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The Case for Zionism

Why Christians Should Support Israel

Thomas Ice, 2017

Retail $14.99
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24 hours!

The modern state of Israel has been a nation for almost 70 years. When she was formed and fought her early wars of existence, most Bible-believing Christians believed there was a real connection with what was going on in the Middle East and biblical prophecy that predicts an end-time return of the Jews to their land. Thomas Ice answers many of the contemporary arguments being used by both secular and religious communities to undermine what he believes is the hand of God at work in our own day. 220 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

The Destiny of Israel and the Church

Understanding the Middle East Through Biblical Prophecy

Derek Prince, 1992, 2007, 2016

Retail $15.99
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24 hours!

Israel is at the center of a powerful clash of forces, but God has established firm covenants with both Israel and the church. The only reliable source of light upon the situation in the Middle East is provided by God's prophetic Word. If we do not seek the light that comes from this source, we will inevitably find ourselves in the dark, subject to confusion and deception. In The Destiny of Israel and the Church, legendary Bible teacher Derek Prince explores the answers to these questions, and more: Has the church replaced Israel in God's plan? Why is the tiny nation of Israel the focus of world attention? What is the restoration of Israel? What is the responsibility of Christians toward Israel? When will true justice and lasting peace come to the Middle East? 160 pages, paperback, appendix.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Miracle of Israel

The Shocking, Untold Story of God's Love For His People

Gary Frazier & Jim Fletcher, 2016

$13.95 Ships within
24 hours!

Everyone is looking for a miracle. Families devastated by a faltering economy. A college student facing the horrific diagnosis of cancer. Corporately, whole nations are teetering on the brink of despair and chaos. The Miracle of Israel is a stunning examination of the millennia-old love that God has for His people that:

  • Clearly conveys the promise God gave to Abraham
  • Examines the ancient prophecies regarding Israel that have happened and are unfolding even today
  • Provides an easy-to-read timeline of miracle after miracle related to the nation of Israel

Tracing the history of the Jewish people to the present day, the authors look at prophecy after prophecy that clearly attest to the Lord’s miraculous promises. From historical records to personal, dramatic stories, the Miracle of Israel shows us that in keeping epic promises to the nation of Israel, God’s provision for each of us is sure, perfect, and on time, every time. 192 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profiles

Target Israel

Caught in the Crosshairs of the End Times

Tim LaHaye & Ed Hindson, 2015

Retail $15.99
Ships within
24 hours!

As the conflicts in the Middle East grow in intensity, we cannot help but wonder what lies ahead for the nation of Israel and whether any of it means we are drawing closer to the last days. In their exciting new book Target Israel, prophecy experts Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson explain why Israel is at the center of God's prophetic plan for the future. As you carefully review the Scriptures with them, you'll learn about...

  • the miracle of Israel's modern-day existence
  • Israel's unique purpose in the world
  • the ways in which Israel serves as a super sign of the end times
  • the coming alliance of nations that will attempt to annihilate Israel
  • Christ's return to Jerusalem to rule the world

You'll be inspired as you see how God will bring all His prophetic promises to pass, and be encouraged to share your faith with greater urgency in light of Christ's second coming. 224 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profiles

The Key to the Middle East

Discovering the Future of Israel in Biblical Prophecy

Derek Prince, 2013

$13.95 Ships within
24 hours!

Internationally renowned Bible teacher and scholar Derek Prince examines the spirit, soul, and body of God's chosen land--Israel. Tracing her long, astonishing history, Prince offers insight into the mounting tension as Israel takes her place at the watershed of world events. Prince also reveals the brutal errors of the Church toward this war-torn land and the debt all Christians owe. Further he exposes the destructive enemy now stalking the land of Israel. Most important, Prince brings us face-to-face with the God who guards his promises to his people. Accessible and fascinating, this behind-the-scenes guide also reveals God's plans for all nations and what our future could look like. Readers will appreciate Prince's depth of understanding and interpretation of Scripture in the light of cataclysmic and approaching end-time events. 208 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
Also available on DVD!

Dateline Jerusalem

An Eyewitness Account of Prophecies Unfolding in the Middle East

Chris Mitchell, 2013

Retail $16.99
Ships within
24 hours!

History’s final chapter will be written in Jerusalem.

