarged 10th printing contains a valuable catalog on the nearly 90 symbols found in the book of Revelation, together with a comprehensive subject index. For readability, the page size has been slightly enlarged. A significant essay in which Hailey shows the relevance of the book of Revelation to the 21st century world, rounds out this volume. 442 pages, hardcover, bibliography, index.

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Days of Vengeance

An Exposition of the Book of Revelation

David Chilton, 2006

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Days of Vengeance is an extraordinary exposition of the book of Revelation and will undoubtedly be welcomed as a cool drenching rain upon a dry, thirsty ground. From the very beginning, cranks and crackpots have attempted to use Revelation to advocate some new twist on the Chicken Little Doctrine: "The Sky is Falling!" But, as David Chilton shows in this careful, detailed exposition, St. John's Apocalypse teaches instead that Christians will overcome all opposition through the work of Jesus Christ. 721 pages, hardcover, appendix, bibliography, author, general, and Scripture indices

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An Overview of the Book of Revelation


Jack R. Lunsford, 2006

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A preterite view of the book of Revelation, both Daniel and John forecast the Great Tribulation of 67-70 A.D. They also predict the "vials" of God's wrath being poured out on the Roman Empire at the time of Domitian the "little horn" (92-96 A.D.). This overview shows the Lake of Fire to be synonymous with the "burning flame" of Daniel 7:11. Armageddon will be shown to be the name of the symbolic battle. "Gog and Magog" is the symbolic name of the "nations" fighting with the Roman Empire against the rider on the white horse (Jesus). The resurrections of Daniel 12:1-3 and Revelation 20:4-7 will be shown to be synonymous. Two distinct 3 1/2 year periods of time are set forth in Daniel and Revelation. They are referred to as "Times, Time, and Half a Time." The Great Tribulation is shown to be synonymous with the 1,000-year reign. 386 pages, paper.

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The Back to the Future

A Study in the Book of Revelation

Ralph E. Bass, Jr., 2004

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After embracing the theology of the Dispensational church for thirty-three years, nourished by a loving pastor and many dear friends, and along the way taking in countless sermons, Sunday school lessons, and Bible studies, there was still a doubt in the author's mind concerning the issues raised by eschatological questions--by the questions of biblical prophecy and the final events in the history of the world and of mankind. This book is the result of the author's quest. 537 pages, hardcover, bibliography.

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