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The Promise

Book 3 in the Comes the End Series

William Creed, 2014

Retail $17.95
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24 hours!

The Promise is the third installment in the thrilling Comes the End Series. Sequestered in a mountain base dubbed Camp Noah, the safe refuge that the Christians have established is threatened by the "Brothers," aliens who claim to have come to save the human race. To do this, however, religion has been forbidden, and those who hold fast to their beliefs are being hunted and killed. The Christians of Camp Noah seem to have found a perfect existence, yet it is threatened by spies who have infiltrated their community. These traitors are leading the Brothers to the Christians in what will surely be a terrible, final conflict. 308 pages, paperback.

The Gathering

Book 2 in the Comes the End Series

William Creed, 2014

Retail $17.95
Ships within
24 hours!

The Gathering is the second installment in the thrilling Comes the End Series, and finds the Christian population scattered, and running for their lives from the "Brothers," an alien race who has come to Earth with promises of health and prosperity. To placate the Brothers, one only has to receive a mark on his right hand that indicates a renouncing of all religion. Without the mark, it is forbidde to buy or sell. A leader of the Christians arises - Andy Moore, who many regard as a prophet from God. He discovers a place of refuge in the mountains, and the faithful begin to arrive... even as they are being hunted by the Brothers and those loyal to them. 260 pages, paperback.

Comes the End

Book 1 in the Comes the End Series

William Creed, 2013

$18.95 Ships within
24 hours!

On a quiet Friday evening, a USAF tracking station picked up an unusual anomaly, and the world would change forever... a group of extraterrestrial ships was heading for Earth. When the pyramid-shaped crafts landed in the ocean, the human race was introduced to the "Brothers," a race of beings claiming a distant ancestry to man. Abdon, their spokesman, promised a future free of worry, want, and disease.

There were only a few "rules" that mankind would have to follow... And so begins the Comes the End saga by William Creed. More than a typical end-times story, it is Christian science-fiction at its best. 264 pages, paperback.


William Creed began his literary career by writing a newspaper column at the age of 16. He served in the U.S. Air Force, and attended Wayne State University. Creed's life changed dramatically when, at the age of 39, he contracted encephalitis from a mesquito bite. He lost the ability to read, write, count to ten, or understand much of the English language. He was told that this was a permanent condition, but Bill, a long-time Christian, sought healing through his faith. He received a promise from God that he would be healed... and he recovered completely. After that experience, Bill decided to return to the activity he enjoyed most - writing. He authored the Comes the End Series, which received rave reviews from critics and readers alike. Bill lives in Romeo, Michigan with his wife, Sharon. Together they have five children and two spoiled dogs.


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