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Escaping the Mark of the Beast


Dr. Terry Gage, 2009

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Dr. Terry Gage reveals unique solutions to the deepest mysteries in the book of Revelation. Dr. Gage exposes... - The actual identity of the Beast - The true meaning of the Mark of the Beast - The dreadful fate of those Left Behind after the rapture - The mystery of the Red Heifer Sacrifice - The only way of escape from the coming Mark of the Beast Discover the amazing prophetic significance of Monocerotis, a star that recently flashed a brilliant light 600,000 times the illumination of the sun. This modern star of wonder fulfilled Acts 2:19 as a sign that the Lord Jesus Christ will soon return to rescue his people as the Beast arises. Monocerotis is known as the Beast Star and is located in the Beast Constellation Monoceros. Learn why this amazing star is a sign of the coming destruction of the Beast. View: Premillennial Pre-Tribulation.


Introduction - Escaping the Mark of the Beast

  1. The Bottomless Pit
  2. Mystery Identity of the Beast
  3. Another Beast
  4. The Power of the Beast
  5. The Mark of the Beast 666
  6. Here is Wisdom - Understanding 666
  7. Identity of the Man of Lawlessness
  8. Strong Delusion
  9. Star of Wonder
  10. Blood, and Fire, and Vapour of Smoke
  11. Visit from the Cowboy Preacher
  12. The Mystery of 911
  13. The Vision of the Golden Ball
  14. The Day of the Lord
  15. The Kingdom of Heaven Revival
  16. Sequence of End Time Events
  17. Babylon the Great - The City
  18. Mystery Babylon - A Fallen Angel
  19. The Abomination of Desolation
  20. Left Behind - The Teaching of Jesus
  21. Understanding the Seventy Weeks
  22. The Vision of the Two Nails

Appendix - Outline for Online Video Teaching


Dr. Terry Gage graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston in 1979 and has been engaged in the practice of family medicine for 27 years. Through a series of visions from the Holy Spirit in 2001 unique insights into the end time scriptures were developed producing a teaching ministry on radio, the newspaper, television, and through preaching and video DVD presentations. The focus of Dr. Gage's end time message is a call for urgency in evangelistic efforts in our time.

From 1997 to 2001, Dr. Gage served as chairman of the Annual Conference on Incorporating Prayer Into Medical Practice. This conference exploded the therapeutic benefits of prayer in medicine and was attended by several hundred physicians and other health care professionals. Dr. Gage continues to pray with patients in the exam room providing the twin blessings of medicine and prayer.

Dr. Gage was ordained by ACTS Ministry in Springfield, Missouri on September 11, 2005. He was also named Professor of Eschatology for ACTS Ministry University in 2009 and is currently involved in developing course work for that institution. Dr. Gage also holds the academic position of Associate Clinical Professor of Family and Community Medicine for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine and is active in teaching medical students.

Dr. Gage is married to Janna, his wife of 33 years. They are blessed with five children David, Amy, Aleah, Jonathan, and Justin who have each contributed important aspects to the development and editing of this book project.


219 pages, paper, appendix.
ISBN: 9780692003381