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Behold a Red Horse

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Dr. Chuck Missler, 2015

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What does the Bible say about "wars"? How can the classic literatrure of centuries ago impact today's (and tomorrow's) tactics and strategies? Which technologies are predicted in the Bible? Which ones have yet to be witnessed? In what ways have the economies of scale in violence been reversed? What is the threat assessment and risk analysis pending today? In what ways can a country be regarded as a "one-bomb target"? What are the likely implications of trans-humanism in the quests for the "Super-Soldier"? How could electromagnetic pulses emerge to become the "Great Equalizer"? Where is the safest place to be?

Dr. Chuck Missler, an honor graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, with an international background including three decade's experience in the board rooms of the defense industry, reviews the major Biblical references to warfare, the trends in modern weapons technology, and some of the current preparations for war among the major powers. Running Time: 120 minutes. DVD Region Code 0 (Worldwide)

Beast Tech

Is the Mark of the New World Order Secretly Under Development?

Terry L. Cook & Thomas R. Horn, 2013

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24 hours!

Most people today are familiar with radio-frequency identification (rfid) technology that is increasingly expanding within public and private firms as a method for verifying and tracking inventory and people. Yet how many know a plan exists for widespread adoption of human microchipping beginning in the year 2017? Students of eschatology (the study of end-times events) find it increasingly difficult to dismiss how this all looks and feels like movement toward fulfilling Revelation 13:16–17: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Now, as newer versions of rfid-like transmitters become even more sophisticated—adding other “prophetic” components such as merging human biological matter with transistors to create living, implantable machines, the authors of this book—a former police detective and a bestselling prophecy writer—have come to believe the possibility that the mark of the Beast will arrive through a version of this technology is substantial. 284 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
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Cyber Meltdown

Bible Prophecy and the Imminent Threat of Cyberterrorism

Ron Rhodes, 2011

$13.95Ships within
24 hours!

Respected Bible scholar Ron Rhodes, author of The Coming Oil Storm, addresses another timely issue with integrity in this exploration of how over-dependence on technology puts the nation at risk for cyberattacks and sets the stage for the end times. With up-to-date information, Rhodes prepares readers for the possibility of technology-based warfare and helps them view it in a biblical context as he addresses the following hot topics:

  • What Christians need to know about cybercontrol and the Antichrist
  • What technology and security experts have to say about the risks
  • The validity of the threat of cyberterrorism
  • What a cyberattack against the U.S. would look like
  • The possible role of cyberattacks in end-time wars

Both captivating and helpful, this compelling resource provides the truth behind the technology and its likely role in God’s plan for the future. 281 pages, paperback, appendix, bibliography, index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Forbidden Gates

How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald The Dawn Of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare

Thomas and Nita Horn, 2010

$16.95Ships within
24 hours!

In recent years, astonishing technological developments have pushed the frontiers of humanity toward far-reaching morphological transformation that promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human. An international, intellectual and fast-growing cultural movement known as transhumanism intends the use of genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology (GRIN technologies) as tools that will radically redesign our minds, our memories, our physiology, our offspring, and even perhaps, as Joel Garreau in his bestselling book Radical Evolution claims, our very souls. 310 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profiles

Artificial Life: Image of the Beast


Stan Johnson, 2010

Retail $30.00
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24 hours!

On June 3rd, Craig Venter crossed a threshold not crossed in almost 6,000 years-he created life! Craig is a genome pioneer, maverick biologist and billionaire who created a synthetic gene from near scratch. He merged four designer microbes to make a man-made artificial life form whose father is a computer. Some fear it could end the human race, as in the movie I am Legend! I take their own video comments and explain how this could be the beginning of the creation of the image of the beast. Revelation 13:14 …saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, …that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. DVD Region Code 1.

Shadow Government

How the Secret Elite Is Using Surveillance Against You

Grant R. Jeffrey, 2009

Retail $14.95
Ships within
24 hours!

Security cameras, surveillance of your financial transactions, radio frequency spy chips hidden in consumer products, tracking of your Internet searches, and eavesdropping on your e-mail and phone calls. Without your knowledge or consent, every aspect of your life is observed and recorded. But who is watching the watchers? An ultra-secret global elite, functioning as a very real shadow government, controls technology, finance, international law, world trade, political power, and vast military capabilities. Those who hold power are invisible to all but a few insiders. These unrivaled leaders answer to no earthly authority, and they won’t stop until they control the world.

