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Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy


Timothy Paul Jones, PhD, 2011

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The Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy is an easy-to-understand overview of Bible prophecies about the end times. It explains the teachings in the Bible about the end times, views of Christians through the centuries, and a careful and fair analysis of the different ways that Christians today interpret end-times prophecies. Simple charts, illustrations, pictures, and maps help you see the whole picture.

Features Explanations, Charts, and Diagrams for--

  • Book of Revelation--four ways Christians interpret it
  • Daniel's prophecy of the seventy weeks from different points of view
  • Four main Christian views of the millennium: Amillennialism, Postmillennialism, Dispensational Premillennialism, and Historical Premillennialism
  • Terms in the Book of Revelation: the Beasts, 666, Millennium, Antichrist, Armageddon, and Tribulation
  • Time line of end-times events from a Dispensational and a non-Dispensational perspective
  • Jesus' teachings in Matthew 24, known as the Olivet Discourse, and two ways of understanding them
  • What people expected about the Messiah and the end times in the first century
  • The most important beliefs about the end times that all Christians hold

The book will give you confidence as you look at the Bible and at events in today's newspapers. Become better informed and make your focus a Christ-centerd, biblically based view of Jesus' second coming.


    Section 1
    What Matters Most When It Comes to the End of the World

  1. Keeping Your Eyes on the Right End
  2. Apocalypse Now and Then
  3. What Christians Garee About When It Comes to the End of the World
  4. Words You Need to Know When It Comes to the End of the World
  5. What Happens After the End

    Section 2
    The End of the World in the Old Testament

  6. How the Beginning Points to the End
  7. The Kingdom That Was, Kingdom That's Yet to Be
  8. The Prophetic Perspective
  9. Daniel's Double Vision
  10. The Mystery of the Seventy Weeks

    Section 3
    The End of the World in the New Testament

  11. Why People Missed the Promised Messiah
  12. What Jesus Said About the End of the World
  13. Cast of Characters at the End of Time: The Heros
  14. Cast of Characters at the End of Time: The Villains
  15. Understanding the Book of Revelation

    Section 4
    Four Ways to End the World

  16. Kingdom Already, Kingdom Not Yet: Amillennialism
  17. Building a Better World: Postmillennialism
  18. Rapture Ready?: Dispensational Premillennialism
  19. Through Tribulation to Everlasting Life: Historical Premillennialism
  20. A Quick Guide to Four Views of the End Times


Award-winning author Dr. Timothy Paul Jones has bachelors and masters degrees in biblical literature and pastoral ministry, as well as a doctorate in educational leadership. He is a professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. In 2010 he won the ECPA Christian Book of the Year award in the Christian Education category for Christian History Made Easy.


363 pages, paperback, index.
ISBN 9781596364196