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After Global Warming, What?

Overlooked Bible Prophecies Happening Now?

J.E. Becker, 2015

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I address this book to you peoples of the world that you may know what is happening to your earth and why. We approach the end of our Age. What will happen is not new, it has all happened before at the end of six World Ages, but this time destruction will be greater—because more changes will be needed. Ages end when the world reaches full depravity and needs a moral cleansing. Both Ancient History and Archeology show that after the end of each Age, civilization rebuilds anew upon a destroyed world. Twenty-seven centuries ago Bible prophets declared “The Day of the LORD,” prophesying about the end, Jesus spoke of, but also of the ushering in of a Golden Age when all men will live in peace. To prepare for this, the surface of the whole earth must be changed. Change is necessary to support the population explosion that will propagate when perfect justice rules, without wars or diseases, or pests and the lifespan of mankind extends to the ages of great trees. Much more land will be needed. Continents will rise up from the ocean floors, the tectonic plates will move every island and mountain out of their places; all caused by heavenly intrusions into the earth’s orbit from outer space. During the final change to the earth’s surface, the earth itself will return to its original upright position eliminating the 23° tilt. Then most of the land will be like our temperate zones today, except with milder seasons, and a moderated rain-fall, due to a more even distribution of water to land—only smaller inter-connecting seas are left. In this new earth, the sowing of seeds will begin before the harvests are completely gathered, promising a future of continual prosperity. The seven year period needed to make these changes will be very difficult to survive, with earthquakes, volcanism and meteors storming in from space, which follows after over a billion people die in the nuclear World War III. This book reveals only the preliminary events that are happening now plus those near to come, which proves we are already in a countdown to Armageddon. I wanted to warn you so that you will have time to save yourself and your loved ones. 150 pages, paperback.

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The Global-Warming Deception

How a Secret Elite Plans to Bankrupt America and Steal Your Freedom

Grant R. Jeffrey, 2011

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The worldwide effort to combat manmade global warming is history’s most far-reaching hoax. In The Global-Warming Deception, Grant R. Jeffrey documents the orchestrated campaign of political pressure, flawed science, and falsified data—all designed to sell an environmental lie and bring the West to its knees. United Nations agencies use the threat of rising ocean levels, crop failure, expanding deserts, and the extinction of species to convince western nations to surrender their sovereignty. As these developments play out, we see the globalists consolidating their power. In The Global-Warming Deception, you will find proof that:

  • Laws and regulations to reduce carbon emissions are designed to destroy the free-enterprise system and drain wealth from western nations.
  • The religion of eco-fundamentalism denies the existence of God and substitutes in His place the worship of the earth.
  • The coming economic collapse, hastened by global-warming laws, will lead to international chaos. A one-world government will be presented as the solution, followed by the arrival of the Antichrist.

Your liberty is at stake. Now is the time to learn all you can about the socialist-Marxist elite that is advancing the false threat of global warming—the most deadly deception in history. 215 pages, paperback.

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The Signature of God

THE SIGNATURE OF GOD: Third Revised Edition
Conclusive Proof That Every Teaching, Every Command, Every Promise in the Bible Is True

Grant R. Jeffrey, 2010

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This revised and updated edition of The Signature of God proves that the Bible is not only accurate in its spiritual claims, but is completely reliable as well on matters of origins, medicine, history, and science. Historians of the ancient world--as well as recent archaeological finds--confirm the names of kings and kingdoms, and the dates of wars and mass migrations mentioned in the Bible. Recent breakthroughs in astronomy, physics, and medical science have shown that God's Word accurately described the universe and the processes of human life before scientific research caught up. And hundreds of fulfilled prophecies show that God revealed the future to his prophets in order to undergird the faith of his people. No matter how loudly the skeptics argue against Christian faith, only one conclusion makes sense: the Bible is God-breathed. You can believe every word, every claim, every prophecy, and every miracle. With no doubts. 336 pages, paper, bibliography.

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