When an Iranian president thunders a murderous threat or an obscure Turkish drunkard has a dream in Mecca or a Jewish couple from Brooklyn lands at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, these events might seem disconnected. But they’re not. In Dateline Jerusalem, CBN News correspondent Chris Mitchell connects the dots and unveils Jerusalem as the epicenter and crossroads of the spiritual, political, and, yes, supernatural worlds. For thousands of years, Jerusalem’s powerful draw has always transcended simple economics, military strategy, and religious affiliation. In our own time, as the Arab Spring threatens to become an Islamic Winter, one commentator warns: “The Arab Spring doesn’t lead to democracy, it leads to Jerusalem.” Indeed, the fragile peace of Israel is in new peril as violent Islamic factions vie for control of surrounding nations. Yet Muslims are converting to Christianity in record numbers. Dateline Jerusalem untangles and chronicles all this through the riveting narrative of a Christian reporter in the upheaval of the modern Fertile Crescent. We live in a world where we cannot afford to be ill informed. What happens in the strategic Middle East, Israel, and Jerusalem is critical. It matters to you. Today’s news might focus on Washington, New York, London, or Moscow, but history’s final chapter will be written in Jerusalem. 256 pages, paperback, index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
Also available on 8 Audio CDs.

Psalm 83

PSALM 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed
How Israel Becomes the Next Mideast Superpower!

Bill Salus, 2013

Retail $15.99
Ships within
24 hours!

An ancient prophecy written over 3000 years ago reveals that the Arab states and terrorist populations, which presently share common borders with Israel, will soon confederate in order to wipe Israel off of the map. These enemies of Israel are depicted on the red arrows upon the book cover image, and their mandate is clear:

They have said, "Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more." (Psalm 83:4).

Psalm 83 predicts a climactic, concluding Arab-Israeli war that has eluded the discernment of today's top Bible scholars, and yet, the Middle East stage appears to be set for the fulfillment of this prophecy. While many of today's top Bible experts are predicting that Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, and several other countries are going to invade Israel according a prophecy in Ezekiel 38, this timely book explains how Psalm 83 occurs prior. Discover how Israel defeats their ancient Arab enemies, and why Americans need to stand beside Israel in this coming war! 364 pages, paperback, appendix.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.
Also available on DVD!

Iran and Israel

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Mark Hitchcock, 2013

$13.95Ships within
24 hours!

With every passing day, the stakes grow higher in the escalating conflict between Iran and Israel. What can we expect next? That’s the subject of a riveting new book from bestselling prophecy author Mark Hitchcock. Iran has repeatedly declared its intention to wipe Israel off the map. And the moment Iran becomes a nuclear threat, not only the Middle East but the whole world will be in danger. A war against Iran holds frightening implications: global economic chaos, increasing Islamic tensions, and sky-high oil prices, among other things. In Iran and Israel, Mark Hitchcock brings a strong biblical perspective to these current events, answering these questions and more:

  • Will this put us on the road to Armageddon?
  • What can we expect in the days to come?
  • Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?

An eye-opening survey of where things stand, and how it all ties in with Bible prophecy. 224 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days

Surprising Insights on Israel, the End Times and Popular Misconceptions

Johathan Bernis, 2013

Retail $15.99
Ships within
24 hours!

Few topics capture the imagination of believers like the last days. Yet fear and incorrect teachings continue to surround this topic. Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, by contrast, offers with warmth and clarity a unique and surprising perspective on the end times. Many see explosive turmoil in the Middle East and the mark of the beast as signs of the return of the Messiah. Bernis points out an even clearer and more immediate sign: the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies regarding the restoration of the land of Israel and the regathering of the Lost Tribes of Israel--which is happening in record numbers right now. This book unpacks surprising and life-changing insights on Israel, the last days, and the Messianic hope of every believer. 233 pages paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

The Israel Omen II

The Approaching Cataclysm

David Brennan, 2011

$24.95Ships within
24 hours!

A volcano erupts in Iceland, its primordial smoke and ash blanket Europe, resulting in the worst air travel grounding since the ourbreak of World War II. On an oil rig far out in the Gulf of Mexico, an explosion marks the start of the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, devastating the seafood and oil industries across the Gulf Coast. A rash of tornados, thought to be the worst in world history, strike over a four-day period leaving widespread destruction in their wake. Were these terrible events nothing more than random acts of God? Picking up where The Israel Omen left off, The Israel Omen II looks at the continuing sage of disasters coinciding with efforts to remove the fabled "Promised Land" from Israel. But it also goes beyond to consider what they all may be leading to. Does the continuation of these strange, even eerie events since 1991, represent a litany of Divine warnings that have been repeating like a broken record to gain the attention of mankind? The Israel Omen II explores the possibility that a truly world shaking cataclysm is approaching, and that the strange, and even historically severe disasters that continue to coinide with diplomatic efforts against the "Promised Land" may represent a growing Biblical warning to mankind. With the sharp turn in U.S. policy against Israel under President Obama, is the stage now set for the culmination of these warnings? 221 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

The Israel Omen

The Ancient Warning of Catastrophies Has Begun

David Brennan, 2009

$17.95Ships within
24 hours!

