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The Pentecostal Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ


Jack W. Langford, 2014

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24 hours!

Most Bible teachers have long recognized the prophetic nature of the Feasts in Israel's liturgical calendar. The Hebrew prophets themselves spoke of future aspects regarding the Feast of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. The apostle Paul also spoke of the festivals as "a shadow of things to come" (Colossians 2:16, 17). Because of this many have sought to find a celebration which would fit the Rapture of the Church. There has, no doubt, been a lot of speculation and confusing use of Scriptures in this area of study. A few Bible teachers have suspected that the Feast of Pentecost better fits an application to the Rapture of the Church. However, because of certain unanswered questions they have hesitated to make that application. I believe that in this study you will find the right answers to those questions. Not only was the Church born at the precise time of the Offering of the Wave-loaves on Pentecost, but there are many other features about this Feast which typify the present Church dispensation. Certain features in this investigation demonstrate that Pentecost is the only Feast day which was looked upon by Jewish teachers as a "mystery" Feast, a Feast which was identified with a time of Gentile redemption. In fact, we shall see that the apostle Paul uses terminology pointing to the Feast of Pentecost and to the Offering at Pentecost in regards to the future resurrection of the Church. We will also discover that this is the only Feast on Israel's liturgical calendar which could typify the Rapture of the Church and at the very same time not be subject to the error of "date setting" in terms of its prophetic fulfillment. In other words, we shall find that a Pentecostal Rapture of the Church does not violate the principle doctrine of "imminence" in connection with the expectancy of the Rapture coming of Christ. 190 pages, paperback.

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Blood Moon God's Warning

Jewish Feasts and the Blood Moons of 2014 and 2015
An Essay - Second Edition

J. Nell Brown, 2014

$14.95 Ships within
24 hours!

We are living in a historically significant time. Blood moons known as lunar eclipses that occur in sync with Jewish Holidays warn of significant events concerning the Jewish people. Acts 2:20 and Joel 2:31 speaks of blood moons. Genesis 1:14 speaks of the fact that God uses the stars, sun and moon for signs and for seasons. This essay will take you on a simple historical and prophetic journey that will enlighten you as to why we may be living in one of the most important years in history, 2014-2015. How will 2014-2015 affect the future? Follow along as J. Nell Brown shares a concise essay, written as she researched for her first novel, The Omega Journey ~ Blood Moons Whisper. 58 pages, paperback.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Feasts

The Prophecies in the Feasts of Leviticus

Michael Norten, 2012, 2015

$12.95 Ships within
24 hours!

All the feasts from Passover to the Feast of Tabernacles have prophecies of God's plans for the world, embedded in the customs of these festivals that are known by only a few. Many of these revelations are quite shocking. You will be amazed as these mysteries are disclosed step-by-step in these chapters. God wanted us to be taught His plans through all our senses. Get ready to be stunned as you discover the intricate detail of the descriptions of the prophecies illustrated in the observances of these feasts. You will definitely acquire greater insight into God's plan for the ages. 90 pages, paperback.

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The Coming Days of Awe

An End-Times Scenario Based on the Bible's Fall Feasts

T.W. Tramm, 2014

$24.95 Ships within
24 hours!

More and more Christians today are realizing that the prophetic fall feasts and Jubilee are the keys to understanding God's plans for the end of the age. But how exactly will these appointed times be fulfilled? And where in Scripture do we see this? Based on knowledge of the featus and also a crucial understanding of the multi-layered nature of Bible prophecy, T.W. Tramm poses a scenario that answers these timely questions. Learn how the Day of the Lord will soon begin, and what will follow. Packed with invaluable insights, The Coming Days of Awe is a clear, concise, scripturally informed guidebook to end-times events--a must read for every person wondering what the signs portend, and how the Bible's prophecies are going to translate into reality. 335 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents

The Bride Makes Herself Ready

Preparing for the Lord's Return

Patricia King, 2010

$9.95Ships within
24 hours!

Our Heavenly Father has chosen a very special bride for His Beloved Son - you! You have captured the Lord's heart. He is completely taken with you, and longs to be your Bridgegroom. His greatest desire is to draw you into the place of bridal love where you will be consumed by Him and His passion for you Will you respond? In this book, Patricia King leads you through revelation from Scripture. She offers insights from Hebrew wedding traditions and biblical feasts and festivals to help you understand in a deeper way Jesus' all-consuming love for you. You are invited to respond to that love and step into the place of bridal devotion, abandon, and intimacy with Him as never before. 68 pages, paperback, bibliography.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile


APPOINTED: The Biblical Fall Feasts and the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Yisrael, King of All the Earth

David W. Busch, 2003

$19.95Ships within
24 hours!

Through a study of the fall feasts of Israel, Appointed presents a panoramic view of the Bible. It examines a host of details while consistently keeping the big picture in view. Single events are often incomprehensible without an understanding of where they fit into the larger framework. Through this approach, author David Busch addresses topics such as:

  • The timing of the return of Messiah in connection with the fall feasts of Israel
  • The land of Israel in God's dealing with planet Earth
  • The New Covenant in God's dealing with Israel
  • The 10 horns of the beast
  • The end time of Babylon

318 pages, paper, appendix

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile.

The Feasts of the Lord

God's Prophetic Calendar from Calvary to the Kingdom

Kevin Howard & Marvin Rosenthal, 1997

$24.95Ships within
24 hours!

The seven major Jewish feasts---they're packed with prophecy and imagery that point to Jesus Christ. Writing from a Hebrew-Christian perspective, Howard and Rosenthal give the historical context of each feast, explain its richly symbolic ceremony and ritual, and help you better understand God's glorious plan of salvation. 224 pages, hardback, illustrated.

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