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The End of America

The Role of Islam in the End Times and Biblical Warnings to Flee America
Third Edition

John Price, 2012

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The End of America - The Role of Islam in the End Times and Biblical Warnings to Flee America interprets Biblical prophecies describing a rich, powerful and influential end times nation, destroyed in one day/hour/moment. Twenty-one scriptural clues unlock the "mystery" of the identity of the nation. Muslim prophecies and speeches are linked to Bible warnings of destruction. Verses are analyzed advising American Christians and Jews to flee the nation. When and where to flee and world events to watch for are detailed.

The End of America unlocks the clues to the mystery and answers these critical questions:

  • Which nation is the Daughter of Babylon?
  • What does the Daughter of Babylon do that leads to its fall and complete destruction?
  • When will this rich & powerful nation fall?
  • Who will destroy it?
  • Why is the Bible silent regarding the role of this nation in the last several years of the end times?
  • What organized force in the world today has the capability, as well as the desire, to destroy and entire nation?
  • How could a major world power be brought down, as prophesied, in one day, one hour, one moment?
  • Which persons are warned to flee? Why?
  • Where should they flee? When?

As an American, you need to know the answers to these questions.



  1. Before Our Very Eyes
  2. The Religion of Peace
  3. Muslim End Times Prophecies
  4. The Mystery of the Identity of the Daughter of Babylon
  5. What Will the Daughter of Babylon do to Deserve Destruction?
  6. The Daughter of Babylon's Persecution of God's People
  7. How Does God View the Daughter of Babylon?
  8. Jihadists Have the Desire, Permission and Patience to Destroy America
  9. The Coming "Great Attack on America" - Jihadists Have Obtained Suitcase Nukes and Nuclear Materials
  10. What Will the Complete Destruction of the Daughter of Babylon Mean?
  11. God's Accounting for the Shedding of Innocent Blood
  12. The World Will Change After the Fall of the Daughter of Babylon
  13. God's Warnings to Flee the Daughter of Babylon
  14. Irrefutable Proof That God Has Been Warning America
  15. Good Reasons to Emigrate From America, Apart From Prophecy
  16. When Do We Leave?
  17. Where Will You Be?

Additional Resources

Attachment A - The Nuclear Fatwa Issued by Nasir Bin hamid Al-Fahd and Other Saudi Clercs (May, 2003)

Attachment B - Memorandum of Agreement Between the Governments of the United States of America and the State of Israel (March 26, 1979)

Attachment C - End Times Time Line

About the Author


John Price is an attorney who represented conservative and Christian causes and clients in Indiana for forty years, retiring recently to devote his time to writing. In 1979 Tyndale House published his book AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS, which looked at the history of spiritual revivals, and called for a revival in America. In 1998 he narrowly missed the Republican nomination for the U. S. Senate from Indiana by about one vote per precinct. In 2009 John Price authored THE END OF AMERICA which is a non-fiction look at Biblical prophecies (223 verses by five Prophets, Old and New Testament) that describe a rich, powerful and influential end times nation that meets a tragic end when it betrays Israel. In 2012 he released SECOND TERM - A Novel of America in the Last Days. The book portrays the second four years of a President committed to fundamentally transform America, and what that would mean for abolishing guns, curtailing free speech and authorizing green-shirted gun and speech control federal employees, under the TSA.


339 pages, paperback, bibliography, index.
ISBN 9780984077113