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Islam in Bible Prophecy

Understanding the End Time - Lesson 3

Irvin Baxter, 2012

Retail $20.00
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The terrorist attacks of 9/11 jolted all of us awake. You would have expected that the horrific suicide missions would have mortally wounded the religion of Islam, but because of the unprecedented exposure that Muslims have received since the attacks, conversions have increased. Our leaders have bent over backwards to call Islam a religion of peace, even while the suicide bombings continue on an almost daily basis. Some world prognosticators are predicting that all of Europe will be Islamic by 2040. In this lesson Irvin Baxter Reveals the identities of the four horsemen of the apocalypse; the white horse, the red horse, the black horse and the pale horse, and how they are moving in our world right now. And you will see absolute proof that the force called Islam was foretold by God Himself, 2,000 years ago. Running Time: 60 minutes on DVD. Closed Captioned. Subtitles & Voiceovers in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Russian. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada).

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After Global Warming, What?

Overlooked Bible Prophecies Happening Now?

J.E. Becker, 2015

Retail $12.00
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I address this book to you peoples of the world that you may know what is happening to your earth and why. We approach the end of our Age. What will happen is not new, it has all happened before at the end of six World Ages, but this time destruction will be greater—because more changes will be needed. Ages end when the world reaches full depravity and needs a moral cleansing. Both Ancient History and Archeology show that after the end of each Age, civilization rebuilds anew upon a destroyed world. Twenty-seven centuries ago Bible prophets declared “The Day of the LORD,” prophesying about the end, Jesus spoke of, but also of the ushering in of a Golden Age when all men will live in peace. To prepare for this, the surface of the whole earth must be changed. Change is necessary to support the population explosion that will propagate when perfect justice rules, without wars or diseases, or pests and the lifespan of mankind extends to the ages of great trees. Much more land will be needed. Continents will rise up from the ocean floors, the tectonic plates will move every island and mountain out of their places; all caused by heavenly intrusions into the earth’s orbit from outer space. During the final change to the earth’s surface, the earth itself will return to its original upright position eliminating the 23° tilt. Then most of the land will be like our temperate zones today, except with milder seasons, and a moderated rain-fall, due to a more even distribution of water to land—only smaller inter-connecting seas are left. In this new earth, the sowing of seeds will begin before the harvests are completely gathered, promising a future of continual prosperity. The seven year period needed to make these changes will be very difficult to survive, with earthquakes, volcanism and meteors storming in from space, which follows after over a billion people die in the nuclear World War III. This book reveals only the preliminary events that are happening now plus those near to come, which proves we are already in a countdown to Armageddon. I wanted to warn you so that you will have time to save yourself and your loved ones. 150 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents
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Surviving the Tribulation

Are You Equipped for the End Times?

Pat Benedetto, 2015

Retail $14.99
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24 hours!

Now is the time to be ready. The Tribulation will not be pleasant, but a necessary test that determines each person’s eternal destiny. Surviving the Tribulation gives evidence for the authenticity of the Bible, describes the clear signs of the times, and relates the events of the Rapture and the Tribulation, including the Antichrist and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It uniquely includes practical strategies for surviving natural and manmade disasters, as well as methods for going the distance emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually during the difficult times in which we live. This book is for anyone who is curious about the end times or wondering what exactly is going on in the world today. Survivalists, “preppers,” news junkies, Jews and Christians of all denominations, seekers of the Truth, and those in need of encouragement will benefit from this information. 206 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
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Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Days

An Israel-Centered Study of Revelation 13 and 666

Deborah Jean Stearn, 2012

Retail $19.99
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24 hours!