The Israel Omen considers a series of historically destructive events since 1991, connected by a common thread: warnings found in ancient Hebrew writings. Are these events perhaps the telling signs of an ancient omen, the same omen ignored by Egypt some 3500 years ago resulting in the famous Biblical plagues? Did this omen return with the homecoming of the Jews to the Holy Land in 1948? As the nations of the world gather to remove the restored "Promised Land" from the Jews, the international group called the "Quartet" leading the effort eerily appears to be specifically mentioned in these ancient writings. Was the financial collapse that began in 2007 the beginning of a promised curse against the nations gathered to remove the restored "Promised Land?" 221 pages, paperback, appendix, index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Middle East Burning


Mark Hitchcock, 2012

Sale $10.50
Retail $13.95
Ships within
24 hours!

Is the Spreading Unrest a Sign of the End Times?

Middle East Burning helps make sense of the bewildering firestorms raging in the Arabic-Israeli world. Widespread revolutions in multiple Arab nations. New powers rising to challenge entrenched despots and ruling bodies. Bitter new conflicts further enflaming the many already in place. And a pall of uncertainty over how it will all play out.

Indeed the Middle East is burning. How can we make sense of it all? At first glance the many hotspots may seem without a pattern, without rhyme or reason. But a look at Scripture helps paint a clear picture of what’s taking place, giving insight on current events in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Syria, and more. A riveting and timely survey of things now and things to come! 243 pages, paperback, appendix.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
More Books by Mark Hitchcock

Blood in the Sand

BLOOD IN THE SAND: Understanding the Middle East Conflict -- The Stakes, The Solutions, and Why There is Hope

Benny Hinn, 2009

$15.95Ships within
24 hours!

The Arab-Israeli conflict makes daily headlines, but few understand the history behind the struggle. In Blood in the Sand, Benny Hinn takes you deep inside the region--the history, politics, and religions--to show you what is happening there and, more importantly, why. Drawing from his deep history in the area, his personal relationships with top Israeli and Arab leaders, and his biblical scholarship, he answers critical questions such as: How did we get into this tragic situation? What are the dangers? What does the Bible say about the future? 238 pages, paper, index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Israel Under Fire

ISRAEL UNDER FIRE: The Prophetic Chain of Events that Threatens the Middle East

John Ankerburg & Jimmy DeYoung, 2009

$13.95Ships within
24 hours!

Israel Under Fire has the key ingredients for readers who track today’s news, scriptural predictions, and Israel:

  • Incisive evaluation of Middle East events
  • Expert understanding of Bible prophecy and end–times happenings
  • Exclusive interviews with religious and political leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister; Moshi Arens, three–time Israeli defense minister; and Adnan Husseini, Yasser Arafat’s cousin and Palestinian Authority spokesman

Ankerberg and DeYoung, co–host of Day of Discovery and noted prophecy expert, examine signs that point—now—toward apocalyptic conflict:

  • Temple rebuilding: Jewish religious leaders plan it on a site still controlled by Islam.
  • Threats to Israel: internally, a burgeoning Arab population; externally, instability from the Palestinians’ Hamas–Fatah split.
  • Iran’s intentions: to “wipe Israel off the map”...possibly utilizing nuclear weapons.

Readers will gain unparalleled insight into the massive historical currents converging on Israel...and promising to generate inescapable consequences for the West. 207 pages, paper, appendix.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profiles

As America Has Done to Israel


John P. McTernan, 2006, 2008

$13.95Ships within
24 hours!

As America Has Done to Israel is the sequel to the best seller Israel: The Blessing or the Curse. The author traces the history of the Jewish people in America and how the USA is unique among all nations through blessing the Jews. This book reveals a spiritual aspect of America’s beginning, its spectacular rise to power, and how this was tied into blessing the Jews. With great detail the author reveals the current connection between America interfering with God’s prophetic plan for Israel and awesome disasters striking America. The book explains the world’s future in light of Bible prophecy and what the near future holds. It shows how this all ties to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 319 pages paper, appendix, bibliography.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Epicenter 2.0

EPICENTER 2.0 VERSION: Updated & Expanded

Joel C. Rosenberg, 2006, 2008

$14.95Ships within
24 hours!

