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Necessary Evils

Left Behind End of State Political Series #3

Neesa Hart, 2005

This book is no longer available.

In the midst of global chaos, White House Chief of Staff Brad Benton is searching for answers, for truth. He lost his family in the cataclysmic event he now knows was the prophesied rapture of Christians. Brad and the others have been left behind to search for answers. Brad is certain that George Ramiro, the former White House press secretary, was brutally murdered. Despite an elaborate cover-up, Brad has enough evidence to blow that cover story sky-high. His investigation arouses suspicion on more than one front, and several attempts are made on his own life. Brad suspects that President Fitzhugh’s administration is behind the conspiracy. However, United Nations Secretary-General Nicolae Carpathia, whom Brad believes is the Antichrist, could also be the source of danger as . . . Political power begins a dangerous shift. 308 pages, paper.

Impeachable Offense

Left Behind End of State Political Series #2

Neesa Hart, 2004

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From the back rooms of the U.S. government to the United Nations world stage, this new political thriller runs side by side with the phenomenal Left Behind series, which has sold in excess of 58 million copies. In the first book, End of State, the head of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) tries to cope with a worldwide disaster as millions of people disappear.

The story continues in Impeachable Offense as four unlikely friends are bound together by their common faith and recognition that the biblically foretold events of the Tribulation are at hand. All four recognize Nicolae Carpathia's role as the Antichrist and are forced to deal emotionally and spiritually with the world around them. While their future is unclear, their faith in God sustains them amid the chaos. 350 pages, paper.

End of State

Left Behind End of State Political Series #1

Neesa Hart, 2003

This book is no longer available.

The first book in an exciting new series of political thrillers based on the phenomenal, best-selling Left Behind books, which have more than 50 million copies in print.

In Washington, D.C., it's politics as usual... until millions of people vanish in one cataclysmic event. The disappearances are worldwide, and White House Chief of Staff Brad Benton is in the vanguard of those left behind to deal with the consequences. Brad has struggled with his faith for years, but as he searches for his family, the truth becomes clear. He discovers the darkest days may lie ahead as the world takes sides in the war for the destiny of humankind. 303 pages, paper.


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