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Book Category: Year 2012 Mayan Prophecy
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2012 in Bible Prophecy

2012 IN BIBLE PROPHECY with Shadow Mayan Tradition Clearly Cast Behind It

Wayne Redden, 2008

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The prophecy contained between the covers of this book is provided free of traditional mores and politically correct constraints. Several projections result from Bible provided data in combination with manís historical dates. Not one, but two such unions have both exploded from Godís word with the same date and with the same meaning for modern mankind. These have provided the title for this book: 2012 In Bible Prophecy. The implications of this soon to come Bible generated date in combination with the entangling shadow relationship of the Mayan peopleís long cycle calendar ending in the same year are hard to ignore. Yet this revelation is but a vehicle which carries the rest of the most astonishing and yes, frightening prophetic occurrences to fulfillment. It is not all bad news; however, there is good news also, and this you will not want to miss. View: Premillennial Pre-Wrath



  1. Two Books
  2. Global Unification--Man's Answer to Man Made Problems
  3. Prelude to a Time of Trouble
  4. The Reverse Order of Current Delusional Thought
  5. The Seven-Day Week
  6. Attempting to Establish the End of the First Six Thousand Years without Setting a Date for Christ's Return
  7. The Pharaohs
  8. Early Myan Indian Culture
  9. About the Tribulation
  10. The Day of the Lord
  11. Tyre/U.S.A.
  12. Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots, and the Abominations of the Earth
  13. The Harlot and the Beast
  14. About the Man Called Antichrist
  15. Touching on World War III
  16. God's Judgment--Past and Future
  17. Bible Prophecy--Rare Truth for Our Time
  18. Evolution, or Involution and Exponentialism?
  19. Back to Fulfilled Prophecy in Our Time
  20. Three Rebellious Horns
  21. Israel's Response
  22. A Gigantic Treachery
  23. Israel, the Double-Edged Sword!
  24. The Spirit Realm
  25. A Symbolic Look at Past and Future Satanic Activity
  26. Two Archangels
  27. Prelude to the Reborn Two Witnesses
  28. The Two Witnesses
  29. The One Hundred Forty-Four Thousand, and the Number Twelve
  30. The Woman and the Dragon
  31. Conflict Resolution
  32. The Power of the Two Witnesses
  33. The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27
  34. Blame It on Dionysius Exiguus ("Dennis the Short")
  35. The Seal, the Trumpet, and the Bowl Judgments
  36. The Seven Trumpets
  37. The First Trumpet
  38. The Second Trumpet
  39. The Third Trumpet
  40. The Fourth Trumpet
  41. The Fifth Trumpet
  42. Evaluating "Six Thousand Years for Mankind"
  43. Prophecy by the Numbers
  44. The Sixth Trumpet-Advanced Stage Wrath
  45. The Seventh Trumpet
  46. The First Bowl
  47. The Second Bowl
  48. The Third Bowl
  49. The Fourth Bowl
  50. The Fifth Bowl
  51. The Sixth Bowl
  52. Jesus' Return as a Thief!
  53. The Seventh Bowl
  54. No Speculation--Just Certainty!
  55. Another Body of Evidence
  56. Cleansing the Land
  57. Prelude to the Kingdom of God on Earth
  58. The Lord Jesus Christ Reigns
  59. The New Jerusalem
  60. The Millennial Sabbath--Earthly Kingdom of Jesus Christ
  61. Millennial Israel
  62. Details of Millennial Israel
  63. Millennial Jerusalem--Renamed "The Lord Is There"!
  64. The End of One Grace, and Beginning of Another
  65. God's Reclamation Project
  66. The Final Days of God's Millennial Kingdom



Wayne Redden graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1954 with a BS in Agriculture Education. He worked in agricultural cooperative wholesale; then entered the building industry as a farm and commercial building contractor. Now retired from the demands of free enterprise, he is a student of the Bible. Since the Bible provides prophetic disclosure, and is, in fact, the gateway to humankind's destiny, come, enter in with him and share glimpses of it!


422 pages, paper, illustrated.
ISBN 9781414101361