In his first groundbreaking nonfiction book, now with updated content, New York Times best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg takes readers on an unforgettable journey through prophecy and current events into the future of Iraq after Saddam, Russia after Communism, Israel after Arafat, and Christianity after radical Islam. You won't want to miss Joel's exclusive interviews with Israeli, Palestinian, and Russian leaders, along with previously classified CIA and White House documents. New content includes the most up-to-date information since the hardcover release in 2006, a new poll about American attitudes toward the Middle East and prophecy, and transcripts of interviews conducted during the interview process for the Epicenter DVD-video. 401 pages, paper, appendices.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Epicenter Study Guide


Rosenberg, Joel C., 2008

$7.95Ships within
24 hours!

The politics of the Middle East can be murky and confusing. But one thing is increasingly certain: The eyes of the nations are riveted upon Israel and her neighbors, the epicenter of the momentous events shaking our world and shaping our future. What does the future hold? How will it affect your world? The Epicenter Study Guide can be used along with Joel Rosenberg's best-selling book Epicenter as well as the Epicenter DVD to help de mystify the events happening around the world. 92 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile


EPICENTER: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East will Change Your Future

Joel C. Rosenberg, 2006

$19.95Ships within
24 hours!

In his first nonfiction book, this evangelical Christian from an Orthodox Jewish heritage takes readers on an unforgettable journey through prophecy and current events into the future of Iraq after Saddam, Russia after Communism, Israel after Arafat, and Christianity after radical Islam. Drawing on his experience in Washington, his own exclusive interviews with world leaders, and his astute political acumen, Joel makes sense of the events surrounding the Middle East. He connects information in a way that will make you understand and really care about the world's most important events and how they impact your life--from gas prices to your bank account. 312 pages, hardcover, appendix.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
Book available in Spanish
Get the Epicenter DVD! and Study Guide

Northern Storm Rising

NORTHERN STORM RISING: Russia, Iran, and the Emerging End-Times Military Coalition Against Israel

Ron Rhodes, 2008

$13.95Ships within
24 hours!

Almost 2700 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel detailed a massive end-times attack against Israel. The coalition he describes is still making headlines today. Bible scholar Ron Rhodes analyzes current events in the light of biblical prophecy and empowers readers to “interpret the signs of the times” (Matthew 16:3). This up-to-date assessment of the situation in the Middle East reveals vital information about... financial and political ties between the group of nations north of Israel; Muslim leaders’ growing antagonism toward Israel and the United States; Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and the resulting threat to global security; The polarization of nations supporting extremist Islam and the rest of the world; Globalization and its role in setting the stage for a cataclysmic war. 246 pages, paper, appendix, bibliography. View: Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

In Defense of Israel

The Bible's Mandate for Supporting The Jewish State

John Hagee, 2007

$14.95Ships within
24 hours!

Why is the Middle East in such turmoil? Is the modern State of Israel in the plan of God? Can and should Christians do more than pray for Israel? Does God’s Word contain instructions to Christians regarding the treatment of Jewish people? As Hagee guides readers through the scriptures that explain why Christians need to stand with Israel and the Jews today with as much fervor as God does, they will encounter a man deeply passionate about loving this historic people of God. They’ll be inspired to take up that same mantle of love and play a part in extending acceptance and favor to the people of Israel, just as God has called them to do. 207 pages, paper, index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.
More Books by John Hagee

The New Temple and the Second Coming

The Prophecy That Points to Christ's Return in Your Generation

Grant R. Jeffrey, 2007

$13.95Ships within
24 hours!

Prophecy expert Grant Jeffrey has uncovered not only the prophecies about the end times, but also an array of archaeological finds and discoveries from the ancient city hidden beneath modern-day Jerusalem. The evidence is breathtaking: Jewish authorities are preparing to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. His research leads to a stunning conclusion that the generation alive today will witness the Second Coming. 204 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.
More Books by Grant Jeffrey

Middle East Meltdown

Oil, Israel, and the Religion Behind the Crisis

John Ankerberg & Dillion Burroughs, 2007

$11.95Ships within
24 hours!

The news headlines from the war-torn Middle East are constantly changing, and though those countries are on the opposite side of the globe, the events unfolding there have a powerful effect on America. But the complexity of all that’s happening makes it difficult to understand what it means and how it affects us. Authors John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs help bring clarity to the issues. Featuring exclusive interviews with today's top religious scholars and extensive journalistic research, this fast-paced and user-friendly resource points to the root of the problem and reveals how today's events fit into God's plan for the future. 206 pages, paper, appendices.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profiles.

Armageddon Oil and Terror

What the Bible Says About the Future

John F. Walvoord with Mark Hitchcock, 1974, 1976, 1990, 2007

$14.95Ships within
24 hours!

