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Is This the End Study Guide?

Signs of God's Providence in a Disturbing New World

Dr. David Jeremiah, 2016

$12.95 Ships within
24 hours!

We have almost become immune to the reality of today's headlines: from terrorism to natural disasters to political upheavals to refugees to disease to nuclear threats to failing economies...and the list goes on. People are thinking and asking, "Is this the end?" Nobody can answer that question specifically. In fact, Jesus warned about setting dates for the end of the age. But this we can say: Never have so many world-level events developed so rapidly and with such catastrophic implications. These events bring to mind the apostle Paul's words about "birth pangs" before the end of the age. In Is This the End? Study Guide, Pastor David Jeremiah looks at ten major developments in America and the world that almost defy imagination. Just a few years ago, nobody could have imagined the things we hear about daily in the news. We need to understand these events: what they are, what the Bible says about them, and how we should respond as followers of Christ. Follow Dr. Jeremiah as he unfolds five developments in America and five developments on the international stage–all of which beg the question, "Is this the end?" 153 pages, paperback.

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Is This the End? Hardcover Edition

Bible Prophecy Handbook


Carol Smith, 2010

Each Copy
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Pack of 10
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Want to know the future? Discover more about it in God’s Word! This careful study of the Bible’s prophetic passages provides intriguing insights into each one. Throughout its pages, the Bible offers glimpses of what is yet to come—the end of the world as we know it. Some of those glimpses are beautiful, others mysterious. . .all of them fascinating. Reviewing relevant passages from the Old Testament books of Ezekiel and Daniel and the New Testament’s final Revelation, the Bible Prophecy Handbook unveils the future in an amazing tapestry of images. Available individually, or as a pack of 10 copies, the affordable and accessible Bible Prophecy Handbook provides 90 brief readings that are clear and easy to digest, describing various evangelical viewpoints on the end times. 160 pages, mass market paperback.

Prophecies of the Bible

The Smart Guide to the Bible Series

Daymond R. Duck, author, 2007
Dr. Larry Richards, general editor

$14.95Ships within
24 hours!

Understand God's Plan-Past, Present, and Future. We're living in tenuous times. Counterfeit doctrines and false prophecies are treated as fact and marketed to the world. Many Christians are confused and disturbed. Prophecies of the Bible gives you the truth about fulfilled and future prophecies. You'll learn how to discern the Sovereign God's many messages-and messengers-as you discover all He has planned for you. 335 pages, paper, appendix, index.

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Last Days

THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO THE LAST DAYS: An Apocalyptic Look at the Future

Richard H. Perry, 2006

$18.95Ships within
24 hours!

You're no idiot, of course. If the end of the world really is at hand, you'd like to be prepared. But how on Earth are you supposed to get ready? And how will you know when the big day is near? Don't get left behind! The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Last Days looks to the Bible to find the answers you need--and helps you figure out what to believe. 343 pages, paper, appendix, glossary, index. View: Post-Tribulation Rapture

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

The Wrap-Up

THE WRAP-UP: 21 Days To Learn What the Bible Teaches About the End of the Age

Kay D. Paulson, 2007

$16.95Ships within
24 hours!

The Wrap-Up offers a fresh, logical way of integrating complex eschatological passages into a cohesive whole. The passages mesh beautifully when interpreted according to the plain reading of the text and in sync with what other passages say on the same subject. If you will work through the Scripture passages in the order they are presented in this book, you will end up with a clear understanding of how the final events of this world will shape up. Is it scary? It depends. The coming judgments are horrendous for sure. But Jesus is coming back, too. If you love his appearing, knowing this world’s future is a peaceful place to be. Not only will you have a good grasp of what lies ahead, you’ll know Who is running the show. You’ll see beyond the distress to a glorious future. There’s a new world coming! 163 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.

Bible Prophecy For Blockheads


Douglas Connelly, 2002

$14.95Ships within
24 hours!

Face it--Bible prophecy is daunting stuff. All those images of seven-headed dragons, hundred-pound hailstones, froglike demons, trumpet-blowing angels... how do you even begin to make sense of it? Simple: Flip open Bible Prophecy for Blockheads--a lighthearted and illuminating approach to a serious and mystifying subject. 217 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Understanding End Times Prophecy Photo

A Comprehensive Approach
Revised and Expanded

Paul N. Benware, 1995, 2006

$21.95Ships within
24 hours!

