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The Prophet's Handbook

A Guide to Prophecy and Its Operation

Paula A. Price, 2001, 2008

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The prophetic gifts are still operating today. Discover Godís divine plan for them and how they are meant to benefit and not hinder the body of Christ. The Prophetís Handbook details the roles and duties of the prophetic in the church and clearly explains its necessity. As an indispensable reference, this comprehensive text is something no church leader should be without. Dr. Paula Price intelligently and skillfully explains the function and responsibilities of local church prophets and those who prophesy. Her years of research and ministry have led to the ultimate guide to prophecy in the local church.

You will:

  • Discover how God awakens, calls, grooms, and produces excellent prophets
  • See how prophets differ from psychics and how prophecy exceeds divination
  • Get answers to the most common prophetic questions that people ask
  • Recognize budding prophets in the church and train, regulate, and use them prudently
  • Discover the best prophetic interactions and development for prophets in your own church.

Donít let lack of knowledge keep you from utilizing one of Godís extraordinary gifts to the church today.


Introduction: The Situation

    Part One:
    The Church Prophet's Role in the World Today

  1. Overview
  2. Church Prophet Importance
  3. A History of the Prophetic
  4. Resident Prophet Ministry Origin
  5. The Prophetic's Agency Status
  6. The Church Prophet's Role
  7. The Chruch Prophet
  8. Your Church Prophet
  9. Prophecy Class 101
  10. The Prophet's Job Description

    Part Two:
    Guidelines for Establishing a Prophetic Company

  11. Getting Started
  12. A History of What God Expected from His Prophets
  13. Divisions of Prophetic Authority
  14. Preparing the Prophet to Serve
  15. False Prophecy
  16. The Prophetic Company

Chart: Prophetic Company Branches
Chart: Prophetic Company Organization
Appendix A: The Ministry of Personal Prophecy
Appendix B: List of Prophets
Glossary of Key Terms and Phrases
About the Author


Paula A. Price is vastly becoming the international voice on the subject of apostolic and prophetic ministry. She is widely recognized as a modern-day apostle with a potent prophetic anointing. Having been in active full-time ministry since 1985, she has founded and established three churches, an apostolic and prophetic Bible institute, a publication company, a consulting firm, and a global collaborative network linking apostles and prophets together for the purpose of kingdom vision and ventures. With an international itinerant ministry, she has transformed the lives of many through her wisdom and revelation of God's kingdom.

As a former sales and marketing executive, Paula blends ministerial and entrepreneurial applications in her ministry to enrich and empower a diverse audience with the skills and abilities to take kingdoms for the Lord Jesus Christ. A lecturer, teacher, curriculum developer and business trainer, she globally consults Christian businesses, churches, schools and assemblies. Over a twenty-year period, she has developed a superior curriculum to effectively train Christian ministers and professionals, particularly the apostle and the prophet. Her programs are often used in both secular and non-secular environments worldwide. Although she has written over twenty-five books, manuals, and other course material on the apostolic and prophetic, she is most recognized for her unique 1,600-term Prophet's Dictionary, a consise prophetic training manual entitled Church Prophets, and her most recent releases, Divine Order for Spiritual Dominance, a tool for five-fold ministry, and Eternity's Generals, and explanation of today's apostle.


398 pages, paper, appendix.
ISBN 9781603740197