The secrets of the end times are hidden in scripture. The information in this book would be considered "top secret" in intelligence circles and represents truth that Satan does not want you to know. For years, he has been leading people to believe that a so-called Revived Roman Empire will rise, representing the "final beast empire" of Revelation 13. However, as this book will prove, the meanings of the original Hebrew in the Bible,in addition to numbers, patterns, and codes found therein, all point to an Israel centered interpretation of the last days and the fact that the beast is actually the religion and empire of Islam within religious Israel. In this fascinating study, you will explore the original text of the Bible to uncover exactly what will take place during the last days. You will also discover: • How Yahweh uses the Hebrew language in His plan • The meaning behind cryptic passages, such as Daniel 2, 7 and 9, and Revelation 13 and 17 • The mark, name of the beast, and 666 are all associated with the Islamic control of Israel • Lucifer's plan to trick the Jews of Israel to worship him instead of Yahweh • The prophetic importance of 2020 and its relation to Islam This ground-breaking research astoundingly supplements the recent findings of prominent Christian Islamic expositors, and is a must read for any serious truth seeker. 362 pages, paperback, appendix.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile

Babylon: Past, Present and Future

BABYLON: Past, Present and Future - DVD

Vision Video, 2006

$14.95Ships within
24 hours!

Bible history and prophecy depict Babylon as a social, economic and religious power. The Bible portrays Babylon as a woman riding a seven-headed, 10-horned beast described as "Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth." (Revelation 17:5). Babylon has fascinated countless people over the centuries. But its story is an important one for Christians living today. Discover the common thread that weaves Babylon past and future with Babylon present. Explore Babylon—one of the most intriguing mysteries of the Bible. Narrated by Neil Earle. Optional English Subtitles. Total Running Time: 80 minutes. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada).

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The Pentecostal Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ


Jack W. Langford, 2014

$14.95 Ships within
24 hours!

Most Bible teachers have long recognized the prophetic nature of the Feasts in Israel's liturgical calendar. The Hebrew prophets themselves spoke of future aspects regarding the Feast of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. The apostle Paul also spoke of the festivals as "a shadow of things to come" (Colossians 2:16, 17). Because of this many have sought to find a celebration which would fit the Rapture of the Church. There has, no doubt, been a lot of speculation and confusing use of Scriptures in this area of study. A few Bible teachers have suspected that the Feast of Pentecost better fits an application to the Rapture of the Church. However, because of certain unanswered questions they have hesitated to make that application. I believe that in this study you will find the right answers to those questions. Not only was the Church born at the precise time of the Offering of the Wave-loaves on Pentecost, but there are many other features about this Feast which typify the present Church dispensation. Certain features in this investigation demonstrate that Pentecost is the only Feast day which was looked upon by Jewish teachers as a "mystery" Feast, a Feast which was identified with a time of Gentile redemption. In fact, we shall see that the apostle Paul uses terminology pointing to the Feast of Pentecost and to the Offering at Pentecost in regards to the future resurrection of the Church. We will also discover that this is the only Feast on Israel's liturgical calendar which could typify the Rapture of the Church and at the very same time not be subject to the error of "date setting" in terms of its prophetic fulfillment. In other words, we shall find that a Pentecostal Rapture of the Church does not violate the principle doctrine of "imminence" in connection with the expectancy of the Rapture coming of Christ. 190 pages, paperback.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
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Daniel's 70 Weeks


Dr. Chuck Missler, 2004

$19.95Ships within
24 hours!

Daniel Chapter 9 is unquestionably the most amazing passage in the entire Bible. The seventy-week prophecy of Daniel 9 includes the most amazing validation of Jesus Christ as the Messiah, which He held the Jews accountable to have known. In His confidential briefing to His disciples, Jesus also highlighted this passage as the key to understanding all other prophecies concerning His Return. It is essential to understanding the book of Revelation, Matthew 24 and other related passages.

Running Time: 120 minutes. DVD Region Code 0 (Worldwide)

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The Rapture Precedes Israel's Final Week of History


David Bay, 2014

$14.95Ships within
24 hours!

Is there a tie-in between the Rapture and the beginning of Daniels 70th Week, which is known as the Great Tribulation? Consider the Global rapture. Every Born Again believer will be instantaneously snatched from this dimension. Will be like a strong magnet passed over a bed of steel and aluminum fragments. What happens? The steel flies through the air to attach themselves to the bottom of the magnet while the aluminum pieces remain in the bed. Jesus Himself will appear in the air over the Earth and utter a strong shout for His Church. At that instant, believers will be snatched from their earthly dimension and will fly through the air to meet Jesus, getting a glorified body along the way. The 70th Week is the 7- Year Tribulation, whose major purpose is to further purify Israel to accept Jesus as their Messiah. The Christian Church is not in view here because Gods purpose is to finally deal with Israel. Once God removes His Church, He can deal with Israel's last punishment and her preparation to receive Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. Exciting times. Do not miss the Rapture of the Church! Running Time: 55 minutes. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada)

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Time Has Come

TIME HAS COME - Set of 8 Unabridged Audio CDs
How to Prepare Now for Epic Events Ahead

Jim Bakker with Ken Abraham, 2013

$27.95 Ships within
24 hours!

