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Revelation: The Final Trumpet Judgments

New REVELATION: The Final Trumpet Judgments - DVD
Volume 4: Time is Running Out

Mac Dominick, 2016

Retail $19.99
Ships within
24 hours!

After all God's judgments through the 5th Trumpet Judgment, the peoples of the world are in a panic mode unprecedented in world history. BUT, God's Wrath from this point onward is still greater, more terrifying and more deadly than anything which has come before. When God completes His 6th and 7th Judgments, all the world will know HE IS GOD!

'Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.' (Rev 9:14)

"By these three was the third part (one-third) of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths."

God then pronounces that HE has won the struggle with wicked man, the Antichrist and the False Prophet: 'And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever." (Rev 11:15) Running Time: 2 hours. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada).

Revelation Are We in Earth's Final Hour?

REVELATION: Are We in Earth's Final Hour? - DVD
Volume 3: The Wrath of God

Mac Dominick, 2016

Retail $19.99
Ships within
24 hours!

Just when you think things could not possibly get worse (with the unleashing of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse a full one-third of the Earth's population either dies or is massacred)---Things get much worse. When stars fall from the heavens, the sun is darkened, the moon is turned to blood, and the heavens are rolled apart as a scroll---men will actually be able to see God sitting on His throne ready to exercise His wrath upon evil mankind. Even depraved mankind will recognize that this is going to be much worse than the disasters, plaques, and wars of the last 3.5 years and will do all they can to hide from the face of God and His wrath.

In Volume 3 we will ask and answer the difficult questions:

  • How can stars actually fall to the earth?
  • Can we believe the theoretical physics of our day; and as a result, dismiss the writings of the 6th seal as symbolism, allegory, or myth?
  • Can we continue to accept the so-called 'science' of men whose sole purpose is to provide a worldview that eliminates or does not include God?
  • Why does the Bible say the earth has 4 corners? Does this mean the Bible teaches of a flat earth?
  • Who are the creatures that come from the Abyss with the blowing of the 5th Trumpet? Where did they come from, and how did they get in the Abyss?

Volume 3 will cover the Tribulation Timeline from the 6th Seal to the 5th Trumpet. Our study will give us an understanding of the science and theology behind the outpouring of the wrath of God. Along the way, we will make some astounding discoveries and experience some completely unexpected surprises. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada).

Revelation Are We in Earth's Final Hour?

REVELATION: Are We in Earth's Final Hour? - DVD
Volume 2: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Mac Dominick, 2016

Retail $19.99
Ships within
24 hours!

The control of the earth that Adam transferred to Satan is documented in Heaven in the form of a Title Deed of the Earth. As we take up our study in Revelation chapter 5, we are given by God in this inspired account the details of the exercising of this title deed. As with any deed that is held by a lienholder, payment for the property will eventually come due. In volume 2 and following, we become witnesses to this payment and the judgment for the abuse of said property by those who were entrusted with its care. The Book with Seven Seals, a seven-sealed scroll, is this very title deed, and as the Lord Jesus Christ breaks each of these seals, the demand for payment is executed.

Volume 2 details the breaking of the first four of the seven seals, and with the breaking of each of these seals, the lien-holder (God) allows the empowerment of Satan and his minions their opportunity to exercise their will over the earth and mankind. The manifestation of the will of Satan is illustrated as 4 horsemen who are loosed and empowered to work their evil will over the planet earth and its inhabitants. The results are both tragic and devastating:

  • Satan will install his man to rule the earth over a one-world government
  • This ruler will deceive the Jews into believing he is their long-awaited Messiah and the savior of the world by instituting world peace.
  • However, because this is a false peace, war will break out that reveals the evil that controls the planet.
  • Subsequently, there will be famine, pestilence, and death to more than one-third of the earths inhabitants
  • Finally, the world ruler will declare war on the Jews and set up his image in a rebuilt Jewish Temple.

Volume 2 will detail this account, establish its credibility with prerequisites that show exactly how these events can and will take place, and prepare the viewer for the breaking of the remaining seals that initiate the wrath of Almighty God upon the earth dwellers.

Volume 2 includes answers to the following questions:

  • Who is Antichrist, and where will he originate?
  • Will the Antichrist be a Muslim as many Evangelicals now teach?
  • Will Israel declare war on her Arab neighbors, and finally live in peace and safety?
  • Is Russia a threat to Israel, and what does Scripture teach concerning this?
  • How will the Jews realize that Antichrist is not their Messiah but rather, evil incarnate?

Buckle your seat belts and join us---this is a wild ride. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada).

Revelation Are We in Earth's Final Hour?

REVELATION: Are We in Earth's Final Hour? - DVD
Volume 1: Jesus' Warning to the Churches

Mac Dominick, 2016

Retail $19.99
Ships within
24 hours!

While there have been any who have taught and studied the Book of Revelation, most who teach it either teach it out of the context of the balance of the Word of God or fail to ask the hard questions surrounding the prophecies in this book. We at Cutting Edge Ministries are presenting this series to provide answers to not only the mysteries of this book, but also to deal with difficult subjects and answer the hard questions. A few of the points we will cover include:

  • The Rapture of the Church true or false?
  • Will the Antichrist be Islamic?
  • How do we understand Islamic eschatology?
  • Who is ISIS, and will ISIS conquer the Middle East?
  • What is the true bloodline of the Antichrist?
  • What is the fate of Russia?
  • How can the stars fall to earth from heaven?
  • Was there any prophetic significance to Nazi Germany?
  • Can we find the USA in the Book of Revelation?

We will teach the book in a survey format that will mingle a traditional, contextual approach to the book with a digression to apply these teachings and prophecies to cover the influence (or lack of influence) of the events we see taking place right before our eyes. Running Time: Approx. 2 hours. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada).

Understanding Revelation in 60 Minutes


Ed Hindson, 2014

Retail $19.99
Ships within
24 hours!

From Bible prophecy expert Ed Hindson comes this remarkable 60-minute panoramic overview of one of the most mysterious books of the Bible, Revelationóa survey thatís both fascinating and memorable! So much happens in Revelation that itís easy for readers to feel overwhelmed. In this helpful DVD presentation, Ed Hindson, who has written extensively on Bible prophecy, skillfully guides viewers toward a clear and useful grasp of Revelationís main events, characters, and predictions about the last days. This DVD will enable people to read the last book of the Bible with renewed appreciation and a much greater understanding of why itís so important to them. A wonderful resource that is great for use with church and home study groups. Includes 60-page Study Guide to View and Print! Running Time: 60 minutes. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada)

Daniel & Revelation Unsealed


Paul Lewis, 2005

$50.00Ships within
24 hours!

Paul Lewis became increasingly uncomfortable with the tribulation teaching, as it never seemed to square with the overall tenor of scripture. From 1987-1990 he spent every free hour studying the scriptures, especially prophetic scriptures. The pieces began to come together, scripture to scripture, and things that seemed to make no sense became crystal clear. "The Key to understanding the prophetic scriptures was in the structure, pattern and technique in which they were written." The Book of Revelation, as well as the prophets, is written in a form of Hebrew poetry called "thought rhyme", or "parallelism". You will leave with a new, clear understanding of God's prophetic word. Set of Two DVDs. Total Running Time: 5 hours. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada).


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