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The Day

A Novel of America in the Last Days
The Second Term Trilogy - Book Three

John Price, 2014

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Before THE DAY America had become a nation of violence, governmental spying on American citizens, religious persecution, legalized same sex-marriage and drug use and a dawning realization that the nation's leader was a Marxist, committed to fundamentally transforming the nation. In the Middle East Israel faces extinction, even though it agreed to a 'peace treaty' bowing to US pressure, under which it gave up much of its God-given land. Russia, Iran, Libya and several Muslim countries invade northern Israel, fulfilling Biblical prophecy. Israel cries out for America to come to its military defense. The President refuses. Protestant, Catholic and Jewish leaders plead with the President to change his mind and help Israel survive what will surely be total destruction. Tanks and troops storm into Israel, shedding blood, as Israel pleads for help. The Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem leads a national assembly at the Wailing Wall, praying that God fulfill His Word and destroy the invaders, before Israel is shoved into the sea. Can Israel survive the onslaught? Will America, as a betrayer of God's chosen people, be destroyed in one day, one hour and one moment? How will Americans who ignored the warnings and didn't flee survive attacks on US cities? How will preppers fare? What will life be like after The Day for those still alive? What happens to the nations which invaded Israel and to the world after The Day? Are ancient prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes? 338 pages, paperback.

The Warning

A Novel of America in the Last Days
The Second Term Trilogy - Book Two

John Price, 2013

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In his Second Term the President is fulfilling his campaign promise to fundamentally change America. As a result of the Supreme Court upholding the McAlister Hate Speech and Hate Weapons Elimination Act, over half of America's guns are turned over to the government. Though it is a felony to own a gun, over seventy million firearms are retained by Americans. A confidential memo goes viral on the internet revealing that the White House, mainstream media, the entertainment industry and many in Congress are in fact Marxists, actively changing their country from capitalism to Communism. Americans nervously watch the President to see what will happen next. Car bombs explode near federal buildings across the U.S. The President accuses religious and Tea Party zealots of trying to overthrow the government. A U.S. Senator learns from his brother, a CIA official, that the bombings were a 'false flag', concocted by the DHS as an excuse to arrest, imprison and re-educate conservatives, veterans and Christians. Pastors are arrested. Blood is shed. Patriots and veterans from across the country secretly organize are an armed attack on the White House to remove the President from office. At the same time, Russia and Iran move military equipment and troops to the northern border of Israel and covertly install nuclear devices in U.S. cities. Will the President honor America's treaty obligation to defend Israel from attack? Are these events tomorrow's headlines? Will ancient prophecies of the fall of a rich, powerful and influential end times nation come to pass? WE'VE BEEN WARNED! 380 pages, paperback.

Second Term

A Novel of America in the Last Days
The Second Term Trilogy Book One

John Price, 2012

Retail $15.95
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24 hours!

Second Term is a novel of what could happen after the re-election of an American President, never to face the voters again. What would he do in his next four years? Would he lead the fight to abolish Americans' right to keep and bear arms? Would he lead the Congress in banning 'hate speech', including criticism of public officials? What will his newly-created green-shirted CCC Conservators do to Americans' Constitutional rights? With no holds barred, Second Term examines what a re-elected President, committed to fundamentally change America, would do to keep his promise. Second Term, in three volumes, is an exciting, yet frightening look at the future of an end times nation viewed through the lens of Biblical prophecy. Will violence in the streets fulfill what Prophets foresaw centuries ago? Will America stand by or betray Israel? Second Term is fiction. Or is it? 403 pages, paperback.


John Price is an attorney who represented conservative and Christian causes and clients in Indiana for forty years, retiring recently to devote his time to writing. In 1979 Tyndale House published his book AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS, which looked at the history of spiritual revivals, and called for a revival in America. In 1998 he narrowly missed the Republican nomination for the U. S. Senate from Indiana by about one vote per precinct. In 2009 John Price authored THE END OF AMERICA which is a non-fiction look at Biblical prophecies (223 verses by five Prophets, Old and New Testament) that describe a rich, powerful and influential end times nation that meets a tragic end when it betrays Israel. In 2012 he released SECOND TERM - A Novel of America in the Last Days. The book portrays the second four years of a President committed to fundamentally transform America, and what that would mean for abolishing guns, curtailing free speech and authorizing green-shirted gun and speech control federal employees, under the TSA.


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