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Revelation Revisited

Article by Joseph Conti
author of

The Destruction of Our Times


In the star-studded world of end-times scribes, it is not uncommon to hear this cry, ďI donít know who the Antichrist is, and frankly, I just donít care!Ē Seemingly pious, it has its appeal, as they rightly add that Johnís last book is a revelation of Christ. To inquire as to the man of sin is like setting a date for the Second Coming and inviting a helping of scorn.

Yet Daniel, beloved and attended by angels, has taken the opposite tack. In the midst of his vision of four great beasts and the Son of Man in glory, he asks, not of Christ, but the Antichrist, that little horn with eyes. It is not a mistake to emulate Daniel, the prophet approved of God.

But there are some mistakes in our present approach Ė the Spirit who shows us things to come guides us into all truth. One-hit wonders should not be the norm. The end-times guru must master Moses, the psalms, and those suffering prophets. The greater he is in his grasp of the Old, the greater he is in the New.

But the biggest mistake that is made today, in our read of Daniel and John, is putting the cart before the horse, interpreting the Word of God in the light of world events. Those intel reports are not inspired. The identity, nation, and mark of the Beast will end up as moving targets, as the author strives to stay in the spotlight, to gain interviews and sales.

In this nation that once taught Hebrew to kids, Bible scholars of yesteryear forgot more than we know. In the late 1800s, they already knew Thrace-Asia was the Antichristís kingdom, a marriage of Muslim and Catholic. With Alexanderís four-way split, Danielís four is the seven of John, and this one is last man standing. The kingdom Attalus willed to Rome will be the Antichristís home.

And as for that mark, do not be deceived by those who extol the techne of man to minimize reproach. It is faith, not bombs, that moves those mountains. A concurrent explosion of all manís nukes could not turn these titans to rubble. Johnís judgments proceed from the hand of God, not the proud hand of man.

Moreover, Israel is not the church, though at the end we are one. Our salvation is secret, treasured within, in the place where mysteries thrive. But Israelís salvation was manifest, as they marched in fear through the sea. And in the time of Jacobís trouble, with the church now delivered from wrath, that mark is a brand, as it was for Paul, a stigma identifying the lord of those who profess their god is their belly, their mind set on earthly things.

Turkey is the nation to watch, and that Beast is already dead. He will come from the pit in a great resurrection, with his locusts, the kings of the earth.

© 2012 Joseph B. Conti

Revelation Revisited

The Destruction of Our Times

Joseph B. Conti, 2011

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Who is the Antichrist? No one can know, the experts say. Yet Revelation Revisited: The Destruction of Our Times examines the clues the experts have missed. In this fast-paced fusion of Old and New Testaments, author Joe Conti explains, in convincing fashion:

  • Why the Antichrist can only be one of six men
  • Why the locusts are his anti-saints from hell
  • Why Muslims and Catholics must be reconciled
  • Why the mark of the beast cannot be a barcode

Ten original graphics are included in this gripping account of the apostasy of our times. 120 pages, paperback.

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