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Evil Rising

Radical Islam, Satanic Soldiers, and the Approaching Chaos

Fred DeRuvo, 2011

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There is a chaos coming that is predicated upon the rise of Islam, Satanic Soldiers, aliens, and evil beyond measure. As an ideology, Islam masquerades as a religious light to the world, one that promises to usher in world peace but at what cost? Through the use of political strategies, military might, and religious tenets, adherents of Islam work within various established governments to create special laws or exemptions for Muslims, in the hope of eventually overthrowing that established government. Americans and other Democratic nations have a tendency to believe that something as antiquated as Islam and as barbaric as Sharia Law have little to no chance of succeeding as a worldwide venue. Yet, this is obviously far from the truth. By merely looking at current conditions in The Netherlands, Great Britain, France, and elsewhere, a clear picture is seen that those who profess Allah as god have no difficulty pursuing a course of action that promotes Allah under the three-pronged system of Islam. But Islam, while a very real threat, is not the only one. Many believe that something known as The Black Awakening will one day occur, bringing those among us who seem to live normal lives, but are deeply connected to Satan, awake to do his bidding, further precipitating a worldwide disorder. With the help of these Satanic Soldiers woken to their true calling, as well as the false front of demons masquerading as aliens, and the barbarism of Islam, Satan is leading an army in which he hopes to capture all of mankind. Sound far-fetched? Too much like science fiction? Think again because what may seem like the plot of a Sci-Fi movie, may well be at our door. The question is...what, if anything, can be done about it? View: Premillennial, Pre-Tribulation.



  1. The Coming Planned Chaos
  2. God Reigns
  3. For There Shall Be Great Distress
  4. The Black Awakening
  5. As It Was in the Days of Egypt
  6. Aliens, Demons, and Hybrids
  7. One-World Government
  8. One-World Religion
  9. Hell Hath Fury
  10. Trans-humanism & Synthetics
  11. The Illuminati
  12. Absolute Obscenity
  13. Back to Egypt
  14. Superstorms!
  15. Muslim Sends the Wrong Message
  16. The Danger of Leaving Islam Unchecked
  17. Inside Islam
  18. Satan on the Rise



Dr. Fred DeRuvo is the author of numerous articles and a growing number of books related to religious studies. Fred received his Bachelor's degree from Philadelphia College of Bible (now Philadelphia Biblical University), and his Masters from Tyndale Theological Seminary. Fred is also ordained, has his D.Div (Cambridge Theological Seminary in Cambridge, OH), and his D.Th from Northwestern Theological Seminary in Florida. Fred also enjoys the hobby of building and painting model kits and riding his Suzuki Marauder 1600cc. Fred is also involved in jail ministry as a volunteer chaplain. He endeavors to share the good news of Christís life, death and resurrection, which was the fully accepted atonement for sinful humanity, in order that we might become Godís adopted children.


184 pages, paperback (7" X 10"), illustrated.
ISBN 9780977424429