Here's an unprecedented view of Revelation that will strengthen your faith and quiet your fears. With a mix of narrative storytelling and eye-opening biblical facts, Jim Bakker offers us front-row seats to the most spectacular drama of all time: the end-time events foreseen by the apostle John on the isle of Patmos twenty centuries ago and unfolding before our eyes today. Time Has Come not only makes you an eye-witness to John's wonder-filled visions; it brings you clear insight into what to expect in the days ahead. More importantly, you'll learn the steps you can take to be prepared for what is coming. Set of 8 unabridged audio CDs. Approximately 10.25 hours. Read by Dean Gallagher.

Revelation the End of Days

REVELATION: The End of Days - DVD

A&E Home Video, 2015

$15.95Ships within
24 hours!

What if the apocalyptic prophecies of the Book of Revelation were to unfold today? That's the terrifying question posed in this thrilling film from HISTORY. When the Wailing Wall comes down in a series of bomb attacks that rock Jerusalem, the event kick-start seven years of torment that test the limits of mankind. Monster storms ravage the coasts, a horrible virus kills millions, and children mysteriously vanish into thin air. Humanity's only salvation lies in the hands of a TV reporter and his cameraman who embark on an epic journey to decode the secrets of Revelation and identify the Antichrist. If they survive, they stand a chance of witnessing the most extraordinary event of all: The Second Coming of Christ. Episodes: Trumpets Sound; Road to Babylon. Widescreen. Total Running Time: 172 minutes. DVD Region Code 1 (U.S. & Canada).

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Kingdom Come

The Amillennial Alternative

Sam Storms, 2013

Retail $29.99
Ships within
24 hours!

The second coming of Christ has always been grounds for sharp disagreement for Christians-even Christians within the same tradition. Many hold to premillennialism: that Christ's return will be followed by 1,000 years before the final judgment, a belief popularized in the bestselling Left Behind novels. However, premillennialism is not the only option-or even the best option-for Christians. In Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative, Sam Storms provides a biblical rationale for amillennialism; the belief that the 1,000 years in Revelation 20 is symbolic of the reign of Christ and his people throughout the present church age. To this end, Storms evaluates competing views, examines the foundational hermeneutical issues in play, and then thoroughly and exegetically expounds the amillennial view drawing on the entire biblical corpus. 589 pages, hardcover, Scripture index, subject index.

More Information, Table of Contents, Author Profile
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Biblical Collector's Series

Biblical Collector's Series

Grizzly Adams Productions, Inc., 2006

$9.95Ships within
24 hours!

Two Feature Presentations:

Biblical End Times - For thousands of years the Bible has warned of a vast array of cataclysmic disaster and an apocalypse that will destroy most of the world in fulfillment of End Time prophecy. The prophet Daniel warned that in the last days, there would be a time of trouble such as never before. Were the tragic events of September 11th the realization of that prophecy? Is it possible that the ancient foresaw the wars, natural disasters and strife of the 21st Century? And what about the prophecies of others, such as Nostradamus and Father Malachi O’Morgain? Are End Time warnings just stories from the ancient past…or do they depict a grim view of our immediate future?

Biblical Prophecies - Did biblical prophets have special abilities that allowed them to foretell the future? For thousands of years, history has received the words of prophets – men and women who seem to have uncanny insight into events of the future. For most of us, the notion of predicting the future seems inconceivable. Yet, according to the ancient prophets, there are portents of doom facing the nations of the Earth…times of famine, war, misery and cataclysmic natural disasters. Could it be these prophets were witnesses to our generation? DVD Total Running Time: 1 hour 48 minutes. DVD Region Code 0 (Worldwide)

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Biblical Collector's Series

Biblical Collector's Series

Grizzly Adams Productions, Inc., 2006

$9.95Ships within
24 hours!

