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Islam and Terrorism

ISLAM AND TERRORISM: Revised and Updated Edition
The Truth About Isis, The Middle East, and Islamic Jihad

Mark A. Gabriel, PhD, 2002, 2015

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Never before has one book contained such valuable information about the Islamic faith, beliefs, and traditions, as well as historical and political insights. In and easy-to-read format, Dr. Mark Gabriel shares the truth and tells you everything you need to know and understand about Islam. In this eye-opening, Revised and Updated Edition, Gabriel explains:

  • How Islam was influenced by the warlike Arabian culture of the 7th century
  • Atrocities committed by Muhammad in the name of Allah
  • The story of the Egyptian student who came to study education in America and went on to write the first handbook of terrorism in the twentieth century
  • The prominence of jihad (war against infidels) in Islamic theology
  • How Egyptian fundamentalists murdered and robbed Christians to raise funds for terrorism
  • The difference between a moderate Muslim and a fundamentalist Muslim

For the readers of this book, the motive behind Islamic world activity will no longer be a mystery. Each action is rooted in the philosophy of Islam. Now both the Christian and the political world must decide how to react to Muhammad's revelation.


My Story

    Section I
    The Reasons for Radicalism

  1. How the Arab Spring Turned to and ISIS Winter
  2. Five Pillars of Islamic Radicalism

    Section II
    The Roots of Terrorism in Islam

  3. Core Beliefs of Islam
  4. Holy War in the Quran
  5. Misinformed by the Media
  6. Human Rights Under Islam

    Section III
    Following Muhammad's Example

  7. Arabian Culture
  8. Muhammad Declares Jihad
  9. The Ultimate Goal of Islam
  10. The Three Stages of Jihad
  11. When Lies Are Justified
  12. Muhammad's Use of Mosques

    Section IV
    The Development of Modern Jihad

  13. Forefathers of Terrorism
  14. The Founding Father of Modern Jihad
  15. The Philosophers of Jihad
  16. Recruiting for Holy War
  17. Inspired by Iran
  18. Treachery Between Terrorists
  19. Al-Jihad Prepares and Attacks
  20. Justice Loses, Quran Wins
  21. Jihad Bleeds Out of Egypt
  22. New Strategy: Attack the West

    Section V
    The Future of the Muslim World

  23. Responding to Radicals in the Muslim World
  24. Challenging the Philosophy Behind ISIS

Appendix A

References to Muhammad
References to the Quran
English Translations of the Quran
Reading Arabic Names
The Geography of the Muslim World

Appendix B


Dr. Mark Gabriel was born and raised in Egypt. More than just a practicing, he was a scholar from his youth. His first milestone was to complete memorization of the Quran at age twelve. He went on to attend Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, the oldest, most prestigious University in the world, where he earned bachelorís, masterís, and doctorate degrees in History and culture. He also holds a masterís degree in world religion and a doctorate in Christian education. He travels and lectures for a variety of groups all over the world. As a reflection of his new life in Christ, he has chosen a Christian name to replace his Islamic name.


214 pages, paperback, glossary, bibliography.
ISBN 9781629986685