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Israel Under Fire

ISRAEL UNDER FIRE: The Prophetic Chain of Events that Threatens the Middle East

John Ankerburg & Jimmy DeYoung, 2009

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Israel Under Fire has the key ingredients for readers who track today’s news, scriptural predictions, and Israel:

  • Incisive evaluation of Middle East events
  • Expert understanding of Bible prophecy and end–times happenings
  • Exclusive interviews with religious and political leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister; Moshi Arens, three–time Israeli defense minister; and Adnan Husseini, Yasser Arafat’s cousin and Palestinian Authority spokesman

Ankerberg and DeYoung, co–host of Day of Discovery and noted prophecy expert, examine signs that point—now—toward apocalyptic conflict:

  • Temple rebuilding: Jewish religious leaders plan it on a site still controlled by Islam.
  • Threats to Israel: internally, a burgeoning Arab population; externally, instability from the Palestinians’ Hamas–Fatah split.
  • Iran’s intentions: to “wipe Israel off the map”...possibly utilizing nuclear weapons.

Readers will gain unparalleled insight into the massive historical currents converging on Israel...and promising to generate inescapable consequences for the West. 207 pages, paper, appendix.


Foreword by Dr. Tim LaHaye
Introduction: Why Should We Care About Israel's Future?

    Part One: Israel's Prophetic Destiny

  1. A People Regathered
  2. A Nation Reborn
  3. A Land Resettled
  4. A City Reunited

    Part Two: The Alignment of the Nations Against Israel

  5. An Alignment Reformed
  6. A Conflict Rekindled
  7. A Threat Reassessed
  8. A Battle Reanalyzed

    Part Three: Preparations for the Future Jewish Temple

  9. Preparations for the Temple: The Plans and the People
  10. Preparations for the Temple: The Tools and the Modern Sanhedrin

    Part Four: Investigating Israel in the Book of Revelation

  11. The Three Pillars of the Book of Revelation
  12. The Rapture, the Return of Christ, and the Retribution
  13. The Most-Asked Questions About the Book of Revelation

A Final Word

Appendix A: Interview Transcripts Featuring Benjamin Netanyahu

Appendix B: Interview Transcripts Featuring Retired U.S. Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin

Experts Interviewed for Israel Under Fire



John Ankerberg, host of the award–winning John Ankerberg Show, has coauthored the two-million-selling Facts On series of apologetic books, as well as Taking a Stand for the Bible and Middle East Meltdown.

Jimmy DeYoung, author, conference speaker, and journalist/host on Day of Discovery, has his finger on the pulse of the world's hot spot, the Middle East.


207 pages, paper, appendix.
ISBN 9780736925846