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Eschatology Shouldn't Be a Fightin' Word


Fred DeRuvo, 2010

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Because of the times, it is natural to discuss areas of Eschatology (study of End Times). So many events and situations seem to point to the fact that the Tribulation period is right around the corner. During discussions, all aspects of the End Times are routinely examined, including the timing of the Rapture, the arrival of the Antichrist, the Millennial Reign of Jesus, the coming Gog-Magog (Attempted) Invasion of Israel, and the list goes on. However, one of the problems with discussing areas of Eschatology is that once a person adopts a particular viewpoint about the Rapture for instance, the discussions can quickly turn into quarrels. As the quarrels continue to rage, the one thing that the Church was called to do - the Great Commission - seems to fall by the wayside. While Eschatological discussions will always be part of the landscape, Christians should never lose sight of the real assignment at hand. Jesus commissioned us to preach the Gospel throughout all the world. While we should not ignore studying prophecy related to the End Times, is it possible we may have become sidetracked? This book is a REISSUE of the previously released Death or Rapture with a new cover and title. View: Premillennial, Pre-Tribulation.



  1. Why the Fuss About the Rapture?
  2. The Holy Spirit Taught Me
  3. What Is Paul Saying?
  4. The Agony of Disappointment
  5. "Make It Go Away!"
  6. I'm Not Afraid (Much)
  7. Why Not Preterists?
  8. Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
  9. What Covenant?
  10. Oh, That Covenant
  11. What Is Spiritually Mature?
  12. What Is An Authentic Christian?
  13. One Final Thought

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Fred DeRuvo is the author of numerous theological books and articles. He received his Bachelor's degree from Philadelphia College of Bible (now Philadelphia Biblical University), and his Masters in Biblical Studies from Tyndale Theological Seminary. Fred has been a member Foothill Bible Church for a number of years, and serves as Deacon and Adult Bible Study teacher.

Fred enjoys studying the Bible and in particular, finds great insight in studying prophecy, as he feels that the study of prophecy purifies the believer so that they are less inclined to be concerned with, or tied down to the things of this world.

Fred views himself as "on assignment" from the Lord. His job, until he is taken in the Rapture, or dies - whichever comes first - is to bring the gospel to those who are lost, in a world that is dying and will pass away.

Christ died for the ungodly and Fred agrees that he is certainly one of those that Christ died for, in order that he might have eternal life, which is God's gift to humanity.

Fred endeavors to share the good news of Christ's death and resurrection, which was an atonement for sinful humanity, in order that we might become God's adopted children.


152 pages, paperback (7" X 10"), bibliography, glossary. .
ISBN 9780982644386