Bible prophecy continues to fascinate, never more than in troubled times of war and natural disasters. But why study Bible prophecy? What does it mean if a person is premillennial or amillennial, believes in the Rapture, or knows who or what the Beast of Revelation is? Benware's framework for understanding Bible prophecy is based on the four biblical covenants: Abrahamic, Palestinian, Davidic, and New. This book is a reference for seminary and college students, and those curious about the various views of end times prophetic events and biblical proof behind them. 421 pages, paper, appendices, Scripture index, subject index, illustrations

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.

Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse

The Official Field Manual for the End of the World

Jason Boyett, 2005

$9.95Ships within
24 hours!

The Pocket Guide… takes a humorous look at our culture’s ongoing love affair with the “End Times.” A handful of anecdotes, acknowledgements of the phenomenon in pop culture and insights from the author precede chapters like: “Apocalyptionary: A Glossary of the End Times,” “Fun with Eschatology” and “Armageddon Grab-Bag.” Don’t get left behind on this end-times extravaganza! 161 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

The End Times

END TIMES: 12 Studies for Individuals or Groups
A LifeGuide Bible Study

R. Paul Stevens, 1994, 2004

$7.95Ships within
24 hours!

We all wonder about the end--when it will come, what it will be like and what will happen to us. This guide gives a solid overview of what the Bible syas about end time--and helps us be ready to face the future. 96-page booklet, leader's notes.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

The End Times

Discovering What the Bible Says
12 Studies for Individuals or Groups

E. Michael Rusten, 1997

$6.95Ships within
24 hours!

What does Scripture say about the end of the world? The guide looks at the major biblical themes and passages related to the end times. You will discover fresh insights on Jesus' second coming, the antichrist, the millennium, the final judgment and more. Study guide offers: Penetrating questions that generate discussion; Flexible format for groups or individual needs; Helpful leader's notes; Emphasis on daily application of Bible truth. 88-page booklet.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Inside the Revolution


Joel C. Rosenberg, 2009

$7.95Ships within
24 hours!

In this companion piece to the best-selling Inside the Revolution, Joel C. Rosenberg takes you inside the Revolution and answers your questions:

  • How real and serious is the threat of Radical Islam to American national security eight years after 9/11?
  • Are there any Muslim leaders who oppose the violence of the Radicals—and is there any hope that such leaders will come to power in key countries in the Middle East?
  • What is God doing in the Middle East—and is there any hope that Muslims will find faith in Jesus Christ?
  • How can Christians help strengthen those who love Jesus in the Muslim world, and how can we reach out to Muslims here at home?

177 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
More Books on Islamic Terrorism

Epicenter Study Guide


Rosenberg, Joel C., 2008

$7.95Ships within
24 hours!

The politics of the Middle East can be murky and confusing. But one thing is increasingly certain: The eyes of the nations are riveted upon Israel and her neighbors, the epicenter of the momentous events shaking our world and shaping our future. What does the future hold? How will it affect your world? The Epicenter Study Guide can be used along with Joel Rosenberg's best-selling book Epicenter as well as the Epicenter DVD to help de mystify the events happening around the world. 92 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Bible Prophecy For Kids

Revelation 1-7

Kay Arthur & Janna Arndt, 2006

$10.95Ships within
24 hours!

Young explorers can join the dynamic Bible detective team of Max, Molly, and Sam-the amazing beagle-for an adventure they will never forget. Through Bible word studies, activities, and clever investigation, kids will discover the secrets of Revelation, including

  • what heaven is like
  • why the future is exciting
  • how their faith today relates to end times

Excellent stories and lots of action create a child-friendly study of end times ideal for Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and independent study. 160 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profiles

A Sneak Peek into the Future

Revelation 8-22

Kay Arthur & Janna Arndt, 2007

$10.95Ships within
24 hours!

Young adventurers can join the dynamic Bible detectives Max, Molly, and beagle Sam for the quest of a lifetime. The team continues the exciting exploration of the book of Revelation they started in Bible Prophecy for Kids and presents clever word studies and activities to unveil the amazing wonders of Revelation’s chapters 8-22 including:

  • how the ultimate victory takes place
  • what kids today can know about new Jerusalem
  • why the ending of the Bible is just the beginning
  • ways to truly worship God
  • what it takes to be a strong witness

Fun stories and lots of action create a child-friendly study of end times ideal for Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and independent study. 203 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profiles


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