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Rapture Happened, Left Behind, What's Next

Tribulation Period Survival Guide

Terry J. Malone, 2013

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For several years, I have been researching various survival strategies that could be applied to the events of the tribulation period. This book is specifically written and designed around what will happen during this time period and how to prepare for these vents in advance. In this book, you will actually be provided practical help tips and strategies on how you can survive the tribulation period. You will learn that just building a basement shelter, storing mountains of food and water, medical supplies, and hunkering down for seven years is not only a poor survival strategy, but totally unrealistic for this time period. You will encounter various supernatural plagues, natural disasters, and wars that will claim the lives of the majority of the global population. Don't kid yourself, this will be a very dangerous and perilous time whether you know the Lord or not! The vast majority of people will die and without careful preparation that is tailored to the event of the tribulation period you will have little chance of surviving. This horrendous time period is coming and likely sooner than you think!



Part 1: Things You Need To Know & Survival Tips

As In the Days of Noah
What is the Rapture of the Church?
Who Will Be Taken?
Tribulation Period Begins & Significant Signs You Should Be Aware Of
Surviving the Tribulation Period
How to Survive the Tribulation Period with Survival Tips From a Biblical Perspective
How Much Time Will Transpire Between the Rapture and the Beginning of the Seven-Year Tribulation?
Wars of the Tribulation Period
Mark of the Antichrist 666: How to Positively Identify It When It Does Come
Seven Events That Could Quickly Follow the Rapture of the Church

Part 2: First Half Of The Tribulation Period

The Tribulation Period Begins
The First Seal Is Now Opened
God's Witnesses
The Second Seal Is Opened
The Third Seal Is Broken
The Fourth Seal Is Broken
Russia And Their Allies Attack Israel
The Antichrist Is Gaining Power
The Fifth Seal Is Broken
Satan Is Cast Out Of Heaven

Part 3: Second Half Of The Tribulation Period

The Beginning Of The Second Half Of The Tribulation Period
Activities Of The False Prophet And What Could Happen At The Midway Point Of The Tribulation Period
Satan Indwells The Antichrist
Is Mystery Babylon Modern Day America?
The Religious Side of Mystery Babylon
Mystery Babylon Scenario
The Antichrist Sets Up His Throne
The Sixth Seal Is Broken
The Seventh Seal Is Broken
The First Trumpet Sounds
The Second Trumpet Sounds
The Third Trumpet Sounds
The Fourth Trumpet Sounds
The Fifth Trumpet Sounds
The Sixth Trumpet Sounds
The Seventh Trumpet Sounds Releasing The Bowl Judgments
The First Bowl Judgment
The Second Bowl Judgment
The Third Bowl Judgment
The Fourth Bowl Judgment
The Fifth Bowl Judgment
The Sixth Bowl Judgment
The Seventh Bowl Judgment

Part 4: Second Coming Of Christ, Judgment Of Nations & Salvation

The Second Coming Of Christ
The Capture Of The Unholy Trinity
How To Be Saved

Part 5: Tribulation Period Charts & Other Survival Resources


Terry J. Malone has been teaching Biblical prophecy and how it relates to current events for nearly two decades. You can find him listed on Who's Who in Bible Prophecy as one of the top Biblical prophecy experts of our generation. He is an author, speaker, teacher, and founder of His website provides Biblical insight into current world events and prophecy updates that keep you informed as to where we are on God's prophetic calendar. He believes we are living in the final days and the Coming of the Lord is at hand!


142 pages, paperback.
ISBN 9781621374305