Today's troubling world events confirm the forecasts made by Dr. John F. Walvoord, widely recognized as the father of modern biblical prophecy. His predictions once seemed beyond the realm of possibility--until they began coming true. It was Walvoord who correctly predicted Israel's establishment as a nation; who foresaw that the Iron Curtain would fall; and who warned us that oil would make the Middle East the center of world conflict. Now, this completely revised edition of his New York Times best seller, Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis, unveils twelve shocking world events that are still to come. 225 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.
More Books by John Walvoord.

Jerusalem Countdown

Revised and Updated Edition

John Hagee, 2006, 2007

$14.95Ships within
24 hours!

There will soon be a nuclear blast in the Middle East that will transform the road to Armageddon into a racetrack. America and Israel will either take down Iran, or Iran will become nuclear and attempt to take down America and Israel. In this powerful new updated edition, you will discover:

  • The identities of the key players in a world-changing nuclear showdown.
  • The role of Russia, China, Europe, and America in the coming nuclear war.
  • Why Israel's war with Hezbollah was only a preview of coming events.
  • God's plan and purpose for His people in the coming crisis.

263 pages, paper, appendix, index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.
Also available on eight Audio CDs.
First edition also available in Spanish
More Books by Pastor John Hagee

Dateline Jerusalem

DATELINE JERUSALEM: News and Views from the World's Flashpoint of Biblical Prophecy

Zola Levitt, 2005

$12.95Ships within
24 hours!

Pulling no punches, Zola exposes many threats to Israel's existence (and, by extension, threats to America), including discussions of the anti-Bible prophecy stance of many of America's leading Christian colleges and universities. Dateline Jerusalem offers Zola's keen insights into Israel, Christian understanding of the roots of faith, radical Islam, and media bias. Dateline Jerusalem will undoubtedly be a handy guide for anyone interested in God's end-time plan for humanity. 214 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents

Promised Land

The Future of Israel Revealed in Prophecy

Derek Prince, 2005

$11.95Ships within
24 hours!

Since the end of World War II, the focus of world politics has shifted from Europe and North America to the Middle East. Today's news media devote more attention to the Middle East than to any other place on earth. Why has this tiny, struggling land become the fulcrum of human history? What is the main destructive force-hard at work in the Middle East-that is threatening international peace and security? Intercessors, students of prophecy, and Christians who love Israel will want to read this updated book to take a closer look at God's plan, unfolding through human history and culminating with the advent of his glorious kingdom on earth. 174 pages, paper, index. Formerly published in 1982 as The Last Word on the Middle East.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.

The Battle for the Last Days Temple


Randall Price, 2004

$11.95Ships within
24 hours!

One of the biggest battles raging in the Middle East involves the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Many Jews long to rebuild the Temple destroyed in the Roman conquest of A.D. 70. But the site is now dominated by the Muslim Dome of the Rock. The resulting and ongoing conflict raises difficult questions:

  • To whom does the Temple Mount belong and can it be shared?
  • What's happening in preparation for a new Temple?
  • How does this affect Christians today?
Middle East expert Randall Price provides fascinating answers based on archaeological evidence, historical records, and exclusive interviews with those at the forefront of the Temple movement. 331 pages, paper, index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.

Holy War

HOLY WAR: The Rise of Militant Christian, Jewish and Islamic Fundamentalism

David S. New, 2002

$44.95Ships within
24 hours!

This is an account of how the recent rise of militant Christian, Jewish, and Muslim fundamentalisms and their interatction are endangering peace in the Middle East. It details how apocalypticist fundamentalists -- Christians in America, Jews in Israel and America -- are working together to hasten the coming of the Messiah by instigating a Holy War in the Middle East. 233 pages, paper, bibliography, index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Fast Facts on the Middle East Conflict


Randall Price, 2003

$10.95Ships within
24 hours!

Is there any hope for peace in the Middle East? The increasingly explosive conflict in the Middle East, especially between Israel and the Arab states, raises many questions for Christians and the world community, such as: How did the conflict begin, and what is at stake? Why is America involved? What common misperceptions has the media spread about the conflict? Why is terrorism such a big part of all that's taking place? 198 pages, paper, index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Storm Clouds on the Horizon

Bible Prophecy and the Current Middle East Crisis

Charles Dyer, General Editor, 2001

$6.95Ships within
24 hours!

Find out what's happening in the Middle East today and learn how those events are linked to key biblical prophecies.

  • Why is Israel constantly in the news today?
  • What does the Bible say about Israel's past and future?
  • How does God's plan for the church differ from His plan for Israel?
  • Why can't the United Nations bring peace to earth?
  • Is the United States mentioned in Bible prophecy?
91 pages, paper.

More Information, Table of Contents, Editor Profile


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