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The Silence is Broken!

God Hooks Ezekiel's Gog and Magog

Douglas Berner, 2006

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The Silence is Broken! reveals groundbreaking new insights into the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 and its relationship to the book of Revelation and Godís Day of the Lord judgments. This book challenges many scholarly opinions regarding Ezekielís prophecy as well as the views of prophecy skeptics. It offers a logical and systematic solution to the dilemma this prophecy poses for many readers of the Bible. Discover how and why the beginning of the End Times will be misinterpreted as the end of the Tribulation; how the War of Gog and Magog will be misunderstood as the War of Armageddon; and what that will mean for the nations of the world.



  1. The Prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39
    Overview of Ezekiel 38-39
    Key Questions Relevant to Understanding Gog & Magog
    Gog & Magog: Confusion of Tongues
    The Prophecy of Ezekiel 38:1 - 39:29
  2. Who's Who in Gog & Magog?
    Gog & Magog in Scripture
    Gog, Magog, Rosh, Meshech, Tubal
    Rosh vs. rosh
    Magog, Meshech and Tubal
    Gog in the Septuagint
    Gog & Magog in Islam
    Persia, Ethiopia, Put, Gomer, Beth-Togarmah
    Many Peoples with You
    Ethiopia (Cush)
    Put (Libya)
    Many peoples with you
    A Changed Dynamic
  3. Gog's Role in Gog & Magog
    Leadership: Be Prepared; Be a Guard; Devise a Plan
    From the Far North
    Northern Enemy Motif
    Weapons - Technology
    What are we to make of this army?
    Hebrew versus English: The Language of War
    But the weapons must burn!
    Like a storm; Like a cloudcover the land
    What about an oil shortage?
    What about a worldwide disarmament?
    Background - Build Up
    Russia's setbacks in targeting the Middle East
    Russia's loss of control of Eastern Europe
    Russia and Middle East Peace
    Russia and the emigration of the Jews
    Russia's relationship with Islam
    The precedent set by the Gulf Wars
    Intent - To Take a Spoil
    Setting the Stage for a One World Leader
    Is Gog the Antichrist?
  4. Israel's Role in Gog & Magog
    Target Israel
    The People of Israel
    The Land of Israel
    The House of Israel
    Center of the World
    Securely; Safely; Confidently
    Betach in Ezekiel 38 & 39
    Israel dwells "securely" during the present times?
    Israel dwells "securely" after its Covenant of Peace?
    Israel dwells "securely" during the Millennium?
    Peace and Safety
    Israel dwells "securely" -- Conclusion
    A Land Recovered from War
    Psalm 83
    The Future of Damascus
    The Uproar of Many Peoples - the Rushing of Nations
    A Land Recovered from War - Conclusion
  5. The World's Role in Gog & Magog
    Sheba, and Dedan
    Tarshish & the Young Lions
    Weak Diplomacy; Greedy Collaborators; or Fearful Bystanders?
    Coastlands (Isles)
  6. God's Role in Gog & Magog
    The Silence of God
    The Silence is Broken!
    The First Person of God
    Hooks in Gog's Jaws
    God: My Land; My People; My Holy Name
    God: My Fury; My Anger; My Blazing Wrath
    God: My Presence; My Judgment
    Global Earthquake
    Sixth Seal Judgment and the Global Earthquake
    A Call for a Sword
    Supernatural Judgments:
    Pestilence; Blood; Rain; Hailstones; Fire; Brimstone
    I Will Sixth Thee
    God: My Sacrifice; My Table
    God: My Glory
  7. The Aftermath of Gog & Magog
    Aftermath in the Land of Israel
    Seven Months Cleansing the Land
    Seven Years Burning the Weapons
    Restoration of Israel
    Aftermath in the Middle East
    Aftermath in the World
  8. Parallel Passages in Scripture to Ezekiel 38-39?
    Daniel 11:40-45
    Major views regarding Daniel 11:40-45
    Interpreting Daniel 11:40-45
    Is Gog Daniel's King of the North?
    Does Gog cause the alarm from the East and the North?
    Is Daniel 11:40-45 a parallel prophecy to Ezekiel 38-39?
    The Book of Revelation
    The First Six Seals
    The Seventh Seal and the First Four Trumpets
    The Olivet Discourse
    Nation Will Rise Against Nation
    Zechariah 2:4-9
    Ezekiel 29:3-9
  9. The Timing of the Gog & Magog Invasion
    Gog & Magog in the Chronology of the End Times
    Prime Times for Gog & Magog
    Key Factors for Gog & Magog
    At the End of the Millennium - Revelation 20?
    During the 75 Day Interval, or the Beginning of the Millennium?
    During the War of Armageddon?
    At the Midpoint of the Tribulation?
    In the First Half but before the Midpoint of the Tribulation?
    At the Beginning of the Tribulation?
    Before the Beginning of the Tribulation?
    Gog & Magog and the Day of the Lord
    Before or after the Rapture?
  10. Jewish Expectations Regarding Gog & Magog
    The War to end all Wars ... or maybe not
    The Day that will be Misunderstood!
    Seven - The Symbolism of Totality
  11. Jewish Calendar & Feast Days
    Fall Feasts of Israel
    The Feast of Trumpets
    Ten Days of Awe

Subject and Author Index
Scripture Index


Douglas Berner was a career law enforcement officer with a background in Criminal Investigations and retired as a police Detective Sergeant. He has long held interests in unconventional warfare, the tactics of anti-terrorism, police S.W.A.T. team training, and edged weapons. Mr. Berner is a published author with one book and several articles on the subjects of edged weapons and law enforcement anti-terrorist technology.

Douglas studied geology and criminology at Florida State University and received B.S. degrees in both fields. He has no theological training but has been a student of the Bible and Bible prophecy for over 25 years. He expanded his interests in the Bible, geology, and archaeology by making four trips to Israel in the 1990ís, twice serving as a volunteer involved in archaeological research and field activities. He briefly lived in Israeli settlements in the West Bank during these archaeological trips.

During his years of study of Bible prophecy, he became struck by the great conflict and extreme differences between interpretations of the End Times by different scholars. He noticed that most study materials on Bible prophecy seem to focus on an interpretation of the Tribulation period Ė particularly the end of the Tribulation with an emphasis on the actions of the Antichrist, the Campaign of Armageddon and the second coming of Christ leading to the Millennial Kingdom. Aside from the arguments regarding the timing of the rapture of the Church, most scholars seem to place less emphasis on how the End Times begin. Too little emphasis seems to be placed upon Godís motivations and objectives for why and how God initiates the Day of the Lord.

Mr. Berner utilizes his background in criminal investigations to apply skills of criminal case analysis and the evaluation of criminal evidence to the study of Biblical Scripture and the examination of the End Times prophetic puzzle. He believes in utilizing a logic problem approach to solve some of the difficulties in understanding which biblical passages are or are not parallel passages of prophecy.


368 pages, paper, bibliography, Scripture and author index, subject index.
ISBN 9781847280329