Two Feature Presentations:

Biblical Rapture - Will We Be Left Behind? Some scholars believe the Bible tells us there will be a marvelous event, called “The Rapture” that will separate the faithful from the doubters. Could there be a formula – hidden in the pages of the Bible – for avoiding the dreadful final scenes foretold in the Book of Revelation? Many people believe in the “second coming” of Christ…but will there be a “third” coming as well? The answers are at once hopeful and frightening. Learn who will be left behind, and who will be taken in the Rapture.

Biblical Armageddon - Was the Six-Day War the Start of Armageddon? Against all odds, the tiny nation of Israel and its civilian army scored a decisive military victory during the 1967 Six-Day War. How was this possible? Stories abound of the appearance of mysterious troops and sophisticated weaponry that aided the Israelis in their victory. Was the outcome of this conflict foretold by biblical writings thousands of years prior to the actual event? What unexplained miraculous events, as retold in amazing detail by Six-Day War Veterans, contributed to an Israeli victory? Is this just one in a series of current events foretelling the End Times? The answers could change your thinking forever. DVD Total Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes. DVD Region Code 0 (Worldwide)

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The Rapture

Christianity's Most Preposterous Belief
Version 2.0

Dr. Chuck Missler, 2010

$19.95Ships within
24 hours!

There continue to be many questions concerning the "Rapture" of the Church and its apparent contrast with the "Second Coming" of Jesus Christ. Where does this strange view come from? Is the term "rapture" even in the Bible? Clearly, the idea of the Rapture can be considered the most preposterous belief in Biblical Christianity. The situation regarding the doctrine of the Rapture is painfully similar to the famous quote by Dr. Richard Feynman, speaking of quantum physics:

I think it is safe to say that no one understands quantum mechanics... in fact, it is often stated of all the theories proposed in this century, the silliest is quantum theory. Some say that the only thing that quantum theory has going for it, in fact, is that it is unquestionably correct.

Running Time: 120 minutes. DVD Region Code 0 (Worldwide)

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ANTICHRIST: The Alternate Ending - DVD
Version 2.0

Dr. Chuck Missler, 2007

$19.95Ships within
24 hours!

There may be far more relevance to Iraq and the mid-east region than is commonly recognized in most books and articles on end-time prophecy. All of us tend to equate the Roman Empire with Western Europe. However, we may have been subject to myopia by overlooking an important fact. The Roman Empire had an eastern leg that, in fact, survived the western leg by a thousand years! Running Time: 120 minutes. DVD Region Code 0 (Worldwide)

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Dateline Jerusalem

DATELINE JERUSALEM - Set of Eight Unabridged Audio CDs
An Eyewitness Account of Prophecies Unfolding in the Middle East

Chris Mitchell, 2013

Retail $19.95
Ships within
24 hours!

When an Iranian president thunders a murderous threat or an obscure Turkish drunkard has a dream in Mecca or a Jewish couple from Brooklyn lands at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, these events might seem disconnected. But they’re not. In Dateline Jerusalem, CBN News correspondent Chris Mitchell connects the dots and unveils Jerusalem as the epicenter and crossroads of the spiritual, political, and, yes, supernatural worlds. For thousands of years, Jerusalem’s powerful draw has transcended simple economics, military strategy, and religious affiliation.

In our own time, as the Arab Spring threatens to become an Islamic Winter, one commentator warns: “The Arab Spring doesn’t lead to democracy, it leads to Jerusalem.” Indeed, the fragile peace of Israel is in new peril as violent Islamic factions vie for control of surrounding nations. Yet Muslims are converting to Christianity in record numbers. Dateline Jerusalem untangles and chronicles all this through the riveting narrative of a Christian reporter in the upheaval of the modern Fertile Crescent. We live in a world where we cannot afford to be ill informed. What happens in the strategic Middle East, Israel, and Jerusalem is critical. It matters to you. Today’s news might focus on Washington, New York, London, or Moscow, but history’s final chapter will be written in Jerusalem. Set of Eight Unabridged Audio CDs. Running Time: 8 hours, 51 minutes. Performed by Maurice England.

Also available in Paperback.


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