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Y2K-A Reasoned Response to Mass Hysteria


Dave Hunt, 1999

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24 hours!
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Is there a connection between Y2K and prophecy, as so many are claiming today? Should Christians be participating in the Y2K frenzy? No on both counts, according to prophecy expert and bestselling author Dave Hunt. In his reasoned and hardhitting response to the often overblown claims about the millennium bug, Hunt argues that fear is sidetracking Christians from the real task of these days. Y2K, he says, has not been foretold in God's word. It is not prophecy but an electronic problem with solutions. 286 pages, paper, index Retail $9.99

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When Y2K Dies


Arno and Joel Froese, 1999

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24 hours!
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Arno Froese and Joel Froese examine the complexities relating to the "Y2K" issue, presenting an understandable answer for the last days of this millennium. When Y2K Dies sorts out the conflicting reports presently overwhelming America in the print, radio and TV media. This is the book that seperates facts from fiction and shows if, when, and why chaos will make room for order. It documents, in plain, non-technical terms, the potential danger and the available remedy, all relating to Y2K. 204 pages, paper, index
Retail $9.99

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Y2K: Apocalypse or Opportunity?


Mark A. Kellner, 1999

$10.75Ships within
24 hours!
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Kellner looks at the latest evidence for what may happen to daily life if personal, local, national, or global computers misread the date on January 1, 2000. He distills the detailed information available and offers us a reasoned approach to this highly sensationalized topic. He helps readers know how to prepare, and how not to, including concrete steps to take to "debug" everything from your PC to your church's automatic thermostat and your ATM card. 160 pages, paper, glossary, appendix, index
Retail $11.99

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Facing Millennial Midnight

The Y2K Crisis Confronting America and the World

Hal Lindsey and Cliff Ford, 1999

$12.50Ships within
24 hours!
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World-renowned prophecy author Hal Lindsey and international economics expert Cliff Ford present the whole Y2K scenario in non-computer nerd language. they explain the potential magnitude and scope of the year 2000 crisis and its impact on federal, state and local governments; the banking and finance industries; public utilities; and the personal computer. In addition, they offer practical advice to prepare for the year 2000 crisis as well as specific actions that you can take now to protect youself and your family from crisis. 281 pages, paper. Retail $13.99

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The Y2K Tidal Wave

Year 2000 Economic Survival

Don McAlvany, 1999

$13.95Ships within
24 hours!
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The Y2K Tidal Wave documents how global chaos and confusion during the Y2K computer crisis on January 1, 2000 may set the stage for the rise of Antichrist, the cashless society and the ultimate return of Christ. McAlvany convincingly shows how the Y2K crisis, along with weakened stock markets and the failure of leadership, may collapse our international economy. This crisis endangers our utilities, food supplies, and the global financial system. Learn how to protect your family, your life savings, and business during this extraordinary crisis. 286 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Y2K = 666? Photo

Y2K = 666?

Dr. N.W. Hutchings & Dr. Larry Spargimno, 1998

$9.95Ships within
24 hours!
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Thousands of experts in finance, communicatons, and computer technology are now predicting an international crisis. Congress has warned that utilities may be impacted. News reports warn of martial law. Others warn that government payroll checks and Social Security checks may not be delivered, and banks may be forced to close. In this revealing new book, you'll find the answers to questions such as:

  • Is the world headed for universal judgment on January 1, 2000 A.D.?
  • Could it throw the world into a nuclear war?
  • Are there prophecies that relate to the end of the age which coincide with the Y2K problem?
  • Could the Y2K problem bring about the Mark of the Beast?
208 pages, paper

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profiles

Judgment Day 2000

How the Coming Worldwide Computer Crash will Radically Change Your Life

Richard D. Wiles, 1998

$12.95Ships within
24 hours!
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In this explosive book, Rick Wiles will stun you with unheard facts about Y2K. To your shock and dismay, you'll discover the startling news that the media isn't reporting!

  • Will the world banks fix their computers before December 31, 1999?
  • Could the collapse of the Japanese and Russian economies trigger a global depression?
  • Will Social Security and government checks be processed in 2000?
  • Will the Pentagon fix military computers before December 31, 1999?
  • Is the federal government anticipating war inside the United States in 2000?
323 pages, paper, bibliography.

Y2K: The Millennium Bug


Shaunti Feldhahn, 1998

$12.95Ships within
24 hours!
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The only immunization is more time, and time is running out. The year 2000 computer bug, affecting our banks, government, phone companies, electric companies, and Social Security system, is dreaded to be one of the largest "bugs" to hit the entire world-all in one day. Shaunti Feldhahn, a former financial analyst at the Federal Reserve, provides the most up-to-date facts on this worldwide threat. Presenting the substantive advice of Christian leaders, she offers three possible scenarios that could result from the Y2K problem. 240 pages, paper, appendix.

Millennium Bug Photo

How to Survive the Coming Chaos

Michael S. Hyatt, 1998

$24.95Ships within
24 hours!
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In the early days of computers, programmers didn't anticipate the problems and confusion that would accompany the new millennium. Older systems leave off the first two digits of the year so that computers will confuse the year 2000 with 1900. The results will be catastrophic:

  • Social security checks will stop coming.
  • Planes all over the world will be grounded.
  • Credit card charges will be rejected.
  • Military defense systems will fail.
  • Police records and emergency communications will be inaccessible.
  • There will be massive, long-term power failures.
  • Bank funds will be inaccessible.
  • Insurance policies will appear to have expired.
  • Telephone systems will fail to operate.
  • IRS tax records and government funds will be unavailable.
  • The Federal Reserve will be unable to clear checks.
  • Time security vaults will fail to open or close on time.
  • Traffic signals will fail to function.
  • Office systems will fail and your employer will go out of business.
How will you protect yourself and your family from the coming chaos as critical computer systems crash around the world? Michael Hyatt explains the problems and shows you how to protect yourself from the worst. But, Hyatt warns, there is very little time to get ready. Start now and avoid regrets later.
300 pages, hardcover, appendix, index


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