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Apocalypse Unleashed

Left Behind Apocalypse Series #4

Mel Odom, 2008

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In this a much anticipated conclusion to the Left Behind Apocalypse Series, First Sergeant "Goose" Gander of the United States Army Rangers is in over his head, and he knows it. Trapped by the Rapture in the carnage of Middle Eastern shooting war, far from his wife and kid back home, he's living every day on the edge, afraid each moment might be his last, terrified that he'll never see the people he loves again. The war on the Syrian/Turkish border is heating up, and the opposition armies and the local warlords are skirmishing for power in a no-man's land filled with innocent victims that Goose hopes to protect. Goose soon discovers elements within his own forces, fearful of his leadership, are determined to bring him down. With everybody gunning for him, Goose is going to need a miracle to pull off his mission. Even as he struggles to believe in the God of miracles, Goose is about to discover the power of redemption and the bulwark of pure faith. And as the Hand of God closes over him and he accepts salvation, Goose Gander will finally find the peace he seeks, even as the war-torn land around him explodes in violence. 294 pages, paper.

Apocalypse Burning

Left Behind Apocalypse Series #3

Mel Odom, 2004

This book is out of print and no longer available.

In the weeks following the rapture, First Sergeant Samuel "Goose" Gander and his 75th Army Rangers have held firm while the Turkish/Syrian-border skirmish erupted into full-scale war. As the Syrian army surrounds Sanliurfa, Turkey, the Rangers' base of operations, Goose begins to suspect he faces enemies within the city as well. Someone in his circle works for the Antichrist, and whoever it is won't stop until Goose is destroyed. 329 pages, paper.

Apocalypse Crucible

Left Behind Apocalypse Series #2

Mel Odom, 2004

This book is out of print and no longer available.

Danger and personal crisis on land, sea, and in the air combine with a level of spiritual warfare that is unparalleled in a Christian book. Crucible is a page-turning thriller that runs side by side with the phenomenal Left Behind series that has sold in excess of 55 million copies. The world is exploding in confusion and terror following the disappearances in book one, Apocalypse Dawn. Meanwhile, Army Rangers and Marine Special Forces are struggling to keep the peace, while fighting spiritual battles of their own in the sands of Turkey and back home. 326 pages, paper.

Apocalypse Dawn

Left Behind Apocalypse Series #1

Mel Odom, 2003

This book is out of print and no longer available.

A thrilling new military series based on the best-selling Left Behind Series! With events escalating in the Middle East, U.S. First Sgt. Samuel Adams "Goose" Gander is in a vulnerable situation at the Syrian/Turkish border---and in his faith. The odds are against him and his men---and God seems strangely silent. But the real action begins when the rapture occurs and Goose finds himself center stage in the opening act of the Apocalypse! 442 pages, paper.


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