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The Spirit of Prophecy

A Groundbreaking New Analysis of the Bible's End-Times Prophecies

Daniel Knezacek, 2010

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Where will the Antichrist come from, and how will he govern? Is the devil preparing a delusion to explain away the rapture? Could he actually be preparing various delusions for every philosophy on the planet? In The Spirit of Prophecy, author Dan knezacek offers a radical new analysis of biblical passages to shed light on many prophecies. A lifelong student of biblical prophecy, Knezacek has discovered several ideas that take the Bible's End Times prophecies one step further along the path to understanding.

The Spirit of Prophecy examines many issues related to the biblical End Times scenario.

  • Is the Christian Church being set-up to support the Antichrist?
  • Is there a difference between the Church and Israel?
  • Is the rapture of the Church a product of escapist imaginations, or was it God's plan all along?
  • On what issue does the Devil appear to hold the "Moral High Ground" to many?
  • What major signs have most scholars missed?
  • Will there be a counterfeit Tribulation? Armageddon? Babylon? Antichrist?

The Spirit of Prophecy exposes Satan's plan to produce a decoy Tribulation period, and enlist Christians in his cause! This period will contain clever counterfeits of the Antichrist, False Prophet, Babylon the Harlot, and Armageddon! Occurring before the Tribulation actually begins, the chaos of this period, which is just around the corner, will prepare the world to welcome the Antichrist, right on time! Isn't it within Satan's power to produce multiple counterfeits? Couldn't he counterfeit the counterfeit? Hasn't he already done this, many times? Antiochus, Nero, Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin, are just some of the many examples.

Challenging conventional ideas on the End Times, The Spirit of Prophecy presents a logical and fascinating scenario that fits the literal sense of the Word of God.



  1. The Foundation of Prophecy
    The Literal Interpretation Method
    Comparing Scripture with Scripture
    The Importance of Context
    Antiochus Epiphanes IV

  2. The Beginning of Sorrows
    The Doctrine of Imminence
    Signs of the Times
    Daniel Chapter 2
    The Ten Toes
    Daniel's Seventy Weeks
    The Great Snatch
    All Israel?

  3. The Abandonment
    Purpose Driven
    The Emergent Church
    The Shack
    The New Apostolic Reformation

  4. Wars and Rumours
    Asaph's War
    The Name of the Son of God
    A Covenant
    A Pseudo-Armageddon
    Sheba, Dedan, and Tarshish

  5. The Unveiling
    The Land and the Sea
    The Book of Revelation
    The Harlot of Revelation 17, & 18

  6. Why a Millennium?
    Divine Mathematics

  7. The Case Against Jordan
    An Eyewitness Account
    A Small People
    Amman Jordan
    Lies and Scripture Manipulation
    The People of the Antichrist

  8. Homosexuality, Polygamy, Marriage, and the Antichrist
    Mercy in the Law of Divorce
    A Logical Solution
    The Judges of Israel
    Prophetic Implications
    The Antichrist and Marriage
    The Desire of Women
    Practical Implications for Today

  9. The Great Delusion
    The Days of Noah
    Aliens and UFOs
    The Grand Illusion
    Led Zeppelin and Biblical Prophecy?
    A Stong Delusion

Scripture References


Dan Knezacek has followed several career paths, including farmer, pilot, printer, graphic artist, and machinist, but his life goal is to know Christ and His Word. Dan lives in Ontario with his wife, their two sons, and their dog. Visit Dan at


364 pages, paperback, resources, Scripture references.
ISBN: 9781450277938