In Shadow Government, Grant Jeffrey removes the screen that, up to now, has hidden the work of these diabolical agents. Jeffrey reveals the biblical description of Satan’s global conquest and identifies the tools of technology that the Antichrist will use to rule the world. Your eyes will be opened to the real power that is working behind the scenes to destroy America and merge it into the coming global government. Armed with this knowledge, you will be equipped to face spiritual darkness with the light of prophetic truth. 227 pages, paper, bibliography.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
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CASHLESS: Bible Prophecy, Economic Chaos & the Future Financial Order

Mark Hitchcock, 2009

$13.95Ships within
24 hours!

Somewhere between writing checks in the 80’s and swiping a piece of plastic today, we missed the significance of the emerging cashless society. But there are reasons to take notice. According to Mark Hitchcock, author of several bestselling prophecy books and a trusted expert in this field, what is happening in the world today is consistent with prophecy written in Revelation 13, which predicts a one–world economy under the rule of the Antichrist.

With current research on the global economic, technological, and religious landscape, Hitchcock addresses important questions, including:

  • Will there be a one–world economy in the end times?
  • What is the mark of the beast? Does modern technology relate to the mark?
  • How does the absence of cash prime things for the Antichrist?
The advent of the cashless society is an important one to examine and think through in light of God’s Word and His promises. 222 pages, paper, appendix. View: Premillennial Pre-Tribulation

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
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Biometrics and the Mark of the Beast


Mark Lerner, 2008

$30.00Ships within
24 hours!

After 9/11 Mark Lerner contacted Viisage, the number one facial recognition company in the world, and expressed interest in helping improve our nation's security. He became good friends with the senior people of the biometrics industry and spoke/promoted biometrics and RFID. That is, until June 03 when he discovered many of their claims were lies. He began to speak out on these errors and expose their true agenda. Congressmen and Legislators thought he was crazy. Because of his in depth knowledge, they began to listen to him. He explained that the real motivation behind the REAL ID act is to enroll all Americans into an international biometric identification system, which will not protect our borders but remove them. It will not reduce identity theft, but rather cause it to increase to pandemic proportions! Without a doubt, RFID and biometrics sow the seeds for the Mark of the Beast. 2 hrs. 40 min. DVD Region Code 1.

Russia's Secret Weapon to Defeat America


Bill Schnoebelen, 2005

$30.00Ships within
24 hours!

Bill Schnoebelen discloses astounding news on Russia's Secret Weapons to Defeat America! Bill reveals technology the Russians have that knock out anything on the land, on the sea, under the sea, or in the air; rendering all conventional weapons of war obsolete against the Soviet energetics weapons. Discover the new world of "scalar waves" and how they will change the world, technology, and how we conduct war - forever. Two hours, 40 minutes. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada).

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The Gospel of the Antichrist


Peter & Paul Lalonde, 1997

$9.95Ships within
24 hours!

Wireless Internet, online newspapers, magazines, sattelite radio, digital television... these forms of global communication media are more powerful today than they have ever been. Are they the gateway to a new and enlightened existence for humanity? Or are they an ominous consolidated voice that seems to champion popular causes while undermining traditional Christian faith. Is this headlong charge into a world of high tech communications really the gospel of the antichrist? If so what are the implications and conseuqence of this insidious deception? Join Peter and Paul Lalonde as they probe and analyse these false prophets, stripping away the falsehoods and deceits that obscure the terrifying truth. Closed Captioned. DVD Region Code 1.

The Coming Digital God


Arno Froese, 2001

$12.95Ships within
24 hours!

The Coming Digital God is a sobering report of where we are today, and how far into the fulfillment of the "Mark of the Beast" we have advanced. A dynamic team of field experts give a full and well-rounded view from various aspects of technology and its obvious union with Bible prophecy. Bible expert Arno Froese, coupled with computer technology experts Joel Froese and Jerry Brown present you with a realistic approach to progressive Bible prophecy fulfillment unfolding before our very eyes! 253 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

666: The Mark is Ready Photo


Dr. David Webber, 1998

$5.95Ships within
24 hours!

Barcodes, Biochips, Databanks, Data highway, E-mail, Implants, Internet, Mark of the Beast, Microchips, Numbering systems, Satellites, Scanners, Telecommunications, Virtual Reality.

The buzzwords are multiplying almost as fast as the number of people who are plugging into the amazing new technology afforded by the rapid advance of computers. In this book, Webber reveals how these technologies are rapidly fulfilling Bible prophecy as the world hurtles toward a head-on collision with a person the Bible calls "the man of sin!"
93 pages, paper


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